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Not the NRA or Trump Supporters or Gun Dealers have blood on their hands...the US Air Force Does

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posted on Nov, 8 2017 @ 01:43 AM

originally posted by: MOMof3
The AF screwed up. But those pesky loopholes lobbied by the NRA gives a way out. Gun shows and private sellers don't have to do background checks, state or federal.

first that gun shows dont have to do background checks is FALSE
In IL (and I believe alot of other states) the dealers at the gun shows DO have to do background checks and any other paperwork just as if they were at their stores.

Private citizens do not (be gun shows or a private sale) have to do background checks.
But what you dont seem to want to admit is that it is limited to INTERSTATE sales..
Add to that all states have laws that if the private seller KNOWINGLY sells to criminals, straw purchases , ect they can be held liable.
A private seller also has to follow FEDERAL LAW that states anyone under 21 cannot own a pistol and anyone under 18 cannot own any gun.

Last but not least GIVE ONE "MASS SHOOTING" was caused by someone who used "the gunshow loophole"?

sorry but your propaganda melts like an ice cube in tx under the heat of FACTS.


posted on Nov, 8 2017 @ 07:13 AM
a reply to: scrounger

You need to look at the laws for Texas. Texas gun laws are my subject.

Your opinion of me is irrelevant.

posted on Nov, 8 2017 @ 09:17 AM
The Problem is irresponsible gun owners who may be trigger happy or think guns are their saviours. I believe people should have all the guns bombs ammo they want as long as it doesn't affect their communities with or without a license to own and operate or the skill to use them.

I believe like the drug war....everything being legal and commercialized actually totally takes all that taboo power out of it and no longer does anyone feel all gangster or gunslinger doc at the OK Corral against wicked authoritarians.

I say illegal or legal....All Gun Owners including Military/Police/Swat Force are all going to end up destroying each others families in a massive blaze of bloody ruins.

Real Change....Equals Real People being taken out of the equation of a functional well organized intelligent force of united labor to overcome a New World Order Scenario or Ruling Classs takeover.

Real really expensive when it comes to a concerted global effort of people in grassroots low income capability.
The Ruling Class is truly not Politicians....It's the Financial Elite in the High Finance and Banking Industry concerning Money Shifting to create or influence our political obstacles to Unity and Liberation.
Prime Ministers, Presidents, KIngs and Political Leaders of any kind are substrates caliphates and surrogate designers and implementing the Financial Elites General Overall DARK.HIVE agenda.

The best thing is to absolutely not take media, entertainment, politics how you make a living and all the bull# we think we need to do or be that seriously at all.

That's how they will be terminated...They eat their double standard of using both sides against each other pitting everyone against each other in Absolute Blood Shed....

Just so they can turn around and offer the solution....A New World Order where the only way you shop in a grocery store and drink clean water still is a implant to buy/sell in-between thumb and index finger..
You probably never quite understood the definition of pure methodical unfeeling evil....It's not if but a question of time unless we go postal in the only answer and OverDOse on FUKITOL!!!
Don't forget your side effect medication as well PSYCHOFOOL!!!

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