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Las Vegas tragedy is one tragic event, foreshadowing further escalated events moving forward.

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posted on Oct, 14 2017 @ 09:09 PM

Dear Readers,

I have written about a "so called" Purple Revolution previously at ATS. It is ongoing, and perhaps has stepped up their evil game with association with/to the tragedy, and in some cases; mentally ill celebrations of those who were killed.

And due to the massive boondoggle of the timelines, reports of more than 1 shooter, lack of shell casings, badgering witnesses to change their story, and now even a death of a witness; disappearing security guard hero?; wiping of witnesses personal phones, etc of any data of the shooting event point to a political agenda behind the tragedy. The list grows daily, and the possible connecting dots ring of treason by some.

Since Trump's election there has been a historically unprecedented "witch hunt" to thwart the president at his almost every move; to invent, or inflate something into a scandal of enough weight to break his presidency. The forever Russian thing, which shows NIL for evidence so far. The "revolutionary forces" may even crash the economy to achieve their goals. I dare say several of the previous Presidents could not have survived such a microscopic inspection of their "everything", without being found guilty in things far more factual, and serious than the made up stories, embellished stories of the current President.

Their evil little "end game" was coming to the final minutes of the last quarter of the game. It was time for another "Hail Mary" pass for the winning touchdown. There have been a few. The last few were 9-11, 7-7, Boston Marathon... but began further back than Oklahoma City bombing...all of these events, had several to hundreds of unexplainables, and obvious cover-up agenda's going on. As I see it, it was when they killed JFK that things went downhill fast, and now are snowballing, threatening to avalanche a world of suffering on many.

The deep state, of which many of these revolutionary types dwell within; is trying very hard to start a war with several nations at the moment. First off North Korea, of which China may easily weigh in, in support of NK, if they look like losing a military conflict. And of course Russia...both long running, way prior to Trump taking office.

Things with China continue to sour by the day it seems, per the news we read.

Again, to bring up another topic I have written about several times.. and that is Albert Pike, and the infamous/disputed letter to Manzinni...about the 3 world wars needed in the future.

Below is a video about this letter, and the man A. Pike. It is from 2010, so a bit dated but he reads the letter in question. He then goes on a religious spiel that some may, or may not agree with. The point I wanted to be seen/heard is his reading of the 3 World Wars letter..

Now, many have/may, or will, dispute this letter's authenticity. To those naysayers, I still maintain that the infamous letter; whether 150 years or so old, or just a few decades old is still an astonishing template, and "prophetic" as it "spells out" our current world situation. AND, the direction it seems blindly headed into. And it is far more deeper, and complicit than a single man serving as President of the USA.

I also maintain, that this is beyond amazing consequence, but a plan; laid out in open, and also fulfils "their" sick thing about informing the victims of their future intentions.

The above video is 7 years old...or more. And still, I find todays situation trotting along mimicking the "theme plot" of the 3rd part of the infamous letter.

I had a horrifying recurring dream as a young man, as to the a war of sorts in the USA. I don't know if it was just an illustrative dream, or an actual vision of future events. But, it came to me over several times, and had to be repeated.

And now, I fear, it begins in earnest. Perhaps with the Las Vegas "event", being the blood sacrifice to launch the next level in the evil "revolution" of sorts. Times will continue to get worse I fear from here on out. The stock market, mimics the roaring twenties; and is so over valued... I fear a very dark Dow Jones reckoning coming, if "they" do not get their way.

George Soro's is deeply involved in the current undermining of the nation, it's reputation, and the anti-establishment Social Justice Warriors of many flavours, and group titles. "They" are behind the re-kindling of ethnic divisions, and risk an all out "race war". Things were getting better and better.... until things were spun in a certain direction, and "other staged events", or overly promoted crimes by MSM enraged more and more people along ethnic lines, social class lines, etc. Divide and Conquer, always worked, and apparently always will. "We" certainly show NO SIGNS of learning from past terrible "mistakes".

November 4th is slated to be the kick off date for the antifa and all associated etc's to begin their big nationwide protests and riots. Sorta like TET was to Viet Nam.... an escalation of great magnitude basically.

People may claim it is nothing but a crazy conspiracy theory... but to those crying crazy... you fail to acknowledge, or let be known, that it is historical fact that CRAZY conspiracies mark the big changes in society, nations, and empires, not to mention political upheavals, genocidal acts, purges, and ethnic/national enslavements.

I am deeply saddened to see what is going on, and also see how blind the people are to their very probable impending doom, unless "things" get fixed proper damn soon. And what bothers me more, is things might have progressed beyond fixable, and we "must" endure the coming "pain", unknowing how punishing it may be, or it's possibly genocidal magnitude.

If even spared a worst case scenario, the future will be pretty much unprecedented in it's impact and changes brought about. This is made manifest by the great population increase since the last great culling until today; and infrastructure demands to maintain our world in modern times.

It is beyond black and white. It is way beyond Republican or Democrat. And it most certainly is far beyond laying the blame for the situation on a sitting president; as it is the long baking cake coming out of the oven, LONG ago mixed, prepared, and put in the oven, to be "done" right about now. I can smell the aroma of it's almost being done. The aroma of brimstone, napalm, and rotting flesh.. nothing appetising I am afraid.

It can be easily traceable to at least Woodrow Wilson time, for the mixing of the aforementioned "cake".

He did write in his memoirs about how he feared the USA's financial come-uppance would arrive in about 100 years. This was his lamenting the "Mistake" of the Federal Reserve Act...we are there, 20+ Trillion national debt.

So, this cake has been cooking for some time; some Presidents being complicit, and supportive of this national demises fruition, some unwillingly, some killed to remove them from obstructing "their goal". But the Pike 3rd letter's premise and theme, progresses smoothly.

The USA stands in the crossroads of a precarious future, a product of many years of "mismanagement" by leaders of all persuasions.

The people stand in a crossroads of their own as well. Will the people wake up to the Divide and Conquer "thing" and quit serving the purposes of those who wish to enslave them?
It could go either way, nice, or ugly.

It for sure will not be pleasant.


posted on Oct, 14 2017 @ 09:25 PM
Nicely written post. I will read again at leisure see what conclusions I draw

posted on Oct, 14 2017 @ 10:39 PM
a reply to: pravdaseeker

Very well written OP. I personally think that not only will the people wake up, it's already started. I also think the so-called "elite" cabal is acutely aware of this, and that despite their relentless attempts at stopping it from happening, they cannot. I think that what we're seeing now is a direct reflection of that. They're like every evil villain we've ever read or heard of...they cannot win, they've realized it too late, and now they're just going to smash and destroy everything they can on their way out.

You know those horror stories about people getting evicted from a rental house who, in a fit of impotent rage, decide to completely trash the place before they leave? If they can't stay, they'll try their damnedest to make sure no one else can stay there either? It's a lot like that.

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 08:23 AM
a reply to: tigertatzen

They are certainly like the spoiled brat who takes his ball and leaves because he isn't being allowed to win or change the rules mid game. Problem is, someone usually leaves with them, who we really thought would be on our side. (Dig the choice of sunglasses in the pic by the way.)

posted on Oct, 16 2017 @ 12:08 AM
Dear ATS Readers,

Thank you tigertatzen for your reply. What you said is "exactly" as I have told my wife... "they" will tip over the chessboard just because they aren't winning the game.

And funny what you said on the rental home thing. I was a landlord for a short time; and that is exactly what happened to me too. The bloody people trashed the place as they were moving out! I sold the house shortly after that mess. I barely broke even after fixing their damage..

As sad as it is about the deep staters smashing things as they leave... I am hoping you are correct. I shudder to think what it will be like if they remain in power for very much longer...


a reply to: tigertatzen

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