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*[ASCENSION, Energy, Reptilians, Angels/Demons, UFOs, Paranormal, Illuminati, CIA, Flat Earth]*

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 12:56 AM
*Part 1

This thread will be in multiple parts. I ask that you continue reading with an open mind. I'll try and piece things in as orderly a fashion as possible (this was never my strong suit). If I post a video link after I say something in the thread, then I please ask if you would watch the video before you continue reading. This also means to watch the video in its entirety. If it's an animation watch it and absorb its meaning (you'll learn the meaning from everything you read here). If it's music, then look up the lyrics and absorb the meaning of the lyrics, which once again you'll understand them from reading this thread. I'll also put some picture links for you to view. I'll put my entire playlist of videos at the end of the thread.

Also before you try and discredit me by saying everything I say a "conspiracy theory" do remember that the CIA coined the term conspiracy theory but hey I'm sure many of you already knew that before I was born.: overnment-stories/ they did this as a way of discrediting anyone who came out into the mainstream telling the truth. Now all they have to do is call someone a conspiracy theorists and the general public immediately doesn't believe the truth speaker. This doesn't mean every conspiracy is true, (for example Flat Earth is fake) but it means that ALL forms of speech questioning the status quo is targeted as a conspiracy.

Everyone who is still in doubt, I'm hoping that someone has already made these connections in previous threads, but if not I'm here to connect the dots of our world in my own point of view and try and provide some more pieces to the puzzle for anyone still trying to build their one of their own so that they can see the bigger picture. I'm not a very big "intellectual" so don't expect many big fancy technical words but I can explain things as simplified as I can. Now join me, as we go down the rabbit hole together.

*Part 2

First off, the way to view the universe is like this. If energy cannot be created nor destroyed (It's one of the Laws of Thermodynamics), then the universe has basically always existed. The big bang is just that, a theory. It's humans with human brains trying to explain the universe using only their mental intelligence. So we've also already established that everything in the universe, including us humans, are made up of the same thing. Which when you break it down, it's energy. We're all energy, and the universe is energy. Which includes: Electrical Energy, Thermal Energy, Light Energy, Green Energy, Wave Energy, Heat Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Nuclear Energy, Tidal Energy, Biomass Energy, Kinetic Energy, Geothermal Energy, Gravitational Energy, etc. When you punch something, you're exchanging energy with that object. When you have a thought, energy is pulsing through your brain riding out the neuron circuits.

With that said, energy has basic principles that can be studied through the concept of math. This is why math is used a lot within different forms of science, like chemistry. Math equations are greatly relied upon when doing scientific studies because math is the physical proof of the existence of the universe. A simple rock in a river is existing in its own set of math equations: How did it get there, When did it get there, How long will it stay there, How much weight is it pressing down on the soil below it, How much weight is the water pressing down around it. We as a society can prove this through physical science.


While science is obviously able to prove and disprove a lot in today's world, many doubt it for the fact they put their faith in religion alone. Some families think practicing prayer alone in the united states can cure diseases. Christian Science being one of them. Prayer alone will cure nothing in the 3D world. And then there are scientists that practice science alone and discredit all gods and religions as primitive human thinking. I'm here to tell you that both religion and science explain our reality. We have to stop thinking from the ego.

*Part 3

The ego is the manifestation of the person you're playing here on Earth or the Person you call yourself. The person your parents gave a name. Who you are is a physical being controlled by a physical brain AND a consciousness (soul), and matter can exist in different forms, Solid, Liquid, and Gas. We exist in the 3rd dimension which is the Solid dimension. So if energy is a solid, liquid, gas, etc then that means energy exists on those basic principles. A solid exists as it does because its molecules vibrate so close together that they can create a solid because they dont move. A liquid vibrates more loosely, and gas is even more loosely vibrating, which is why gases and liquids can fill the shapes of the containers they're in.

If a dimension can be solid, then it can also exist in the form of liquid, and gas, so that means there are other dimensions beyond our reality that are strictly gas, or strictly liquid. There's a 4th state of matter which is Plasma which can refer to Lightning and most flames, however Light itself doesn't fall into any states of matter (will be explained more below) but yes entire dimensions of Light can exist also. This also adds credit to the Multiverse theory. If the universe always has existed, and will exist, since energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed, then that means that it's infinite, and there are an infinite number of dimensions/ realities.

Many intelligent human begins who existed here like Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, etc. all spoke of different dimensions. The 2nd dimension, the 3rd dimension, the 4th, the 5th, and so on. So already you have different men in different fields of study who believe there's more than just us beyond our senses. Here's an image to visually explain better how molecules react in different states of existence:


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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:11 AM
*Part 4

If a 3rd dimension being were to go into the 2nd dimension, only the width and height would exist in the perception of a 2nd dimensional being. So you can imagine that if a 4th dimensional being were to come into our reality of the 3rd dimension, then we would not see the entire form of the 4th dimensional being for the fact that it exists beyond our perception in the 4th dimension and only bits of it would overlap into our senses of the 3rd dimension. This would explain UFO's and Ghosts. UFO's are seen one second and gone the next in the blink of an eye. Many believe that UFO's are actually vibrating in such a way that that can actually transcend into different dimensions and thus why we can no longer see them with our physical eyeballs. Ghosts are usual referred to as Residual energy. Energy left over from a previous person or event that was so strong that it actually was absorbed into the surrounding environment and continues to replay over and over on loop, which is why many people still see ghost sightings of a ghost walking around at a certain time of day in a certain place, every other day, or every anniversary of its death, etc.

However the plot goes deeper than that. One must ask themselves why we as a society operate the way we do. It's obvious that we're all just energy, walking around, talking, and bumping into each other. So why does walking, talking energy need to dress up and go to work, or get upset over small stuff, or feel alone, when everything around you is you. This does add more meaning as to what Jim Carey means when he says he doesn't exist, or why he had this huge spiritual change recently. Jim Carey realized he's just energy in the form of consciousness inhabiting a physical energy body. I cited Jim Carey because he's one of the few mainstream celebrities who have come out and said we he said. He's not the only one, but he's definitely a household name that many can associate with once this truth comes out. This video shows the progression of Jim Carey and also has a few clips of him explaining his change.

The youtuber Prince EA talks more about this too.

*Part 5

Yet something is wrong. If this is the case, then once again, why do people fight. We're all energy that just popped into existence, wouldn't that explain everything and give us reason not to argue anymore and just accept life for what it is? No, because it's not that simple. Today's society operates based solely on "evidence" and physical truths seen with the eyes. If you can't see it, then it's not true. We are being lied to. Manipulated. Everyday in the world there are suicides, murders, rapes, thefts, wars, and so on. The normal person says "Yeah that's just how people are sometimes" NO!. That's the product of the society, and society is a mirrored illusion of the people that create it. If the people who control a country do so with pure love, then that country is better off for it. If a country is controlled through fear and hate, then guess what, that's what you're going to get from the people that live there. It's all a matter of energy, once again. Energy exists in the forms of our thoughts, what we think, we create into our reality.

Some people doubt we have souls, I personally believe we do and here's why. First off, scientists are just now starting to prove that souls might be seen entering the product of the unification of egg and sperm.

This would explain why people talk about souls being a flash of light or pure light. This also explains why people don't 'see' souls with their physical eyes on an everyday basis. The soul is made up of pure light, and thus exists in a different dimension of pure light. Also light doesn't apply to the rules of the different states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) because it isn't considered a form of matter. It has no mass, unlike the components of matter. This would explain why light can travel so fast, and why a soul being made up of light makes sense because it's elusive, flowing, and can go anywhere in an instant. Which would also explain how a soul could inhabit a physical 3rd dimension energy body because the soul is light controlling the body in a different state called consciousness. Remember how orbs or *white* is usually associated with ghosts? If ghosts are light energy, then they would appear white, and also take on the form of an orb which would be similar to a thought bubble, or conscious energy. Once again, thoughts are energy, everything is.

*Part 6


So why did I say society is being manipulated then? Well, if literally everything is energy, then why couldn't energy be physically manipulated? People today are already onto the fact that our governments are lying to us and controlling us. They control what we see, what we eat, how much money we make, etc. Why would they do this though? For ego? Well the ego is the construct of the person you're playing, so it's possible they're living based off their physical senses and are scared of death, thus want to play everything in their favor so they get the happiest life here on earth. But I don't think so. Their agenda is so much more sinister. First, most of the world's money makes it back to the federal banks, which are controlled by the 13 richest families on the planet. They're an independent banking system, so no government on the planet controls them, yet they control the worlds money. It's so obvious their agenda is world control when they keep trying to start wars with countries that don't have federal banks, and next thing you know after America is done doing their dirty work, a federal bank is placed within that country. Explained more here:

Another reason why America protects Israel so much because Israel is the Jewish capital of the world. And guess what, the federal banking families that control the world's money, are all jewish. Most of hollywood, jewish. Most of the music industry producers, jewish. Porn directors, jewish. Actors, jewish. The jewish conspiracy is not one to be taken lightly. They hate you. They hate western society. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ALL JEWS ARE BAD. I'm just saying, the ones in power, who are jewish, clearly have an agenda and the resources to back it up to destroy western culture.

This is not an express of racism, not all people of jewish descent are bad. I'm just pointing out the fact the ones in high positions of power are indeed mostly jewish.
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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:14 AM
OK,I'm.just gonna take some.meds,chill for an hour then come back to reread that.

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:17 AM
a reply to: XendorFazem

This thread will be in multiple parts.

That title is in multiple parts. What's with all the buzz words.

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:19 AM
a reply to: XendorFazem

they did this as a way of discrediting anyone who came out into the mainstream telling the truth.

This doesn't mean that every conspiracy theorists is telling the truth though.

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:25 AM
*Part 7

I know some people here may or may not have their own reasons for hating someone of another race, but I must insist that you throw those feelings aside for someone of another skin color is not your enemy. Remember we're all made up of the same matter, the same energy, we come from the same source. The problem isn't race mixing, the problem is there's too much of it. Those that are in charge are literally trying to destroy all nations that have christian roots. They want all of society to be the same with no diversity. This is why you can see all the European leaders letting in migrants of a different ethnicity, religion, and cultural belief come into their country by the boat loads even though they know they're causing problems. Because they hate western ideology. They hate Jesus, they hate love, they hate anything that isn't them and that's pure and happy.

George Soros controls/has ties to more than 30 American and non American news outlets. Who is this man? He's a wolf who controls most of the news the American people see, and not only that, funded Antifa (A communist party) and Black Lives Matter, in an attempt to get them to turn against "whites" and the "alt-right" because he's trying to tear down the foundations of our society. The Alex Jones channel does a bit of explanation on Soros.

The plot thickens when you get more in depth with the things our own government leaders and politicians are doing, (child sacrifices, spirit cooking, wars, rituals, etc.) They're literally all pedophiles.

More light was thrown onto this situation when the US election took place in 2016 and Hillary Clinton had her emails hacked, which in turn connected the dots to other politicians involved in illegal business, including pedophilia. Now you see more and more in mainstream media more actors and politicians being ratted out as pedophiles. Even one of the Vatican cardinals recently admitted to being a pedophile.

I always wondered how they're getting away with it. I know that they get away with it by manipulation of the media since they control it. But it didn't take long before I realized they have many other methods for keeping us under their spell.


They manipulate what we eat and what we drink. Most of our drinking water isn't beneficial. Tap water contains Fluoride, which is create waste that they threw into the water years ago. This is why you should never drink water from the tap. Fluoride is proven to cause diseases, deteriorate the brain, cause depression, anger, confusion, diabetes, and dementia. Most doctors and dentists tell you Fluoride is good for you, yet they've done no research into the actual production of Fluoride. They've only seen what they read in their books that teach them how to do their job. Any Bio Chemist out there will tell you the dangers of Fluoride. Foods like vegetables, or fruits also contain Fluoride.

They might say organic, but you need to ask yourself what kind of soil were they grown in and what kinda of water was used to grow them? Most of the food we eat today contains carbs, trans fats, sugar, etc. All hell on the human digestive system. We might try and diet, but Fluoride is still in a lot of the organic foods we eat and the spring water we drink sometimes contains fluoride, and if not it contains non-organic minerals which doesn't help because they take up the space of the water molecules. The reason to drink distilled water is because it's in its purest form and can collect your body of all toxins and fluoride because the water doesn't already have minerals attached to it.

Realize that from the time we were children, we have had fluoride pumped into us, along with media propaganda, and everything else that makes us question who we are and where we come from. Now is the time to wake up.

*Part 8

Most of the meats we eat were created from Slaughter Houses. If humans have souls, then so do animals. Animals feel fear, and happiness, same as us. When we send animals to slaughter houses, they produce adrenaline due to 'fear' of knowing they're going to die, and thus it ruins the meat. It's fear based meat that we're eating. The process of attaining mean is also violent. Why would we need to eat meat if we're literally made up of energy and can pull energy from thin area to produce whatever we want. This is capable, this is what Nikola Tesla touched on when he spoke of limitless energy. Yet the government would never accept any of his energy producing ideas until after his death. This is why our foods have all the nutrients cooked out of them and then are replaced with artificial chemicals and seasonings for taste. Food is what keeps society docile, sitting around eating chips, drinking soda, getting fat, never having energy to do anything, and so on.

Erin Janus talks about this:

Let me also say that butter is an EXTREMELY beneficial food. It was actually a super food for a long time throughout human history. It raises the good cholesterol and helps fight fat. That plus broccoli help rid the body of toxins and estrogen chemicals and start producing more testosterone, which in turn burns more fat on the body, and so on back and forth. The best diet I've heard of would be a Ketogenic diet because it involves butter, meat, vegetables, etc but cuts out all the sugar. I've also personally known people with cancer and diabetes who instead of going to the doctor who probably would have shoved dangerous medicine down their throats or cut off a limb or thrown them into a radiation chamber, went on a ketogenic diet and kicked their cancer/diabetes. It's because once you cut out the fluoride, and drink distilled water, and cut out the sugars, you're letting your body repair itself and thus you start producing your own stem cells because the body finally for once in its life is able to repair again. lly/
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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:30 AM

originally posted by: hiddenNZ
OK,I'm.just gonna take some.meds,chill for an hour then come back to reread that.

I think, and correct me if I'm wrong xendor, what he is saying is that lots of or at least one other dimension exist and all dimension are made of energy and have conscious beings living in them.
That because we are made of energy we can be manipulated.
That something else from another dimension knows this and uses it to accomplish some goal.
Some how jewish people are aware of this and they are working with the beings from the other dimension to do negative stuff with money.
Is that about right?
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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:37 AM
*Part 9


Education wise they're dumbing us down. Teachers don't teach us the "truth" they teach us what was put into a book. Schools don't even put all that much effort into teaching children anymore, they just meet the requirements for tests so they get paid. This keeps up the appearance that you're learning something and they're taking care of you, but you should know that now that the government teaches the kids instead of the parents, the government controls what the children think. While at the same time parents are forced to go away for hours on end to work in a soul crushing industry. Starting to make sense? They're breaking apart the family foundation one by one. Now the governments control the minds of the kids and manipulate them by what they teach. This in turn produces more dumbed down children who end up doing drugs, breaking the law, murder, getting a low paying job because they don't know how to do anything else, going into military services where they fight for the government who gave them a low quality life in the first place to kill people in other countries who were manipulated by the same government forces.


The list of their horrible acts to us humans and our society goes on and on. Disinformation, sex trafficking, etc. Why do they do this? What's their goal? They obviously know we're starting to wake up, yet they haven't cracked down the military hammer on us yet, why? Because they need our help. This is where we go deeper into the rabbit hole. Many speak of religions as telling the truth of our existence. To a certain degree they're right. Lets for a second entertain the idea that all religions are telling the same story from a different perspective. The way I think of it is, religions are built off each other. One religion existed, then another built off that one, and so on. And their stories are different because they're stories that were passed on from person to person over long distances of land and time. So we must have a one true story, the original story. Which is all religions.

Jesus, or Yeshua, told us of Christ consciousness and spoke of the sun of god and ascending into Christ consciousness. This challenged the beliefs of all people around him and threatened the sources of power that held their power through the worship of their own gods. He also spoke of negative entities known as demons. Or Jinn in the Quran. But remember what I said about other dimensions. If a dimension of pure light can exist, then so can one of pure love, one of pure hate, one of darkness, etc. It's duality. Light casts a shadow in our reality. Ying and Yang. Good and evil. It's the whole purpose of our reality, it's about balance. Think of the story of lucifer. Angel that was good, turned bad out of negative emotions. Lucifer cut himself off from the source of god. However, this was a story of consciousness in general.

Before we continue, I'll post a video that tells the story of human history. Spirit science explains all of everything I've said so far in detail (sit back and enjoy):

God gave all beings within the universe free will, including us humans, meaning we can do whatever the hell we want. However, negative entities can too. They're negative entities because they literally cut themselves off from the source of god. God is nothing but pure love and light, and when you cut yourself off from that, you get hate and darkness. This is similar to falling to the dark side of the force in star wars. So how does this tie into our reality? Well, evil humans who cut themselves off from the light of god have taken over. This is also called the Lucifer effect.

Jews (once again, not all Jewish people) who hate "Christ" even though Christ wasn't his last name, control everything. Jesus came and told everyone the same story I'm telling you, except the Romans killed him. Many years later, the Romans take over the religion created after Jesus's death and in turn manipulate it to the point that people now worship the pope and the roman catholic church as the chosen ones of god.


This also ties into the anti christ now because that's the opposite of christ consciousness, which is pure love. We do not live in a world of pure love. We hate each other, we kill each other, we rape each other, and we do the same thing to the rest of the planet. Now we're at a point where we get mass abortions every single day. Most of the abortions are because some people just were too lazy to wear a condom, or have many sexual partners, and that's only a stem of the manipulation of their sexual desire by the ones in power. Once again, they control the news, porn, games, etc. However, these things aren't happening simply because of bad humans. Many people, including famous figures like David Icke, Gerald O'Donnell, and others associated with the two, speak of negative entities, (especially reptilians) controlling the worlds government. Which kinda makes sense if you think about it....

I mean, the bible for example, talks about how a snake manipulated eve, who in turn manipulated Adam. The snake manipulates the woman, who then in turn manipulates the man. Look at the feminist groups today taking war to men. They've weakened men and culture, and now other men from other countries have come to take over western countries, and some of these women (not all) are welcoming them with open arms. It's all a big play and we're all the chess pieces. It's a matter of if you realize it or not. The goal of these reptilians? To take over. They want to control human consciousness. They're beings from the 4th dimension, which is why we do not physically see them, yet they control us because we have evil humans here on Earth who make contact with these beings.

*Part 10

Remember god gave us free will, so humans cannot get possessed by these entities unless we give them consent. For example, signing a contract, or making a "deal" with the devil to sign your soul away. This is why so many stars who make music or movies that literally control the influence of millions if not billions, are so rich and famous yet in interviews come out talking about how they're possessed, they signed their souls away, etc. Realize that we live in a world where the entertainment industry controls how we think or feel, it controls the way we dress, it starts the trends. Kids look up to these people as idols, and don't realize the secret messages in music videos or movies. They don't know what they're looking at. Also these reptilian entities exist in the forms of snakes, serpents, dragons, etc all throughout human history, terrorizing us. We give them consent by watching movies with our very own destruction. We agree with universal law for them to do what they do.

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:39 AM
a reply to: scraedtosleep

Yes correct. There's much more to it, especially with people saying we're living in the 4th Reich. I'll touch on that more later. Just keep following my posts.

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:41 AM
Why do these evil beings do this? Because they want these celebrities to lure as many lost souls to their doom as possible. They want to deter them from god. Some of these celebrities sell their souls for fame and fortune, and in return these negative entities are invited to live in the persons body. Then these entities are the ones who are praised and idolized. They have huge egos, and love to be worshiped. Another reason they get into politics and take on the bodies of politicians. And why politicians are doing the same rituals that celebrities and musicians are. Remember, they can't take over your body unless you invite them. The way society is living, greed, hate, poor diets, laziness, etc, we're all basically inviting them to ruin our planet and our lives.

*Part 11

So what exactly was Jesus's message? It's simple. He wanted to tell us we're all energy, and that we can ascend to god through pure love. God is pure love which is pure light. Light literally carries information as science proves. So when jesus talked about the Sun of god, he meant that the Sun gives us information through the light. The sun is what brings life to the planet. Trees grow tall towards the sky, growing towards the source of light, the source of love, the source of life. Jesus also explained how we can ascend to heaven, or "dimensions". Buddhists, Yogi's, Shamans, and others today refer to this as the ascension. (Often called the Rapture). Which isn't the saving of all true christians, its of all true christ consciouness beings.


It's a simple concept, since we're all living things made up of pure energy, we have the capacity to literally ascend dimensions. We can do this through pure love. There will come a point when all humans will "wake up". Think of all the phrases you've heard of. The American "Dream" for example. It's a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. You have to be dumbed down, with no spiritual morals to believe it. Or that we're sheep, sheeple, Sleep sheep that are being controlled by the herder. Sheep associated with counting when you're dreaming, counting the sheep to fall asleep. We dropped in consciousness many years ago, and we're just now starting to piece the many years of history together to get the full story, also the fact many people are making more and more contact with good entities such as aliens, spirit guides, angels, higher selves, etc. This all comes from opening the 3rd eye, eating better, living in pure love, and trusting in god.


Which now we get into dreams and other dimensions explained more.


Dreams are you going out of your body. Dreams are you leaving your physical 3D energy body and returning to your pure consciousness, or your soul body, your light body, which is love. Some people can control this side of reality, it's called Lucid Dreaming where you control your dreams. You can go around the dream world and do literally anything you want to do.

Others can even astral project, similar to lucid dreaming but different, which is your soul/consciousness leaving your body and wandering around the physical 3D world. However in this form, you can go to other dimensions too if you so choose to do so. This is why when we're asleep or out of body, we're 'unconscious' because our consciousness has left our body. It's us exploring the world outside and inside of us.

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:46 AM
*Part 12

Negative entities exist in the astral plane too. This is why you hear about astral rapes, or demonic attacks. These are also the result of bad dreams. Since we go out of our body in our dreams, when we have a bad dream, it means it's not in our control. If your dream isn't in your control, then it's in someone else's control. A negative entity is most likely causing it in the astral plane. Which is why we're suppose to be "awake" while we're asleep. It also makes sense why some people say that's the reason why mostly all living things sleep in the first. It's us giving our body physical and mental rest, while we go rest outside of the body and call it spiritual rest. That's why people are so drained when they don't sleep and eventually die when they have no sleep whatsoever. The existence of these negative entities also explains why children are more prone to nightmares or "seeing" paranormal things or having "imaginary" friends. You know, those friends that adults can't see with their physical eyes yet children can see them.

So, why can children see these evil entities? Why are children so scared of monsters? Movies that portray monsters produce fear in kids. Fear in general is good because it allows these negative entities to feed off energy. Remember these entities cut themselves off from the light source of god, thus no energy is flowing through their consciousness, so in order to remain alive, they need to steal it from other living beings that do get their energy from god. This means killing/raping/stealing energy. They create a society based on fear, they have a never ending food source. Children can see them because they haven't fully closed their 3rd eyes yet. What is the 3rd eye? The eye that exists within our brains. It allows us to perceive beyond the 3D world, so it allows us to see things our physical eyes cannot. This is why people who open their 3rd eyes see "demons" or "ghosts" when in actuality they're seeing the real entities for what they look like since they no longer appear invisible to them.

The 3rd eye looks similar to the Eye of RaEye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol that looks like an eye and means Sun, Power, Enlightenment, etc. There is definitely a physical similarity between the physical 3rd eye in our brain and the symbol the Egyptians created. The pineal gland which is the "pupil" of the 3rd eye is responsible for producing natural '___'. Which '___' is essential and in helping us dream, or out of body experiences because when we do these things it's produced in low concentrations, when we die it's even produced in HIGH concentrations. This would explain the *afterlife* experiences people have after they die. It literally thrusts you into the next dimension of reality.

Reality is forever, they've just tricked us into thinking it isn't. They've manipulated all religions and want everyone to be atheist so we only understand life in the form of left brain thinking. The left brain is math, logistics, etc. The right brain is creativity, art, etc. Females usually rest in the right brain way of thinking. While men rest in the left brain way of thinking. It's duality. Once again, yin and yang. However there's also a part of our brain called the Reptilian Complex. This is the part of our brain where our triggers to fear and anger are. This is our primal fight or flight system of thinking. There are those who try and say this is there because it developed there through evolution. Yet it's coincidentally called the Reptilian Complex and is responsible for our fear and negative emotion triggers. Dimensions are controlled by their frequencies, and frequencies can apply to sound too.

This also plays to addictions. These reptilians like to manipulate people through subliminal messaging or mind control, because you can't consciously deny consent, and thus they can manipulate you into doing what they want. Another reason why the porn industry is so addictive to lonely people. They want us to worship the human body instead of the human soul. This is also creating an increase in the need for people to harm themselves, which is why you see an increase in videos of genital mutilation. Loss of self identity, etc.

David Icke and many others say this reptilian brain was actually implanted into our DNA many many many many years ago by the Reptilians so that we'll react in fear and hate as a society and thus give them a constant food source. This is also why they're trying to get us stuck in our left brains or working and logistics instead of our right brain of creativity and art. They don't have creativity, God and the light does, these beings cut themselves off from it so all they have is math, ways to prove they can be gods physically, thus why there's a big push to turn our society into a robotic controlled AI society. Artificial intelligence is the opposite of god. It's the anti Christ. It is an artificial mind, it doesn't have emotions, and it doesn't connect with the source of god.


Our sound or music operates in 440hz which produces fear and anger. Which we should be listening to is 432hz music. There's a huge difference.

The reality of things is that we can do all these things that people talk about. We can go to different dimensions, lucid dream, know everything, do anything. Reality is limitless, and we've been controlled into thinking it isn't, and that we're just specs that don't matter. Now we have a society where people are more alone than ever, they're depressed, dying, and then the suicide kicks in. Good forces in today's society have been trying their best to go around the evil forces that control our world and tell us about the ascension.

Why some people see Jesus when they die and come back to life vs people who see the Buddha or another figure, it's based entirely on who you call upon when you die. These people are not our gods, they're just other humans who learned how to do everything I'm talking about. Their consciousness has moved to the next level of creation. While we sit here on Earth creating a literal hell. Hell was not created by God, and he didn't create negative entities, they created themselves by cutting off from god, and we create our living hell by treating Earth like one. They were trying to teach us this in a way we could understand back then, but since then we've been put under control by entities who figured out we had a drop in consciousness and thus want to turn us into a slave society before we can finally wake up. This is what the ascension is all about. Waking up to "reality" and accepting it for what it is. We're everything. When we die, we go to a plane of existence that we can do anything in, but in the physical world we must live physical lives. At least while we're in the 3rd dimension. Once we move into other dimensions, we can do whatever.

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:54 AM
The ascension is us moving into the 5th dimension, which will happen very shortly. This is what is referred to as the 2nd coming of Christ or the return of Christ. It's our return to Christ consciousness, love consciousness, where we create heaven on Earth. When people start to "wake" up. Remember they say the Devil doesn't want you to know he's real. Well that message goes very well with the reptilians because they don't want you to know they exist beyond our perception. In the 4th dimension, both future and past can be accessed because time isn't real. Time is a human construct we were given to cope with our modern society of schedules and jobs.

*Part 13

We will soon be entering the Age of Aquarius. We have been in the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age for the last 50 years. The official beginning of the Aquarian Age is November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11. Some people have set this date as December 21, 2012. Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealism, modernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution. It's basically the age of change and security. We're throwing away the shackles of corruption and society is progressing forward. Consciousness is returning to the world. Over the next decade or so it will fully return and we will move into the next dimension of love and light. THIS IS NOT FIGURATIVE, WE WILL LITERALLY MOVE INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION. 72.3787.0.3953.


Some drugs are good, obviously some are bad. But drugs like Weed, Shrooms, '___', all have the goal of waking you up. That's why they're said to get you "higher" meaning higher in dimensions. Higher in thinking. Higher in spirituality, which is why our ancestors smoked weed or similar variants for thousands of years. Now suddenly they're all illegal? Because of corporate greed knowing they'd have trouble taxing weed, and because the powers that be, don't want you waking up.

Also anyone here if you want absorb everything I've typed at the beginning of the thread, feel free to research Angel Numbers if you have been seeing reoccurring numbers over and over. This information, if you understand it, will allow you to better understand Angel Numbers because those who are truly enlightened will know that beyond our perception of reality, the stage was already planned out. We are acting out the play that we scripted.


If you're interested in changing your lifestyle, make sure to checkout Cell Food. It's the World's No. 1 Oxygen + Nutrient Supplement. This stuff plus Distilled Water will help cleanse your body of toxins and fluoride



Below I'm including a playlist of different things that I've seen or heard related to what's going on with today's world. These include documents that tell us the truth, music videos, movies, shows or animations that show us the truth, or songs with lyrics speaking about the truth. What is the truth? We're all energy, we can all control our dreams, we can exist in other forms of reality (other dimensions) and we're connected with Source, which is pure light and love, which is God.


posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:56 AM
Make sure to check your lightbulbs. The reptilians have tricked a lot of people into getting mercury lightbulbs. If you have any, toss them out. They'll say mercury on them, remember the reptilians can't lie about what they are, they just put them in small print and make people unaware of how bad mercury is.

GET LED LIGHTBULBS. They emit no heat. I had mine in my lamp on for 5 days straight. I touched the bulb and it was still touchable with no heat. If you're wondering why there's so much heat in your house from the lights, it's because they're not LED. They also last 10 times longer.

(not all fixtures should be LED, but most lamps and kitchen lights in the house should convert immediately.)

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 01:57 AM
I notice that your youtube channel carries advertising.
Could you not just have a blog?

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: Phage

I don't use any advertisement, I put in a playlist, if any of those videos have ads then it's out of my hands to do anything about it. I don't have a blog either, wouldn't waste the time when I can literally come here and just dump everything in 20 minutes.

Also there are only 3 links on my youtube channel.

I own neither of them.

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 02:05 AM
a reply to: XendorFazem
My youtube channel does not have advertising.
Maybe you should complain.

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 02:16 AM
Gorillaz - Ascension (Official Audio)

Doctor Strange - Open your eye scene HD

Yoda teaching Skywalker (Faith)

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor (from Kung Fury)

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version) (Official Video)

Childish Gambino - Redbone (Official Audio)

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Foil


Star Trek - Ascension

Janeway vs Archon - Star Trek Voyager

Inception - Dream World Cafe Scene (2/5) (HD)

Edgar Allan Poe ~ A Dream Within A Dream, Poem with text

Interstellar: Love Is The Key (Final Cut)

They Live Sunglasses

The Walk Home

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 03:17 AM
I read it all-took the time to do it as I have always had an intense curiosity. What's missing first, for me, is who are you? This extensive missive needs to explain the author and your own journey-maybe not everything as it would be too long and your op is already a bit too much. But, again-who are you-how did you come to all these conclusions?

posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 03:18 AM
a reply to: XendorFazem


posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 09:09 AM
I'm not sure this is groundbreaking. Doesn't everyone know we have a spirit / soul?

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