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U.S. Emergency Plans Lacking.....?

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 02:54 PM
Plans for the replacement of the exeuctive office have been in place for some time, good or bad they are there. But are the other branches of Gov. lacking in plans in an emergency? During the cold war planning was something of an obsession. Such as the 112,000 sq ft bunker. But there was also a plan for the exeuctive brance. The plan consisted of 3 groops of people with Comm. gear that in the event of a possible emergency they would each go to a different location, each with a cabanent member who would act as the president. During these operations it was also decided that it would be easier to operate this plan, if needed, with out the congress. So if both casses the plan was to suspend the Constitution.

I dont think any one would disagree that in time of emergency, it would be much easier to operate with out the intervenation of congress. But why has congress not come up with a emergency plan for the positions to be filled in case of an emergency? This is poor planing on there part.

Refrence G Q. Jan 2005

coments or thoughts?

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