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Multiple pasts and combinent reality

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 03:37 AM
Let's get away from politician's and other vermin for a while.

Right how to start,

Over the years we have heard so many account's of people remembering reality in there past being different, some call it the dead then alive phenomena were people like Larry Hagman were reported dead but were still alive and the Mandela effect but whatever they chose to call it or whatever tag was applied it remained a phenomena that many believe to be a solid reality no matter what other's say.

Some claim with a probably extremely high rate of logical accuracy that many of these event's are merely down to the way we - human's - people remember thing's and a faulty memory but once again that can not be the whole story and in fact it fall's into the same pseudo science and imaginary explanation when placed as an actually blanket explanation for the phenomena as the so called and actually impossible group hallucination theory.

To my mind there are many thing's that we learn as we get older, reality is not the fixed solid thing we once thought, our universe and it's law's (governing principles and so called law's of physics) are not actually set in stone so to speak but may be rather more fluid and dynamic than many would accept.

So that said many of you will be familiar with the concept of parallelism of reality's and the concept of divergent time stream's leading to alternate futures BUT in the old Newtonian physics there is no action without a reaction so this quantum theory was one of those thing's that seemed to create energy out of nothing for most with that view of the universe BUT if this is happening then can there not also be a counter reaction to it, a merging of divergent PAST reality's, alternate time stream's and parallel reality's which have then combined back into a unified reality, of course this would mean that the past does not look like we think and is rather more complex, could there for example have been entire civilization's that we know nothing of and our reality be a lot stranger than we can even conceive, could all those of us whom remember a golden sun and a blue sky be actually remembering correctly but that past was one which is no longer a reality.

Is our reality really the fixed loci in quantum space time that we perceive it to be or is it also in a state of constant if indeed for the most part tiny fluctuation.

I came up with many idea's, could time and space be zipped back together at the event horizon of new black hole's during the quantum gravity wave emission were those black holes existed in parallels close enough together, could it be a different natural function of a higher dimensional reality that most of us are too two dimensional to even be aware of.

One thing is certain, there will always be those of us whom remember a different past, not all of us share the same memory and indeed maybe we don't even come from the same alternate past time stream's in that respect but an awful lot of us do such as the memory of a blue sky and a golden lighted sun rather than the washed out sky we have now with it's hot white sun, is it just shared faulty memory I for one find that claim absurd and as absurd as the imaginary MASS HALLUCINATION explanation and the SWAMP GAS UFO explanation's put out there to bamboozle ordinary people out of asking difficult question's.

Maybe it is just for this one purpose, to focus us on the NOW which is actually were we live anyway, the past is dead and gone BUT it may be a rather more complicated past than we realize, just maybe the present did not have one past time stream but billion's that converged to create the reality we think we are in now just as quantum theory postulates the concept of multiple outcomes of all action's existing in parallel reality's and diverging from the present into alternate future time stream's.

Makes it more like a sea of time than a river or stream of time if you think about it.

This is just speculation but based in my own experience and some strange thought about the nature or reality, anyway I shall not comment but hope to spark a civilized discussion between you so I chose this forum but the moderators are free to move it to a more appropriate forum if they feel it should be there.

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 03:50 AM
What the what? A thread that doesn't revolve around Trump or Sexual harassment......not a word about the Demon Queen Clinton or the Russian N.W.O?

I must have slipped into one of these alternate realities, or maybe I'm just one toke over the line.

The concept itself is fascinating regardless, but it demands more explanation.

Is the universe infinite, or do we all exist in Bubble Reality?

Do our choices create Daughter Universes that reflect the alternating outcomes of each decision we make?

Is it all just a mathematical model (Matrix) and our flawed perception of this results in the misinterpretation of our reality as the only one that genuinely exists?

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 06:09 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

In other alternate Universes where science trumps Trump, we would have to take into account the implications of the latest quantum level experiments:

There are some pretty good criticisms of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. I'm not quite ready to give up on it either since it would be egotistical to think any one consciousness is the the center point and purpose for all of time.

I think the Mandela effect is just mistakes in reporting news in the news feeds. I remember people thought Mandela died in prison, several times, when he did not. I think there was just confusion in the news feed.

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 09:47 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

I would agree based on my personal experience. Newtonian physics be damned as it hardly fits with the scope of metaphysical views now becoming better understood by quantum question.

To get a handle on how this whole thing of reality, past lives and even the concepts of the "past," "present" and "future" operate, I like to switch to the our present technique of using Remote Viewing to understand, well, everything. Remote viewers worth their government pay checks are able to virtually (true usage of the word) go anywhere in time or space.

Given that, then a person coming up with verified memories of a past life can come up with past life memories is not surprising. It would be related to that individual spirit at some points in its existence at another time and place and how that "spirit"/RVer remembers it. In neither situation is all of that information that is recalled/brought forth is necessarily wholly or even partially accurate. Perhaps we need to throw out the word "reality" that binds us to a view of physicality and substitute the common word of "here" that allows room for other points of being across both time and space.

posted on Feb, 25 2018 @ 10:00 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Mine is Challenger blowing up. Where I come from, it happened in 1984, I was in junior high, and I remember it because our science teacher, cooler than a glacier, nearly broke himself trying to get the a/v cart to the front of the class to turn the tv on.

Except here, it was in 19*86*. I was in high school, flunking driver's ed, thanks to my stupid parents (I wasn't allowed to drive their !(*@#(*$#!!! car), I missed prom (no money), all sorts of stuff. Challenger DID NOT HAPPEN IN MY 1986. I also now am missing 2 years I simply cannot account for. Being I was born in 1970, I had an easy way to keep track of stuff. Everything was arranged in nice, neat 10 year blocks.

Until this bullpucky, reality warping mess I found out about 3 months ago. Yes. 3 *months* ago. I sat down, and tried to recall all I could, and it's not making a damn bit of sense. Somewhere, I missed a turn and ended up in this hellhole of a universe.

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