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Kathie Hopkins talks to Americans about the UK and Sweden

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posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 09:05 AM

originally posted by: justwokeup
Hopkins is a provocateur. She says outrageous things for the express purpose of harvesting the left wing outrage.

Sometimes I agree with her. Sometimes not. Regardless the reaction to her deliberate treading outside of 'acceptable group think' is always enjoyable.

I think this post nailed it

posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 09:38 AM

I think there is some truth in what she's saying but, her spin, intent and call to arms is pretty disgusting.

There is a problem with closed 'societies', comprising of mainly immigrants, that are causing serious issues in some areas.

There is an issue with silencing dissenting opinions through bullying and coercion.

There is an issue with Islam, specifically with the type of Islam practiced by this large influx of migrants. In the past, allowing relatively small groups to come in dribs and drabs meant that they had time and chance and in fact, in order to survive here they needed to integrate. Now, as they pour in in large numbers, set up larger, insular, self contained 'communuties' there is no time, or chance, or necessity to integrate and so, they do not.

This is connected to another of her points which has some truth to it and that is; they are bringing their old conflicts and old ways of life with them, thus, instead of escaping the strife and horror, they are importing it to our shores.

It seems common sense that, just because someone lands upon our shores does not mean suddenly they leave behind them the trauma that they have experienced and the values of the society they have come from. This takes time, as in years (and maybe even generations).

This is an issue!

However, here is where my opinion differs from hers, and also with that of the current strategy as it happens.

She is calling for people to arm themselves and fight (metaphorically... yeah right...)

The current strategy is to ignore it and to bully and label anyone who doesn't as a racist scumbag.

My opinion is that we need to invest time and effort (and, it follows, money of course) in educating and treating the people who arrive here who are emotionally and psychologically damaged and have incompatible values.

Someone can arrive here from somewhere in Africa for example, where they have seen and experienced mass slaughter, the normalisation of rape and brutality, and an environment of true survival of the fittest; where violence and force determines the dominant group/groups.

They are given some financial help and accommodation etc and then let loose, still with the psychological damage, and a warped perspective, unsuitable for, and incompatible with, our society.

What we ought to be doing is ensuring these people are working to address their issues, working to leave behind the old ways and old conflicts and to adjust to our society. This can be achieved if we are willing to make the effort/investment. Psychological therapies, compulsory education; centred on values, norms, language, law etc.

It is a fact that these people will come here anyway. We ought to be ensuring that they have the help they need, and that is not throwing money at them, but throwing time and effort at them to help them reintegrate.

And in regards to the criminal issue: The reason this is a problem is because it is ALLOWED to be a problem.

Our police services have been severely cut. They simply do not have the resources to tackle the widespread problems these communities experience. Couple this with militant PC sensibilities and it is no surprise there are issues.

Our mental health services are running on a shoestring.

Combine a lack of will, lack of police resources and a lack of help for people with serious psychological issues and you have a recipe for disaster.

Invest in these things.

Throw out the PC "we don't want to offend" attitude out and help those that will accept help, and kick the arses of those who won't!

The problem is not insoluble, it is simply that we lack the backbone for it.

However, equally, hateful people like Katie Hopkins do not offer any real solutions either, only further driving a wedge between us and the people that we are so insistent must 'integrate'.

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