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Mountain Named After Hero from the War in Iraq

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 10:15 AM
This is the story of a woman who had a mountain named after her. She was killed in Iraq, in 2003, while serving her country.

It's a bit of an old story, but I know it never got a lot of press anywhere, so I thought I'd ressurect it. It's not everyday a woman gets a mountain named after her.

And check this out. This document says there are 383k Native Americans and Alaskan Natives alive today who served their country in the Armed forces at one time or another. 147k of those served in Vietnam.

I seem to remember that 60%+ of the Native Americans who served in Vietnam, served in the Special Forces. This was according to a former DI, my father.

That is simply extraordinary, to make up such a large part of the armed forces and specifically Special Ops while statistically being such a small minority. After all the horrible things the Natives endured at the hands of our government, they still choose to rise up and serve their country in such large numbers. This country owes them a great debt of honor.

A strange thing happened not too long ago.. A lot of these very skilled soldiers started turning up dead. Car accidents, heart attacks, friendly fire, bar fights, shootings, you name it. I understand people die every day, and I haven't been able to find any evidence (it's a forgotten project found lying in a pile). There used to be a great number of Native American Special Forces and now there are apparently very few.

Can anyone corroborate or disprove this with info on hand? Any links would be appreciated.

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