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Shiver me timbers: Arctic blast on the way

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posted on Dec, 5 2017 @ 05:21 PM

originally posted by: scraedtosleep

Even parts of Florida will see nighttime temperatures dip into the 30s

Dude I live in north florida and I will believe this when it happens. I am not holding my breath though.
Over the span of 37 years I have watched as my winters got warmer and wetter every year. I expect that to continue till the time comes that I don't get a winter here anymore.

Hey, never say never, it did snow as far south as the Suncoast in '89 -- I know because I was one confused kindergartner trying to figure out why the hell it was snowing in SW Florida. Just a dusting, barely enough to collect in roof cracks, but it was still snow.
It also did it in '10, I was extremely pissed that I was in the "donut hole", if you will, of no flakes in the Bay area.

Generally speaking, snow in the panhandle isn't really counted as a rare treat among people further south in the state because it's not all that rare there. Snow in Tampa? Ft Myers? That's rare, we count that

posted on Dec, 5 2017 @ 05:28 PM
We got hit with this arctic blast last night and it's still carrying on through tonight nonstop. It's expected to keep going right through tomorrow too.

Blowing snow with winds gusting at 60-70 km/hr and the temperature dropped 12 degrees literally overnight. Windchill brings the temps to about -22 celsius right now.


Glad we put the christmas lights up on the outside of the house last week, nothing worse than freezing your peanuts off standing on a ladder trying to hang lights on the eaves.

Not looking forward to shoveling all the crazy drifts that are piling up on both the front and back decks around the house. If I was smart, I'd get out there right now and start clearing some of it before it gets too ridiculous later on... but I'm just too dang cozy in my jammies. *sigh*



posted on Dec, 5 2017 @ 11:32 PM
It's unseasonably warm where I am right now in Canada. We're above 0C when we'd normally be averaging close to -20C by now with dips down into the -30's at times. This is very much the oddest weather I've seen so far in my many years living here. 10:30 PM and the temp right now is 1C.

We'll see how this dip in the Jet stream affects us. I for one am enjoying the mild weather. I'm officially tired of snow, ice and winter in general, heh.

posted on Dec, 6 2017 @ 05:45 PM

While the central and eastern U.S. shivers, folks in southern California and the Southwest will endure hot, dry Santa Ana winds this week, which could spread wildfires.

This will be the strongest, longest-duration Santa Ana event of the season, the weather service in Los Angeles warned, with some gusts of up to 80 mph possible.

"Extremely critical fire weather conditions will be the primary concern as we`ve received very little rain so far and fuels are parched and primed to burn with even the slightest ignition source," the weather service said.

Source: USA Today article in OP.

Unfortunately that call was spot on. 27,000 evacuated, 150 structures gone, power outages, even the water system crashed while trying to douse the flames.

LA Times, Dec. 6, 2017: Ventura County wildfire destroys more homes, reaches Pacific Ocean.

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