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Steven Greer - ‘Unacknowledged’ ,Untangled and Unbelievable!

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posted on Oct, 19 2017 @ 05:41 AM
a reply to: Outlier13

The clue was in the original reply.

After a couple of minutes it will make sense.

Click the link above.

The answer is about two minutes into the video.

posted on Oct, 19 2017 @ 06:14 AM

originally posted by: Unity_99
The agenda behind the thrashing, and the agenda of the one being thrashed are miles apart. I will chose Greer's, because he's on the right side of this issue.

Thanks anyway.

Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has them.

Not everyone has the facts however and Greer certainly pushes his own 'facts' which an objective observer would call lies.

posted on Oct, 19 2017 @ 11:42 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Excellent research, compilation, and presentation, MirageMan. That took a lot of time and energy...

A couple of points:

Greer and his ilk, in their own media and psychosomatic evolution through modern society, have no choice but to adapt and modify their message as a mechanism for survival. Greer may be 20:80 or 80:20 BS - we don't know. I saw him speak a few times at various conferences and his transformation from an eloquent Dr. Spokesperson to an 'experiencer' to being the MC and main act of his own UFO-variety show has been disheartening to say the least.

I find it especially odd that after a long, long line of these spokespeople, not one of them has yet been able to produce a single hard, irrefutable piece of empirical, tangible evidence. Some of these folks are genuine, personable, and believable (e.g., Friedman, G. Cameron, L. Keane, T. Goode, etc.), while others are forever increasingly pushing the envelope on credibility with dubious claims and poorly-defined, but conspicuous ulterior motive$ (Greer, DeLonge, $ome of the Ancient Alien crew, etc.) .

SO, as a popular television commercial once asked, "Where's the beef?" All of the pundits, scientists, researchers, enthusiasts, charlatans, pilots, and ex-PTB acronym agency types - a virtual streaming parade of them for decades - spewing tons of books, movies, trinkets, and kumbaya-in-the-desert moth-fests. And to this date: NOTHING!

Meanwhile, we, the curious, the exasperated, the hungry - are fed endless spoonfuls of fuzzy, out-of-focus clips of "lights" in the sky, heavily redacted and questionably sourced "documents", a gushing myriad of 'personal encounter' stories from hordes of abductees and others, and so on. Decades worth. No wonder the giggle-factor in MSM prevails.

Now - I'm not saying that ALL of the grainy lights are something OTHER than ET-driven FO's, and I'm not suggesting that EVERY document that comes forward is bogus, fabricated, or doctored, and I certainly would not accuse EACH and EVERY experiencer, abductee, and 'eye-witness' of being either fraudulent -or even disingenuous. But really: is that it? This is all we have? Roswell happened some 70 years ago+ - and we can't even find out what happened there! Somebody knows - so out with it! Send a and out-of-this-world piece of strange metal or alien tissue sample to an independent Lab and then be honest about the results, and be especially honest about sharing those results with ALL of us.

Fuzzy lights, rubber-looking aliens in 'pictures', and 3-letter grainy documents. Entertaining perhaps, but still: really NOTHING! It's all been decades of fluff and hot air. And lots of it.

Endless formal and informal surveys here and elsewhere (even among the general populace) confirm that a majority of us "Believe" or at least, to quote Spooky Mulder, "Textto Believe".

So where is it? The real deal, that is. The indisputable validation humanity seeks. Will it, if it exists, be perpetually in the hands of only a select few? What and WHO (cabal?) gives them the right to withhold from the rest of us on the planet this most amazing, profound "TRUTH"?

Sure - the revelation, if there is one, would shatter our collective misconceptions, shake established institutions like religion, government, and education to the core. Perhaps that is as it SHOULD BE!

And besides, along with our collective lives, our individual lives on Earth would also be so changed and so influenced forever by the knowledge of this simple fact that ALL of us deserve, as the most basic of human rights, to adjust our lives and our thinking as we deem best for ourselves. How else are we to evolve?

The bottom line is this: The answer can ONLY be one of following two possibilities.
1. We are alone in the universe. or,
2. We are NOT alone in the universe.

What we must realize that it does NOT matter which answer is correct, because EITHER answer means profound changes to humankind. If we ARE alone, then we better get busy, and in a hurry, to get at least some of us off this planet while we still have a chance to perpetuate the species before some natural or anthropogenic disaster wipes us out. What's the point of "US" if, by some unfortunate circumstance, we snuff the only sentient beings there are?

If we are NOT alone, it also means profound changes to humanity. Is Hawking right? Should we celestially shut up until we can figure things out a bit for ourselves and 'hope' (never a good strategy by itself) that we can find a way to defend ourselves from annihilation by a potential malevolent species? Or should we 'assume' (never a good strategy by itself) that advanced species are benevolent, altruistic - and are here to "help us". Is reality a combination - some good guys, some bad guys, some indifferent observers (perhaps many)?

In any case - it's OUR planet and OUR future too! When are we going to be let in on the truth so we can ALL partake in the transition of humanity? Inquiring minds will soon no longer accept the National Enquirer-types as the messenger.

Yes, the revelation would be Earth-shattering. So let's get on with it already! What's the hold-up?

Where's the BEEF?!

Superb job, MirageMan - keep up the good work! There's always room to learn something more - and you delivered -Thank you!
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posted on Oct, 19 2017 @ 12:34 PM

originally posted by: mirageman
a reply to: Willtell

What I’m getting at is If one wants to disseminate something important one might mix some BS with it in order to stay alive.

They wont allow any real messiahs in anything to live long!

That's actually very perceptive. The magicians hold all the cards.

JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, The reporter in Malta just yesterday and many many more, and their not even near a Messiah level.

The UFO alien phenomenon may be controlled by the so called aliens that’s why we don’t have any smoking gun. All we have is a lot of fire and smoke, the only guns we have are the ones we use on each other

posted on Oct, 19 2017 @ 03:33 PM
a reply to: Outrageo

I will speculate on what you've posted.

A lot of information has been leaking out for years. Much of it false. But I think that what we have from official sources, whistle-blowers and even the likes of Greer is 'confirmation' that yes there really is a phenomenon at work.

First of all I think there is no single answer to the UFO phenomenon. As we know most of it is due to swamp gas, the planet Venus and weather balloons sighted by ignorant people like ourselves (joke!). Seriously much of this is due to misperception of man-made objects. military tests, celestial events and things like lens flare or false radar returns. Others are due to hoaxes and deception.

The small percentage of genuine unknowns are a different matter.

We are probably dealing with as yet unknown metrological/geological phenomena such as the Hessdalen Lights. (time to trot out this short video to explain that one).

Perhaps some of it is actually a form of life we haven't as yet detected in the upper atmosphere as life but not as we know it? (wild speculation).

What if it's something truly supernatural and beyond our senses and technology to properly and scientifically study. That could explain why there can be no real disclosure. No one really knows what we are dealing with.

Maybe the truth is so frightening that we can't be told the truth.

Could it be something that bends our minds and so people see different things or nothing at all?

There may well be other explanations as well....

But if we are looking at proof of ET intervention then I suspect much of it is bluff to hide what the actual 'beef' is. The real truth could be something we have encountered just once or twice and are still very much puzzled by? Maybe we found something here on Earth or drifting in space and have received signals as well. We know it's not from Earth but we haven't worked it all out. A lot of the UFO lore is fabrication to cover up any real snippets of truth that get out. Hence the likes of Greer and a handful of others pumping out false stories. People like me point out everything wrong about it. But there is a smidgen of truth hidden there.

This will continue until eventually one day NASA will announce we've discovered an exo-planet where there is/was life, received an alien signal or found an alien probe. But not until we have real answers to the origins. And when that day comes hardly anyone will realize that it was disclosure.

==========END OF SPECULATION===============

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posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 12:09 AM

originally posted by: muzzleflash

I have a really nuanced view on this whole subject though:
E.T. is almost certainly real and visiting Earth, but all of the people who discuss E.T. in any depth are generally talking out of their # because they far too often claim specifics that they'd have no way of knowing either way.

You do realize you are admitting your entire abduction story was not real by making this statement don't you?

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 02:44 AM

originally posted by: beetee
Very will put together and researched as usal.
Well done, sir!

As to the subject matter, I had such high hopes for Greer, once upon a time. I can't really understand how we ended up here.

Anyway, as many stars and flags as possible.



I hope Tom DeLonge doesn't turn in to another Greer.

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 08:32 AM

pixeler: "I hope Tom DeLonge doesn't turn in to another Greer. "

That metamorphosis may already be under way...

I'd still prefer he was 'The Real Deal", and follows through. Sekret Machines has some intriguing tidbits, and somebody went through a lot of heavy thinking and introspection to say the right thing at the right time in the right way (Hartley).

The uncomfortable irritant in all this, and the similarities between Greer and others (among as many differentiate variables) is that a pattern is developing:
1. make money doing something else so you don't have to worry about eating/expenses
2. cultivate a personal interest/hobby in the UFO/ET enigma - get absorbed in the topic
3. use your money/influence/contacts to pry a little more info out of the 'inside'
4. develop a plan to "reveal" your 'special knowledge' to the world
5. realize that there is big money to be made in making the 'Truth Be Known" (as you've interpreted it).
6. formulate a plan to reveal your truth (and then some)
7. execute a continuous series of teaser revelations and lots of promises for "Big News".
8. announce that this "Big News" must be revealed in a very special way - and that costs money -lots of it.
9. formally and humbly ask an eager, hungry, enthusiastic public to help finance the revelation
10. continue promising the "Big News" to come in the future, perpetuating the cycle

I'd love to give TDL the benefit-of-the-doubt. He sounds sincere in his own beliefs, and at least he is increasing awareness of the topic. We should consider him a contributor for that at least.

But WHEN are we going to actually hear the "Big News"? When he reaches a certain threshold of $? And the money we're sending him will be used for what? To make a Star Trek movie? And maybe a real Starship? Do we get to see anything else - like some irrefutable proof? Isn't that what Greer promised as well?

How is it that all these know-it-all pundits, researchers, authors, movie-makers, rock-stars, etc., are forever telling us they have the "truth" - but somehow the rest of us never get to see it for ourselves? They have "inside contacts", exclusive information, top secret confessions, etc. - but it remains just an endless stream of more out-of-focus 'objects', always completely unidentifiable, lots of questionable documents from undercover gubbmint agencies, and 3rd-hand hearsay testimony, none of which can be corroborated.

How and when do we actually get the proof we are promised?

Send more money, I guess.

If TDL considers this kind of skepticism "bullying", perhaps he might consider coming on board with just a little bit of tangible evidence. I'd settle for a CLEAR, IN-FOCUS photograph. Not a little fuzzy dot off in the horizon - a CLOSE-UP of a ship, an EBE, ANYTHING that can be discerned.

After 70 years (since Roswell), and especially now that nearly every man woman and child is carrying a powerful camera in their pocket - we STILL can't get a single close-in shot of anything?

Tom, a favor please: Show us something, anything (and no, not that single grainy, white "Stay-Puff Marshmallow Ship" thing at your ToTheStars debut). Something in focus, within a few meters of the picture-taker, and something we've never seen before. Even THAT will not be proof - but it would be way better than what we've gotten from any of the showmen that are on the UFO circuit today. Trust me, the money would be pouring in if folks actually believe you have the goods...

As of this moment the "Academy" is up to ~$475,000. That will buy a nice Lamborghini - but not a Star Ship. You might make a decent little documentary or even a short story movie - but not a blockbuster. And neither one of those is "Disclosure". How about giving us the Disclosure part FIRST - then we'll see about a movie and some space ship money, hmmm?

Thanks, Tom - for igniting the conversation further, however.

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posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 12:42 PM
Anyway, Greer did move the conversation forward with the Disclosure interviews of so many great sightings and references. DeLonge is working to do something and that takes money, same as for Greer. I can't say too much about Greer and DeLonge because they are trying. I haven't accomplished anything like they did so who am I to judge?

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 04:56 PM

originally posted by: OutrageoThe uncomfortable irritant in all this, and the similarities between Greer and others (among as many differentiate variables) is that a pattern is developing:
1. make money doing something else so you don't have to worry about eating/expenses
2. cultivate a personal interest/hobby in the UFO/ET enigma - get absorbed in the topic
3. use your money/influence/contacts to pry a little more info out of the 'inside'
4. develop a plan to "reveal" your 'special knowledge' to the world
5. realize that there is big money to be made in making the 'Truth Be Known" (as you've interpreted it).
6. formulate a plan to reveal your truth (and then some)
7. execute a continuous series of teaser revelations and lots of promises for "Big News".
8. announce that this "Big News" must be revealed in a very special way - and that costs money -lots of it.
9. formally and humbly ask an eager, hungry, enthusiastic public to help finance the revelation
10. continue promising the "Big News" to come in the future, perpetuating the cycle

It was Lloyd Pye that developed that business model, I believe.


posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 07:30 PM

originally posted by: mirageman
Now talking of the moon....

A UFO intercepting a nuclear missile under test from Vandenburg AF base in 1964 is discussed by Lt Robert Jacobs. The missile was not armed and was merely a dummy. Jacobs was assigned to the test as telescope site commander and claims that when viewing the film later it showed a UFO firing beams of light at the missile under test.

Bob Jacobs tells the same story for CNN

However his tale has been refuted by the project initiator and engineer Kingston A. George on numerous occasions. showed that the decoys did not deploy properly after the main propulsion phase ended and were surrounded by pieces of Styrofoam packing from their launch tubes. Thus, the “real” warhead, released before the decoys and without the packing, stuck out like a sore thumb.

The Strategic Air Command (SAC) headquarter analysts subsequently recognized this as a shortcoming of a major weapons system and classified the film as top secret. Film footage seen up to the time of this new classification was the origin of Jacobs’s fantasy, as his security level was not high enough to handle the film or talk about it after re-classification. Nor was mine, at that time, but my clearance level was increased very soon thereafter.

Full story & Source :

You can, of course, choose who to believe. But if aliens were really after nuclear weapons why bother taking this particular ‘dummy’ one out when over 2,000 nuclear weapons have been tested to date?

Moving on - Bob Salas retells the Malmstrom story of a UFO shutting down missiles.

Salas is another witness who didn’t actually see anything for himself during an alleged UFO incident. He was in a control bunker below ground. He claims UFOs were reported by guards at Malmstrom Air Force in 1967 before the nuclear missiles started shutting down one by one.

The story is disputed to this day but official conclusions were that mechanical failure rather than UFOs caused the missile faults. See:

Salas still has his supporters but the documented evidence does not back him up.

Source : P11 - Sunlite 3-2

And’s good to see Richard Doty return and tell us that aliens were watching the nuclear detonations of WWII and arrived here to figure out what was going on. It is never explained how they detected these explosions, nor where the aliens came from.

Wow, so that Jacobs story has been debunked. Hmmm, god damn it. Is the Salas story fully debunked too?

This is dissapointing but really good to know the truth.

Anyway, Steven Greer is full of B.S.
I'm starting to think every ufo story is just some form of BS.

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 07:35 PM

originally posted by: hounddoghowlie
a reply to: Jay-morris
oh that's right, i remember your okay with someone trying to promote transparency, openness, disclosure, and get the government to investigate, with flat out lies. please the end doesn't justify the means, it's not ok to fleece people out of their hard earned money. no matter what you want the government to do.

So what if he makes money, so would I, and so would you!

if you would lie about something to make money off of it, your not a very decent person no matter what you say.

three of the things he made money with,

light being 800 a head to look at negatives of a moth.

camping trip in Joshua Tree National Park to take picture of cactus and call them light beings of love.

this is from their site, i like how they all through it use all kinds of jargon to sound scientific throughout the story. there's no way they can know what their saying is true. at best it's just theory, and theory is not fact, until proven and then is often wrong.

Any civilization capable of interstellar travel will have, by definition and requirement, transcended the light barrier and mastered the sciences that allow for dematerialization, re-materialization, teleportation, levitation and, most importantly, the interface between consciousness, thought and technology. Such sciences, while studied extensively within compartmented classified projects by humans, seem mysterious to most people. But they are rather common by extraterrestrial standards.
Encounter at Joshua Tree – Analysis and Photographs

never did find out much people paid to see a invisible space ship, but knowing how greer's work it was a pretty penny.
don't be pointing lasers now. it's dangerous, you might expose his hoaxes.

it's attitudes such as yours, that allow flim flam men such as greer to operate and drag the subject into cesspool of fake encounters, lies, and con men and subjects the matter to ridicule and mockery.

naw, he's just a flim flam man. always has been always will be. he's found him a niche full of gullible people and milking them for every dime he can. but you just keep on supporting a lair,just because you want to believe and want the government to investigate.

Read what I said! I do not care about his beliefs, I do not care if you are gullible enough to pay the man! I have already said he has done good things and bad.

I care about the people he has brought together over the years. I care about about bringing the ufo subject to congress and opening peoples eyes to ufos.

It is quite obvious that governments are lying about ufos, and they have been for years. Documents tell you that, military cases tell you that. I am not saying they know what some of these ufos are, but I believe they are more interested than they make out.

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 08:31 PM
Miragman should indeed be commended but don’t take his research as truth.
DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and conclude.

That’s what’s wrong with people, they hear or read someone else’s research and lazily take it as reality without in-deph researching

So a couple of people refuted someone. So what.

If one looked deeper one might see other possiibllities
Use your own research and own brain, and of course use mm's research as one of the sources since we know him as a upright guy.

But be your own researcher and keep an open mind

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 11:39 PM
a reply to: joelr

Jacobs has not been factually debunked.

posted on Oct, 21 2017 @ 01:05 PM
a reply to: Willtell

well said my friend!

posted on Oct, 21 2017 @ 01:46 PM
Whether you believe some, none or all re:'s VERY difficult to discount the large amount of testimony from the disclosure project. There's a lot of credible people involved with verifiable facts. Even if only 1/3 are telling the truth...thats waaay more than enuff for me. Just WAY too many witnesses for it all to be BS. I prolly consider 2/3 of what Greer himself says to be believable...with a healthy amt of skepticism on-call.

posted on Oct, 21 2017 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: Willtell

.....DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and conclude. That’s what’s wrong with people, they hear or read someone else’s research and lazily take it as reality without in-deph researching..

If one looked deeper one might see other possibilities...

I totally agree.

For example I (hopefully) have shown that Greer's 'evidence' to push Roswell as the reason for the creation of the CIA was poor because this was planned months before Roswell occurred. But what if someone finds a UFO event that happened before 1947? That could then have been the real reason and Roswell has been used as a smokescreen to bury the real truth coming out?

Everything would have to be re-evaluated against the new information.

That's all conjecture of course. But I trust it illustrates my point.

posted on Oct, 21 2017 @ 07:30 PM
a reply to: KenTodd

Even if only 1/3 are telling the truth...thats waaay more than enuff for me.

Even if just 0.0000001 were telling the truth, that would be enough as well. So, let's see it. SHOW US. A truth can not be truly yours until and if you satisfy yourself that empirical evidence or experience you are confronted with is genuine, unmistakable, perhaps corroborated by others - the more the better. Have not seen that yet - have you?

Look - the argument is not about the probability that such 'truth' exists or not (although we have plenty of threads on that topic as well).

Rather, it is that even the tiny percent of truth that may exist, or that the tiny percent of those speaking to us are actually telling the 'truth', are perpetually holding on to the hard evidence for themselves. We, the rest of humanity -never get to affirm it for ourselves.

Here is the affirmation required. It's quite elementary, really:

1. Are there known, acknowledged EBE's on (or near) this planet or not? Has there been communication established, and if so, what is the status and nature of that exchange?

2. Does any government on this planet have in their possession extraterrestrial technology? What is the nature of that technology and how is it currently being applied?

Of course, many will instantly say they are convinced beyond any doubt that neither 1 nor 2 can be denied any longer. Really? Is that affirmation for you? Proof enough? I submit it is not enough.

If #1. is true, then ALL of us are going to be immensely affected by whatever is "decided for and about us" -by other humans (and them?). It's you and your family and your fellow humans that are being played, and will continue to be played, perhaps terminally. Like being somebody else's pawn - in a game you have no control in - or even knowledge of? We may be kept in the dark until it's too late. Sound fair? For something this important? Think about it: Wouldn't you like to have some say in how all of us, our children/grandchildren are going to be part of the coming transformation - oh yeah -IF it were true...

If #2. is true, then sure, the big boys would like to keep all the cool toys for themselves. But you and I are in the same sandbox. Don't we deserve the same technological advances to better all of our lives, clean the planet, get healthier and happier and mature and evolve as a species? Is it fair, that IF such technology exists, yes, the Brass wants it all and wants it all for themselves, and wants to keep it out of the hands of our current-enemy-of-the-month. Is that why we always have an 'enemy' within and among our fellow humans - so we can be kept in the dark; always a boogie-man in the closet to fear? Sad, isn't it? So - wouldn't you like a little self-healing metal on your car (or organ in your body), maybe learn a bit of telekinesis, power your house and our cities with free energy instead of fossil fuels, etc., etc.? Sorry, that would only be possible IF #2 were true -and you can convince those that have this knowledge, or the potential to get, to share it with the rest of humanity. Of course, you first have to prove that ANY part of #2 is true. Is it?

Perhaps they are in too deep. Both sides. The experiment is running itself now...

Hang on...

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posted on Oct, 21 2017 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: mirageman

MM you’re a great researcher and we all have a lot of respect for you.

One has to read books by people like the authors of he Stargate Conspiracy where they dig up stuff that no body knew about and revealed awesome information that debunked a lot of new age sacred cows.

Even on the Masons and Rennes Le Château mystery they are the foremost researchers, imo.

I think you have future like that if you pursue it.

Greer isn’t in the Wilcock bag but he has become a believer, that’s all right.
So he should be ready for objective analysis and criticism.

posted on Oct, 21 2017 @ 08:34 PM

originally posted by: thepixelpusher
a reply to: joelr

Jacobs has not been factually debunked.

Kinda sounds like it has.

Seriously I'd love to believe some of these cool ufo stories but when an article like this comes out written by someone in that position it really does cast doubt.

It also shows (if actually shown to be a false ufo story) how fu@@ingly blatant people are willing to abuse their credentials and just lie to other people.
Especially to further their agenda like book sales or in this case a journalism career.

If this guy is lying that's it, I'm done with ever believing anyones BS story ever again.

Look at these cold readers supposedly contacting dead relatives and taking advantage of grieving relatives. People are just insane liers. They will look and seem 100% authentic yet be spilling complete fraud out of their wordhole.

FU you lying sacs of $hit.
I'd love to hear why this story is still credible because I'm not seeing it?
edit on 21-10-2017 by joelr because: rant

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