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Was this just a dream or a once in a lifetime coicidence?

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 06:59 AM
I never thought much of this dream I had many years ago when I was only in my pre-teens. I dismissed it as no more then freakish nightmare, untill I've been reading on all these alien stories. That's when I started to remember the dream again and I don't think I could ever forget it.

It started off quite awkward and unexplainable. It felt as if I had really woke up and I thought that I was truly awake. As a usual habbit, I checked the time and saw it clearly, and I could also see out my window and everything. I figured i wasn't sleeping naturally and got out of my bed. Now remember, I thought i was awake since that's how it felt, i can't explain further except that i had never been in any dream that felt like it (where I have 100% perception of my senses) and where i can still remember it verbatim to this day.

So after checking the time, I had to go to the bathroom and I got up and opened my door. Now this is where things start to get messed up. Reality started to distort (which is why I think it still might be a dream) with my sense of vision blurring and my ownself dumbing down like as in a dream. I was in my kitchen which was outside of my door, and I looked over and saw a figure sitting lifeless like on the floor besides our counter. The stove was moved so that the figure would be able to fit in the space. I looked at it and it looked human, dressed in some white colorred outfit. I thought it was dead by the way it looked and approached the figure.

This is where dream turned into a complete nightmare. The figure awoke and faced me almost instantly staring glowing red eyes directly into mine. I freaked and ran to my moms room and as soon I started to run, it got it and chased me holding a syringe. I remember feeling more dreamlike by this point since things started to get blurry (vision wise) and I started to feel sluggish and disorientated. When I reached my moms bed, which was only seconds after i started running, I was cornered basically. This is when basically I turned around, saw her, the needle and blackout.

It doesn't end there however, because when I woke it, it was complete deju vu from the first time I woke up. The time was excact (around 2 something, i can't remember anymore) and so was the room and surroundings. I was scared already having gone through that nightmare but I wasn't sure if it had really happened. So like my usual self, I went to investigate and left my room to the kitchen which now had the lights off. I sighed relief and finally could do my business. That's when I realized the stove was moved just like in my dream. I just thought to myself, what's behind me and sure enough, I encountered the same figure with the shot again. Blackout.

The third time I woke up, I was scared to death because now I wasn't sure if I was dreaming anymore. It was the same thing again, and yet I could tell that the previous two dreams had felt as real as when I awoke the 3rd time. I took no chances this time and slept out the night.

Afterwards, I wouldn't think much about it figuring that it was no more then a really bad dream. What still has me thinking was that never again in my life would I feel as real as it did in that dream since nothing was scripted and I was in full control as if I was really awake. I also had a hamster which was very well there as well as everything else where it was when I had went to sleep. The clock was also working correctly displaying the time and it was around 2am.

Besides never going through an expieriance like that again, I never once again dreamed of the nightmarish figure that gave me the shot again even though I fear it most (not many things i could have nightmares aboout). I also never had a dream where I woke up into another dream, and even so having the two consecutive dreams start out exactly the same. I was hoping to encounter that type of dream again but never did, and that's when I began to read around this site.

I don't know what to think, but I'm still leaning to it being more then a dream. Maybe not an abduction, but something did happen because this is the only dream i can remember exactly the way it happened and the only other dream I can remember, only sniplets while this one scarred my memory good.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:10 AM
Lol, not about your post I haven't read it yet, that avatar.........LOL!

I have been 'tracking' various Makavelli co-incidences, that picture sort of collates many of them together.

"I'm not alone!!!! thank God I'm not alone!!!"

in my assertions that is, and what I find to be the most valuable things to be aware of at these points in time.

"it's not like I went to a Klan rally in a Boy George outfit" - Senator Bill Hicks

I was thinking of a Whitehouse avatar, with a skull and bones flag up on top.....I'll need to dig out that big K animation again, a giant rotating Chiron key........

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:23 AM
I just read thru your post,

I know the feeling! My own opinion is that things like that happen because you know about some things, and there are bad things that hate it when people know the truth. You could have been tangled up in something to do with your soul being used someplace else at the same time you were in your usual life, because the oven thing and the syringe and the nasty-sounding thing that chased you, all sounds very much like the sorts of 'entities' and spatial distortions that are reported by people in connection with 'Montauk Project' stuff.

Related but possible - maybe your hamster was communicating what it is like for pets and other animals to go the vets? Animals and vets also sounds like what some people say about aliens being interested in them in medical ways.
As in, the same ignorance that leads people to put animals thru that hell, is the same ignorance that some aliens do to abductees etc - the reasons they are that way with people, are the same reasons that some people are that way with animals.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:53 AM
I was thinking that maybe it was all in my mind, but I have a great perception between reality and non and can tell even when intoxicated, or drugged up. It scares me today because I'm still not sure what happened and if it really happened.

As far as a soul, I'm skeptical only because I'm the type that'll hunt down the most logical explanation for everything including humans and life evolviing from the same cells which would make a soul non-existant unless of course, all life has a soul. The only evidence for me knowing of the existance of a soul was the first time I had ever robotripped in which I collapsed, blacked out, and kept waking up back and forth and seeing everything like a fish eye lense in real time. As some may know, robotripping can only create dillusional hallucinatinos, but rarely ever can anything materiallize like other drugs such as lsd. During one of the white moments in my blackout (when I was conscious), I saw myself. It was the first time I ever truelly looked at myself from another view and not a mirror or picuture. I as in from where I was seeing was about 2-3 feet away and couldn't move. All I could see was myself standing, completely still and everyone was calling my name trying to snap me out.

I remember then just popping in and out of my body like switching camera views in a shooter type video game but I was in no control of this. It dwindled as if I was staying in my body finally and the effects of the trip began to wear off. I would never hallucianate again during a robotrip again and neither would ever see myself the way I did that night. Kinda weird when you actually look at your own self through a different view.

btw, nice avatar yaself. The fantastic four!

[edit on 11-2-2005 by makavelli]

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 09:10 AM
What is ''robotripped''? I have never heard of that.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 09:34 AM
cough medicine... yea, it's pretty stupid. when I was younger, i loved to expieriment and one of em that I did more times then once was robotrippin which is simply overdosing on certain cough medicines. A chemical called dextromorphane hydrobromide is the active ingredient to create a disorientated type feeling. It can be found in most cough syrups or like the ones i took, pills such as Coricidin. I grew used to it after a few times, and nothing ever compares to the first.

I havn't touched the stuff for years now so I'm not sure if it's still out there or not, but more then likely it's there. Lot's of kids are doing it these days and it's sad that the price for the medicine drop 2-3 dollars after it's popularity grew.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 10:00 AM
Oh right, Robitussin. I was prepared for a reply about some mad robocop type of robot's rebellion something.

That makes sense - Ketamine, or Ketlar, is also dissassociative, so it produces easily attainable astral-projections.
If you take it at doses lower than the doses used for surgical procedures, it produces OBEs ( out of body experience ) in just about anyone that tries it.
Makes sense because if you do not have sensory inputs and can't feel anything, plus you are almost if not completely unconscious, then any part of you still awake is still going to be in or around your body, or floating off someplace else. But it would be floating off while still attached to the body.

At a guess, you are probably not so easily shifted out of your body, going by what you wrote. Most people don't seem to be very aware so they are easy to push out, it seems related to their identifying not with the reality that their body lives in, but with some other reality - so they tend not to notice anything weird that happens in this reality where their bodies are. Or maybe someone explains it to them in ways that make them pay no attention to what they see and notice.

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