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Durham Lumiere Assaults Birdlife

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posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 05:33 PM
I have to speak up for the birdlife in Durham Botanic gardens.

They are about to be assaulted by light and sound under the pretext of art.

If you go to the fourth page at this link you'll see 'For The Birds'.

Take a mediative and immersive journey through the wilderness to discover over 20 light and sound installations inspired by birds . . .

Mediative? I think we're getting an insight into the professionalism of this endeavour.

For The Birds offers an after-dark delight, reimagining the green spaces of the Durham University Botanic Garden.


I learnt to build in stone, dig a drainage trench, put up a post and rail fence, and weed the cactus house in Durham Botanic Gardens. I know what it's like and how it's developed over time.

You don't need to reimagine any of it. Just be there.

So what's actually happening here is they're going to disturb all the birdlife with lots of sound and light installations and all the associated hardware, wiring etc. Technicians rushing back and forth intent on getting the show ready. A moneymaking venture posing as art.

And they're calling it 'For The Birds'.

I looked at some of the violet/blue lights that are already illuminated in Durham and immediately felt nauseous. Strange.

The site crews are driving too fast and acting over protective about their hardware.

There are suggestions I would need a ticket to access parts of my hometown.

Durham Lumiere, it beats looking at a squirrel.

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