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As FBI Directors, Mueller and Comey Ignored Dozens of Female Agents Who Were Sexually Abused by Coll

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posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 10:20 AM
And observe folks, if you will, that when it doesn't suit Democrats politically they don't give one iota of sh@# about women who are reporting they have been sexually abused at the workplace and are demanding for justice.

It's only a tool they use for political gain.

posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 10:48 AM

originally posted by: Tempter

My point, actually, was that IF the FBI were to take a punishment on this report, it's convenient timing.

I think we could say that about anyone on the list as this massive sexual assault avalanche gobbles many up in its path. They are all convenient or inconvenient in one way or another when you look at it. Even someone like Matt Lauer getting fired, can't think of a quicker way to get a 25 mil a year star out of a contract that may have had sagging ratings...

posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 04:32 PM
a reply to: MotherMayEye

"Surely there is an HR & legal department that handles these type complaints, not the FBI director(s). "

Strzok gets reassigned to HR! Totally lends credencce to sexual impropriety charges.

posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 04:37 PM
While I detest Al Franken, he shouldn't have stepped down entirely. He should have resigned from the Democrat Party, and then told them to put their money where their mouths are. As an Independent, he "still can", serve and vote for whatever helps his district, without kowtowing to Schumer any more. The Ethics panel will drag out. If they want him gone tomorrow, he can just follow up on what he's already said on T.V. That he won by less than 400 votes. So make the Minn. Gov. promise to put the Repub. candidate in his place, the same one, who came so close. So much better than some Dem. Hack who never even ran for this seat in Congress. Half of the State voted for his opponent, so it's only fair.

Roy Moore hasn't been charged with anything, nor can he be, after 40 years. If Alabama does seat him, then any scandal is on their heads.

BTW, if Schumer knows that Frankenstein will beget a new Republican Senator, then's the ball in his court. Let's see how much he values this new found righteousness. And if Franken stands pat as an Ind. Senator, and runs in the next election, he will probably split the Dem's votes and do exactly that.

Right now, everything hinges on Roy Moore getting elected in Alabama. With Moore coming into the U.S. Senate, even if the Repugs' establishment, disavowing him, he can serve as an Independent U.S.Senator. But he's so conservative that everyone with half a brain knows he'll vote Republican anyways. So in a perverse way, it follows that Frankenstein should stay as an Independent to balance Moore out, by voting Progressive. Actually, they can both only vote Present, and totally screw up McConnell, who will have to come over to Moore, hat in hand.

So the worst case scenario is that Frankenstein gets replaced by the same Repug whom he defeated by 300+ votes, and Moore gets forcibly ejected, and replaced by a faithful Repug crook. There goes Schumer's Commiecrat edge down the drain. My bottom line is that neither of these two birds have crapped inside their Senate offices, and I doubt that either of them will avail themselves of any hush money, paid by you and me, through those slush funds. Frankenstein can always change his mind if Roy Moore does win the Election in Alabama. He didn't resign, immediately, but rather only said that he would resign in the coming weeks. And oh the horrors, if they both sail through their ethics tribunals and are found innocent.

Frankenstein's photo of a sleeping U.S.O. "Performer", being mugged, while she was sound asleep, isn't any crime. U.S.O. female performers are really part of a meat parade for our troops. They had to know this when they volunteered for these gigs. These same SJW's would probably try to lynch Bob Hope, today. But Hope's legacy will far outlast their SJW B.S. IMHO. Now if POTUS Trump invites Frankenstein into the White House and gives him a Trumpian Pep Talk, who knows what's in the cards?? The Russian Dossier is not only fake, it's a criminal conspiracy. The access Hollywood tapes may not have survived scientific examination, but were bad enough for Trump just to apologize for mouthing some Sport's Locker banter. And basically, this is how Frankenstein made his living by doing the same, as a "Professional" comedian.

The difference is that Trump put a cork in it, when he got out of that bus, and greeted the young lady, who would be in this theatrical performance. Frankenstein left photographic evidence of a similar gag. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but photographs tell a thousand lies. Franken never woke that USO performer ( sexy ) up, when someone behind him snapped that photo. Hindsight is 20-20, and who really mugged that "performer"?? Franken, or the boob who snapped that photo. Whoever it was, he or she, had to be a fellow professional, to be on that C-17 transport aircraft, with the USO troupe. The professional photographer obviously never thought that this shot would later be construed as a crime, or he would never have tripped his shutter.

So, first think about the hidden characters in Trumps "AUDIO" tapes, the Fusion GPS hit piece, Russian Dossier, and the "professional", and probably copyrighted, photograph of Frankenstein lusting over the girl's flack Jacket. If the SJW's cannot force the Washington Redskins to deep six their Indian Mascot, then that photo will stay out there too. So sayeth our SCOTUS. But, "coulda, woulda, or shoulda, that Access Hollywood, "AUDIO TAPE", have been copyrighted, without Trump knowing all about it, so he could have challenged it's accuracy back in the day?? There is a real problem with the FCC, if you use a radio frequency transmission, over the air, to sandbag someone with. While anyone can legally listen in, you cannot use it to attack someone.

And out in Hollywood, Gloria A. doesn't seem in any hurry to have that supposed yearbook inscription, by Roy Moore, tested by a neutral lab, for authenticity. It could go down in flames like the attack on George Bush did, by using a word processing program to dummy up a Viet Nam era typewritten letter, from a National Guard officer, printed out by an inkjet or dot matrix printer. Like I said above, photographs tell a thousand lies. And every photograph has it's own shutterbug. Some of these guys end up as bug splatter, when things go South. The photographer, " professional", on the C-17, timed his shot so perfectly, that a bunch of boobs still think Frankenstein, actually grabbed that sleeping girl's breasts, right through her flack jacket's folds. Bottom line, if Frankenstein didn't need his helmet and flack jacket, then why did she have the darn things, both still strapped on??? DUH! Photos tell a thousand lies, and Billy Bush never says anything more than a chuckle or two, when Trump goes off. So that tape could easily be a phony to boot. Trump is most definitely being smeared on all sides. Sen. Franken, maybe?

I've left Obama out of this, but at least he sees the danger of these SJW's pushing hard enough, to create the "U.S. Counter Resistance". Another canard says that "politics make for strange bedfellows", and Trump and Franken may both end up part of this "Counter Resistance", over "once bitten, twice shy". And a USCR will prove to be the "Snowflakes' worst nightmare". Don't laugh just yet. British Intel. faked the Zimmerman Letter, which helped Wilson drag us into WWI. Later, Ian Fleming, no less, faked a NAZI missive to help FDR, get us into WWII. Now we have Steele's Russian Dossier, trying to mount a Coup d' Tat against the new Administration. Fusion GPS, the F.B.I., and the DNC may have paid for it, but Steele is the one responsible for it. Me thinks that Theresa May, realizes that their B.S. vessel has hit a rock, in the "Roadsteads of the Hollow Mountains", or upper and lower New York Harbor. And this goes all the way back to Nostradamus. You can only go back to the same well, so often.

Since this is, after all, Dec. 7th, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, I took the time to lay some of these conspiracies out for you. Nosty's phrase "Roads of the Hollow Mountains", has giant Swastikas in it, and Steele's "Russian Dossier" certainly has some Zimmerman Letter, plus some Ian Fleming, in with it. But the Giant Swastikas were on the rudder of the IL-29, which then went down in flames, an hour after it traversed the air above the NYC Roadstead, back on May 15th, 1937. My guess is the Steele Dossier's going down, too.

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