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NHS pressured kids to change sex-Parents Accuse therapists of 'Blindly Accepting' claims

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posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 05:24 PM

originally posted by: violet

originally posted by: Deaf Alien
a reply to: violet

The therapy is for gender dysphoria, not confusion. The distress comes from parents and society.

And no the help is not "too readily available". In fact parents and doctors try to convince them they aren't transgender or try to make sure it is legitimate. If it's just a phase, they would know and it will be short-lived, just like any other stuff kids go through.

Then a phase would be classified as confusion ... unsure.
I still think a "phase" can be influenced

Sure. But it would be short-lived. And even if it "persists" it will be stopped at puberty.

posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 05:56 PM

originally posted by: seasonal
a reply to: Painterz

Transgender people are not homosexual.

Some are.

This is a common mix up of insults hurled are people asking important questions.

No, their campaign is pure organised transphobic bullying and harassment. Not an insult - it just fits their actions.

Asking important questions? Don't make me laugh. Since when did the Daily Mail have any professional expertise on Gender Dysphoria or any medical issue? They are little more than a tabloid rag.

These are not transgender people, they are transgender kids.

And transgender adults were once transgender kids. Shocking, eh? Wonder what their perspective on this campaign of harassment is? Whether they feel they may have benefited from treatment in childhood?

And their parents are concerned for a very very good reason. They love their kids and do not want this very adult decision made by 13 year old with no real help from "professionals".

Parents can be transphobes too. It's surprisingly not limited to tabloid rags and internet warriors. Much better for these kids if their parents are supportive though. Probably best they ignore the moral panic being fostered by the likes of these tabloid rags and other vocal bigoted transphobes, I'd think.

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