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The Elite and Extra Terrestrials, there will be no contact, until...

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 04:20 PM
Obviously the world of today is run (with limited success) by a few elite in the US government. Anyone living in the reality of today can see that. The people in the USA are enrolled in a scheme where the front is freedom and the American dream, so far all is good. Purpose of this scheme is to empower (through economy, research, military and security) the elite. The people of the USA is a tool, or a part in this scheme. Nothing strange or bad at all (compare with other countries). This is how society works. It is all for the purpose of the elite which directs and leads the humans. The elite is somewhat separate from the people. This elite also lets people come to the USA, even illegally, with the promise of freedom and the American dream, to become enrolled in this machine. Because pro-growth (growing population and economy) is the only way to increase and further empower the strength of this elite, giving them increased, research, military power and security and the snowball effect is of and rolling. Until ultimately everyone is under the same elite.

Questions is, is this wrong, or unfair? Perhaps this might be a good thing? When everyone is lead in the same direction under the one same elite, maybe that's when humans can take the next step? That's when the true power of what humans are capable of can be realized. When there is no more wars, deceases, starvation, and when everyone is under the same laws, living in the same economy, talking the same language. Imagine what efforts could be done in research and space science. The ultimate goal of humans is to find out more about them selves and about the universe and as the world is today...this is at best problematic. Humans are lost and feel no greater purpose today, there is little cooperation in any direction only competition. This is also what Extra Terrestrials are expecting before making any kind of contact with us humans. We must be unified! There will be no contact established of any kind before humans sort them self out to begin with.

A long time ago, the elite tried to achieve this unification through religion, we all know that this has failed to some extent and it wasn't enough. It only lead to further alienation amongst humans. And people even of the same religion still have problems. The solution is to realize what the ultimate goal is and let everyone know that this is what the elite strives for. The advancements in the reach of our goals would be so fast that everyone would be kept interested as well. Everyone would led under the same elite work towards the same goals for the ultimate purposes.

I think USA is a beginning, but if it will be the right one, only time can tell. It might rise and fall, or change drastically. But it is the best bet so far. Who do you think will be the one elite? China? Russia? USA? or is it not even existing today? Or it might not happen at all, before humans fail on way or another and die out. Again this is what the Extra Terrestrials want to find out. Is humans a useful or worthy race. If Extra Terrestrials comes in and "saves" us now and try to lead us they would be responsible for us and our future and all our evil ways. Why would they want to protect and help that to advance... so question is, are we worthy, if answer is yes there will be contact, if answer is now... we are soon gone.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 05:39 PM
The threat of alien life might very well unify man.

Who is to say that man would be able to realize his FULL potential only if he is working in the same direction of all of mankind?

People should unite, but that does not mean we should cast aside our differences, what makes us unique. That is how the meaning of the word unite has been twisted, to make people think it means everyone thinking the same thing.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 05:58 PM
The aliens have nothing to do with the general Power Elite in any country. It is not enough to become part of the Elite, which would only concern money.

Aliens are interested in people possessing unique brain capabilities, advanced mind and skill. If you aren't aware of any such skills of yours, the Aliens won't actually keep up with you. They either support you as part of another program (which has nothing to do with you in person), or you are tied to people bearing unique skills drawing alien attention.

Of course, in case you are The One, they would be systemathically advance your skills and powers day by day. In addition, your money would increase its growth with the help of the Aliens.

Possibly your case proves that you are an outsider of a massive programme involving genuine fast learning and unique development, and as soon as the Aliens finalized their destination, they will leave you peacefully on your own with your beautiful future. They never meant any harm to you, and they keep proving that they are not hostile.

In case you behave like a naughty kid, they won't be that gentle. So watch out.


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