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Thomas Sankara, advocate for women's rights and an Anti-NWO fighter

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posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 02:15 PM
I mentioned Thomas Sankara in a few posts but I would like to fully introduce this man.

Thomas Sankara was the former leader of the African nation Burkina Faso which happened to be a former French Colony.

While yes this man was a Communist, unlike Stalin and the Kim Dynasty, he actually cared for his people:

He did the following:

Stopped food aid from coming in and instead relied on food growth locally.

Encourage people to buy things made domestically boosting the local economy.

Ending female genital mutilation and forced marriages which is common in many African nations even today.

Treated women with respect and empowered them by employing them in government positions and even the military. He even emphasized how women are a very important part of society. Remember many African nations see women as 2nd class citizens.

He reduced the salaries of many government officials including himself and used the money to pay for more schools and other public infrastructure.

He did many good things while owning very few material possessions.

However, he ran afoul of the TPTB after he rejected the IMF. In fact, he rejected foreign aid because he see it as a way for the TPTB to gain control of the nation.

For that he was assassinated by the French secret service and possibly the CIA.

Here's a video of himself calling out the TPTB:

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posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 04:50 PM

Too bad, sounds likethis guy actually stood for human rights. The MSM and social media warmongers pretend thats the reason we invade Muslim countries, cry about that all day. But show a true individual carrying the fight for rights and...



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