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Release of JFK Assassination File Is Delayed as Deadline Looms

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posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 02:18 PM

originally posted by: AndyFromMichigan
a reply to: toetheline
Yeah, Johnson's former mistress is convinced he ordered the assassination. There's an interview of her out there. He made some very incriminating statements just before the assassination.

I believe that interview is in one of the later videos of the series "The men who killed Kennedy".

posted on Nov, 5 2017 @ 04:34 AM

originally posted by: MuonToGluon

It would not be treason, and there is no such thing as High Treason in the US - never was.


2 U.S. 348 (F.Cas.) 2 Dall. 348

The United States v. Mitchell Circuit Court, Pennsylvania District April Term, 1795

Indictment for High Treason, by levying war against the United States.

Two people were charged with high treason in 1807, as well.

Charges of high treason have been 'a thing' in America.

As for it not being an act of treason....

Treason against the United States is levying war against America, or adhering to its enemies.

9/11 was an act of war against the United States. Same as Pearl Harbor was an act of war against the US in 1941.

If any Americans gave confidential information to Japan about Pearl Harbor before the attack, they would be found guilty of treason....high treason. Or if any Americans knew about the Japanese planning an attack on Pearl Harbor, or had seen half the entire Japanese fleet heading out full steam towards the Hawaiian islands, but deliberately said nothing about it...they'd have been put to death.

That is no different with 9/11. Anyone who deliberately hides, or ignores, or destroys, or manipulates, or fabricates, any evidence of the crime, to any degree, should be considered guilty of treason. They are conspiring to cover up this crime, which is an act of war against the United States.

You do believe 9/11 was an act of war against the United States, right?

Then you also know that anyone involved, or knew about it in advance, allowing all of it to unfold, and/or to let the criminals get away with mass murder, of innocent people, which allowed the criminals to proclaim it was all an act of 19 Muslim terrorists, directed by a clever madman who lived in top secret mountainside caves!

9/11 was a crime we have allowed the actual criminals to get away with, for over 16 years now. A crime that the criminals have paid many people for, simply to support their official story, by working as one united group, to dismiss anyone who says the government was involved, or that the government MIGHT HAVE been involved in some way!!.

Because the government is very stupid. They couldn't have pulled off such an intricate crime, and even if they had, they'd never have been able to keep it a secret for all these years.

The investigations cannot suspect their government could operate such an intricately planned mission, since we know they're a pack of morons. The greatest mystery is also believing the government could have landed humans on the moon, over 40 years ago, when they' aren't capable of flying planes into buildings??

The government agencies are very capable of executing 9/11, to be specific.

Someone hiding in mountainside caverns, somewhere in Afghanistan. If you believe anyone who is hiding in caves will be found out to be true, and that this cave-dweller is Bin Laden, and that these people who found it is Bin Laden go down the mountainside cave he hides in, and babbles to the local media about it, being Arabic media wants Bin Laden to get caught by their friendly American military invaders, who had already bombed the s#%% out of their country, their homes, their stores, their crops, their families, as a sign of their good intentions, for a bonding of our two cultures in one, glorious friendship!

When Americans were forced to go into Vietnam, or they were deemed to be filthy commie lovers, and traitors, and were put into prisons for not agreeing to kill people, to die for our freedoms!

Do you realize why they set up Communism as one form of society, the very opposite to Western society?

It allows for all sorts of wars, when an enemy of freedom is plotting to rule the world. America will never allow this evil plan to succeed. Our very freedoms are at stake here.

This was always considered fighting for our freedoms.

Many Americans believed that we were fighting for our freedom, by going to Vietnam. And Korea. We've been fighting for our freedoms in Iraq, for years.

Going to all these countries, who have never tried to attack America, IS WHAT FIRST CREATED THOSE WARS

Divide and conquer.

posted on Nov, 5 2017 @ 05:47 AM
When they state that 19 terrorists from the Middle East were behind 9/11, before any sort of actual investigation of the crime even had begun, they are telling us they were involved in the crime.

It could never be known that 19 people did it, but no-one else, except Bin Laden, the fiendish evil mastermind behind it all

When they said 19 terrorists were involved, they would not have a clue if any other terrorists were involved.....

Why were they so sure that no terrorists would have ever planted bombs in the towers as well? Especially when they knew that terrorists had already tried to bomb the towers just a few years earlier?

Think about why they were so sure about who was involved, and that nobody else was ever involved in it.....while, in fact, it was absolutely impossible for anyone to know that.

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