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If you were showed proof of God right now what would you do?

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posted on Jan, 6 2018 @ 01:35 AM

originally posted by: DeathSlayer
I have met God and it changed my life so when times get really hard and I think about giving up I remember the night driving home when God sat in the front passenger seat listening to me sing and praise him with some great Christian hymns.

I don't doubt it for a second because I know of two others who have had very similar encounters.

Norvel Hayes is one (he is a widely known expert on casting out demons BTW)...

All of a sudden, a whirlwind came down around my car, the Lord got in my car. The car and the air was so full of something powerful and clean and something that made me cry. All of a sudden just as it came, it went.

I could hearing something so sweet, "Come and follow me." When it left, all the emptiness on the inside of me was gone. All the confusion, all of it, had disappeared. I was possessed with peace. I was possessed with kindness, with the appreciation of even being a human being. I was totally possessed with a peace that passes all understanding.

I got home and she was over next to the sink. She looked around and said, "Norvel, what's happened to you? You look like you've seen a ghost. What's wrong with you?" I said, "Jesus, He came and sat in my car for an hour and a half. He wants me." "Who?" I said, "Jesus. You know, God."

True Riches

One night in the 1950’s while Paul Cain was driving Jesus materialized and Cain kept driving and ran through some red lights and was pulled over:

Apparently Cain was driving back from San Francisco from a meeting with a girl he was planning to marry. Suddenly the Lord appeared (in his front seat) and announced that He was jealous of this girl and further revealed that if Paul wanted a special and intimate relationship with the Lord, he must remain celibate.

"Suddenly Paul became conscious of lights flashing behind him... he braked as the highway patrolman flagging him down was stopping in front of him... "Where is he?" demanded the cop in a shaky voice. "Where is who?" "Where is the man that was sitting in the front seat talking with you?" "Oh!" said Paul in his Southern drawl. "That was the Lord."... Then do you realize that you and the Lord have just gone through three red lights together?" (from the book on the Kansas City Prophets, Some Said it Thundered pg.40 by Bishop David Pytches)

Some Said it Thundered

posted on Jan, 8 2018 @ 09:18 AM

originally posted by: CloseEncountersGuy
What would you do if you saw proof of god?

I may worship him or kick his butt or ignore him. It depends on "what is God?" Is God evil or good? Is God intelligent sentient or mindless energy?

originally posted by: CloseEncountersGuy
Would you change your way of life?

I have no idea. Maybe it would. Maybe it wouldn't.

originally posted by: CloseEncountersGuy
Also, what would it take to prove god to you?

I’m thinking of going on a mission to get proof of God and want to know what would convince you.

A) Empirical evidences that our universe is created by intelligent design
B) Proof that God is everywhere and nowhere like the air we breathe and space we walk.
C) Proof that God is Past, Present and Future like stars in the sky.
D) Proof that God is infinite. There is no beginning and no ending. God always exist. Nothing create God. Unlike our universe..
E) Proof that God is omniscience. God is not some random aliens who need to abduct, abuse and study human. Because that is so stupid.
F) Proof that God is not as evil as stated by the Old Testaments. I dont believe God is evil. If God is evil, I'll join Satan's army to smack his ass. He doesnt deserve to be called God.

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