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"Sexual Misconduct" is the New McCarthyism

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posted on Apr, 17 2018 @ 06:38 AM
a reply to: elementalgrove

this party protection is the same that occurs in the UK called the government WHIP
and they prevent party members from damaging the government if they give approval to follow the what the WHIP wants
they can ensure their child abuse crimes, sexual misconduct, harassment , bribery, crimes will all go away!

posted on Jun, 2 2018 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: Metallicus

I'm going to drop a blackpill here.

I'm a former employee of a very big industry that deals in manipulation of images, story, music and sound effects to emotionally move an audience. This audience used to regularly fund my industry (which shall remain nameless but I'm sure you can guess its identity) by means of weekend family visits to special temples wherein my industry manipulated projected light onto large silver screens for the entertainment of said families. This has ended and my industry is DOA. Here is why.

Imagine a clipart drawing of the Earth, in blue and green. Put this on a white background. Now imagine a curved "cloud cover" smothering the USA, Canada and Mexico part of that Earth, over on the left side. Kind of like a pink slithery blob mushrooming up out of LA and curved across it like a large letter C. Now imagine a much larger curved cloud cover covering the same countries, but from the upper right and arising from NYC and DC. This blob is purplish black in color.

Do you like this crayon drawing? Good. Because the pink cloud cover is Hollywood and the purple one is the MSM.

What you're seeing is the left, liberal version of the blurring between church and state that is happening on the right among conservatives. Our Founding Fathers laid it out plainly church and state should be separated because corruption and the destruction of our Republic will result if they merge. But the Founding Fathers could not foresee the left doing the same damned thing. They are. So now, what does it look like, however, when church and state blend forces in a political arena that doesn't respect or acknowledge religion and hates God and all things good?

The MSM is the leftist version of The State and Hollywood is Their Church. Both have blended, The Progressive State controls The Progressive Church, and Their Church is Their State's mouthpiece announcing all laws, rules and edicts, and proclaiming punishments against "offenders". They are out to rule and control America. Here's the hierarchy.

Pedophilic gay white males = Level 1
Gay white males not necessarily into boys = Level 2
Bisexual white males who are = Level 3
Pedophilic straight white males = Level 4

These infest both Hollywood boardrooms/studios and the exec level at all news outlets. They are the decisionmakers and remain faceless and nameless behind the scenes. You can trace who they are by making a list of all the names under "executive producer", following the chain of money, noticing certain parties, and underlining which names just keep popping up. The last name BERMAN is one of the biggest. Level 1-4 men use the following:

Damaged white females, formerly heterosexual, now "ambiguous" but staunchly feminist = Level 5
Damaged white females, undeclared but feminist = Level 6
Damaged white females, gold star lesbian and feminist = Level 7
Damaged African American females who ally with above in exchange for fame = Level 8, and
The occasional Hispanofeminist = Level 9

As puppets, marionettes, "influential speaking mouths", to promote The State's agenda by means of their position in The Church. All are Democrats and progressive feminists. Level 5 can be recognized by their shaven heads. It seems to be, along with certain tattoos, a branding technique similar to Nvxivm's by which they can recognize each other and their handlers know they are "part of the club".

If you are not Levels 1 through 9 you will not be allowed into the club. This blacklist is real. The LA Times will not run any story you are a part of, and LAPD will ignore you if you report a crime. It's the most efficient cult in Hollywood, far outclassing Scientology in influence and what it can do to you if you cross its members or try to expose them. Scientology is scared to death of them. This Church and The State behind it have blacklisted most of the actual real talent in Hollywood, and most are fleeing or have already fled, careers in splinters.

None of us knows where to run or get real films done. And why are we blacklisted, not let in the club? Simple. Privately or publicly, or at the wrong meeting, we each made it clear we WOULD NOT:

- Arbitrarily insert LGBTQ characters, storylines or situations in films or roles not warranting same

- Present "a friendlier face" to pedophilia, or permit pedophiles on our sets, casts or crew

- Erase morality or a moral message from our films

- Present heterosexuality as outdated, immoral or questionable

- Present heterosexual men, no matter the race, as the enemy

- Present women as artificially strong or behaving and talking as heterosexual men traditionally have and do

- Allow them sexual access to us (that's a big one: someone needs to ask young women if certain famous Level 5ers ever assaulted them. Most of Level 5 women love to sexually fondle and harass non-Level 1-9 women. Nannies and assistants especially!)

- Present transgender characters in numbers and depictions opposing their statistical reality

- Insert artificially enhanced racial diversity when the story does not call for it (I'm a POC but refused to do this)

And many more.

The State wants children reprogrammed to not just accept but cheer-lead these views. This is why every film contains That Agenda.

The Church currently controls every studio in Hollywood, and if an independent wants to make pictures, it is made very clear to all parties early on they must publicly swear loyalty to The Church or nothing they shoot will get seen. More of us are speaking out but when we do, our posts get removed within moments. It happened to several of us the other day when we tried to use the box office destruction of Solo to emerge and be heard. I wasn't one but I witnessed it, Variety snatched down comments immediately after an independent journalist began trying to contact their authors. I'm not surprised by any of this.

So here is what MeToo is really for: to remove all Hollywood people who might have enough public influence to be believed if they ever speak out against The Church. The method is to publicly disgrace them, then blacklist them so no one in town works with them again. It's to shatter them, make them bankrupt and an unperson. To make you radioactive in your own industry and a point of ridicule so The State can always point to what you "did", present a "whatabout" and silence you so they and The Church remain in power unchallenged by anybody, forever.

Weinstein was the sacrificial lamb to make this happen, but now it's out of control. Everybody is being Emmett Tilled. What the shaved women of MeToo fail to realize however is once the goal's met they will be put in Offred's red hood and discarded, under a gay patriarchy this time, not a straight one. Straight men need women for love and sex and will negotiate. Gay men do not need women and will not.

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posted on Jun, 2 2018 @ 04:55 PM
a reply to: TimewalkersExist

You're out of your mind.

posted on Jun, 2 2018 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: watchitburn

That's fine. You're one of Them. And you're doing what they always do. It doesn't matter. I've said what I wanted to say, the word is out now, and I'm not the only one. Over the next while you're going to see announcements from a lot of us. Exiting site.
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