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Insurgents Attack Bakery and Mosque

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:14 AM
Two days ago it was barbers. Now it's bakers and civilians shopping.
Yeah, these insurgents are really 'freedom fighters' aren't they?

Murderous band of thugs is what they are. They really hate their
fellow Iraqis ... they hate democracy ... they just hate ...


Insurgents Attack Bakery, Mosque in Iraq

28 minutes ago Middle East - AP
By JASON KEYSER, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A car bomb exploded outside a Shiite mosque northeast of Baghdad on Friday, killing 13 and injuring more than 40, a police official and witnesses said, while masked men sprayed gunfire into a crowd at a bakery in a mostly Shiite neighborhood in the capital, killing 11 people, police said.

The car bomb in Balad Ruz, 45 miles northeast of Baghdad, took place as services at the mosque ended, a witness said. Iraqi National Guard troops were among the dead and wounded, police Col. Tahseen Mohammed said.

Mohammed said local residents reported that a pickup truck loaded with vegetables and parked in front of the mosque looked suspicious. When the Iraqi troops approached the truck, it exploded, he said.

The bakery attack in the New Baghdad area occurred after gunmen in several cars blocked the street in front of the shop with their vehicles and entered the shop. They fired on the workers, killing 11 people, an Iraqi police investigator said.

More than 50 people have been killed since late Wednesday in insurgency-related violence, and many of the victims were from the security services.

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:33 AM
Recently the 'insurrgents' seem to have focused on killing the iraq police, it seems like the cival war is already taking place, if the marines dont shoot you your fellow iraqis will, how nice.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:39 AM
but how can that be?
after the "democratic elections" iraqi people still fight each other?
isnt the peace and democracy now installed in iraq?
or is it?
its just signs of a coming iraqi civil war.

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