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EU Constitution - Out of this World!

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 07:57 AM
In a large PR campaign for the European Union's charter, Astronauts headed toward the ISS on April 15th with carry the document with them.

Officials at EU headquarters hoped the publicity stunt would help sell the document, which faces ratification in all of the EU's 25 member states.

An EU survey released last month showed nine out of 10 EU citizens know little or nothing about the treaty that is expected to become the cornerstone of their political life.

Three nations (Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia) have already ratified it, and Spain is the next stop. It has undergone intense preparation in order to preserve the item and ensure its return. "We have to be sure that we don't destroy your treaty," said Michel Tognini, one of the astronauts.

The EU's space program intends to send a manned mission to Mars within 30 years.

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