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Bumpy Road to Firefox 1.0

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posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 03:52 AM

And how many computer users patch their Firefox!!!!!!!!

List of bugs i'm watching or submitted by people

Submit your favorite bugs/patches to me before the 1.0 Release

If a patches (or patches) suddenly disappears from the list, it means the patches either are checked in or they don't work.

Patched in: ?? (will be in 1.0 release)

-------From After Mozilla 1.8a4-------(Done)

Bug 261922 Upgrade to libpng-1.2.7(P+)

Bug 267475 Clicking links to JPEG file with Chinese name download the file instead of displaying it in browser(P++)

Bug 268200 speed up nsStandardURL creation(P+)


Bug 243324 Download manager fails to close with files that download very quickly (small files / cached files)(P+?)

-------From Mozilla 1.8a4-------(Done)

Bug 255546 Freeze of firefox after loading a website(P+)

-------From Mozilla 1.8a3-------

Bug 253001 slow to load (20 seconds, CPU 90%), slow to scroll (10 seconds, CPU 90%)(P++)

-------From Mozilla 1.8a2-------(Done)

Bug 244651 nsTextFrame::Reflow does too much work(P+)

Bug 244475 string optimization in HTMLContentSink::AddAttributes(P+)

Bug 178897 Quick decoder updates in lib/pkcs7 lib/pkcs12 lib/smime lib/util(P+)

Bug 178895 Quick decoder updates in lib/cryptohi, lib/pk11wrap, lib/softoken(P+)

-------From Mozilla 1.8a1-------(Done)

Bug 243498 nsStandardURL::BuildNormalizedSpec spends too much time in nsIDNService::IsACE(P+)

Bug 169559 Accessing global and local variables performance diff(P+)


Bug 216101 Cursor fragments in 'textarea'/'editor' after hitting DEL/BS/ENTER(P+?)


Bug 257178 Notification toolbar appears in Print Preview(P++)

Bug 264607 Form control with name="action" confuses "Add a keyword to this search"(P+?)

Bug 247467 Open Location Dialog does not recognize bookmark keywords nor quicksearch(P+?)

Bug 45375 Long tooltips should wrap instead of being cropped (multiline tooltips)(P++)

Bug 248644 Upgrade to zlib 1.2.2(P+)

Bug 226733 Upgrade to zlib 1.2.1(P+)

Bug 217527 [inc]left column on slashdot is sometimes too narrow or too wide for its contents(P++)

Bug 248635 (Remove) Awkward text in Tools->Options->Privacy header(P++)

Bug 213219 File format filter should be shown to user ("All Files (*.*)")(P++)

Bug 251035 Text labels for "All files downloaded to:" and folder name are misaligned(P++)

Bug 158103 Copying and pasting HTML includes "!-- Start Fragment --"(P+)(157994)

Bug 157994 Code in in nsDataObj.cpp prone to buffer overflow , and generally awful(P+)

Bug 263599 Status bar reappears after Print Preview even if it was hidden before(P++)

Bug 262366 Always show host name in status bar (anti-spoofing)(P++)

Bug 62384 Text Zoom and Minimum font size doesn't change dropdown height (without reload)(P++)

Bug 57717 view-source on blank page shows auto-generated tags(P+)

Bug 24861 Quotes nesting doesn't work [GC](P+)

Bug 124561 anonymous ftp login failure should prompt for username/password(P++)

Bug 171106 [cust] more toolbar customization ideas(P++)

Bug 260054 add context sensitive Help(P++)

Bug 261973 use nsRefPtrHashtable, and store nsDownload in it(P+)

Bug 172254 [Cust] allow users to drop items anywhere on the customize sheet(P++)

Bug 204519 Add Print option to main context menu(P++)

Bug 262575 Visit Homepage in Extension and Theme manager should repect Tabbed Browsing preferences(P++)

Bug 245918 Use speed-enhanced cygwin-wrapper script for all cygwin-wrappers(P++)

Bug 175635 Empty default toolbars do not disappear automatically(P++)

Bug 238137 User Agent string in the About Firefox dialog is cut off at the bottom(P++)

Bug 253008 Set network.proxy.share_proxy_settings if IE has a single proxy set up.(P++)

Bug 174489 click on very top of drop down box submits partially typed url's(P++)

Bug 252405 proxy settings import doesn't strip http:// if present in IE(P++)

Bug 98564 caret overlaps the last character in textfield (if positioned after the last char)(P++)

Bug 76525 Tree in File Bookmark dialog should not show twisties for empty folders(P++)

Bug 178079 [cust] Window can be moved when toolbar customization dialog active; dialog doesn't move(P++)

Bug 215489 User-created toolbars don't remember on/off settings(P++)

Partial & Pending

Bug 174764 Add "Set as Bookmark Toolbar folder" to the bookmarks folder context menu(P++)(I10N Impact)

Bug 16206 Initial value for 'quotes' property could be nicer [GC](P+)

Bug 169837 scroll bookmarks but not other menu items in bookmarks menu(P++)(REGRESSION)

Bug 253076 [FIX] clicking somewhere in the page does not remove selection(P+-)

Bug 69114 Opening Internet Shortcuts (.url files) doesn't work (using File | Open or file protocol)(P+?)(BUSTAGE)

Bug 251986 Keyboard scrolling does not work for elements such as div using overflow - auto or scroll(P+?)

Bug 203959 web search for "(selected text)" should use searchplugin box(P+-)

Bug 178078 [cust] Toolbar customization dialog doesn't always fit on screen(P++)

Bug 256856 Focusing field using access key displays autocomplete popup(P+-)

Bug 246186 visual bug: opening a second tab makes tab panel 1 pixel higher(P++)

Bug 237568 Add CSS3 pseudo-class selector

Bug 76197 Scrollbars should look disabled when there's nowhere to scroll(P+?)

Lizard + Penguin = Life Copyright © 1998-2004 Jayfromtaiwan

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 06:48 AM
why the heck are you such a microsoft fan boy? are you bill gates?

as I'm sure has been said many times, engaging in a 'my browser is better than your browser' debate is possible the lowest rung on the geek ladder.

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