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Trudeau talks women's rights and NAFTA in speech to Mexican Senate

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posted on Oct, 13 2017 @ 03:09 PM
Yes that's right Justin, Mexican women's rights are the number one thing on the Canadian agenda...oh, and making sure that you don't upset anything that will continue the exodus of jobs out of Canada.

To the Mexican Senate he intoned:

“Our challenge lies in ensuring that everyone benefits from economic growth. And we do that by pursuing an ambitious, progressive vision of what the future can — and should — look like.”

Yes, let us all concentrate on taxing carbon at both the provincial and federal levels until such time as no industry can be globally competitive...because that will drive down industrial output (and jobs) to the point that we reduce CO2 output (while China and India continue to increase their carbon output unabated).

Let's make sure that Canada signs off on "Free Trade" deals with countries with starvation wages, low or no benefits, no environmental or workplace safety standards, and Government subsidized industries so that the peoples of countries around the world are raised up, while Canadians are ground into the economic dirt.

“Isolationism is taking hold in too many corners of the world, but our people must not succumb to fear. We, as leaders, must not succumb to fear,” Trudeau said.

No, common sense is kicking in, within the populations of developed Countries around the world who have been led down the garden path of globalism, identity politics, open borders and success guilt, by their left-wing leaders. What are you saying, Mr. Prime Minister, when you are talking about not succumbing to fear? Are you saying, "Don't be afraid of what will happen to you and your family as you lose your jobs, your homes, your savings and your families. Be brave as we feed you into the progressive meat grinder so that others in faraway lands can gain as you lose."

Trudeau met with Donald Trump earlier in the week, and the Donald offered that, while he may have to rip up NAFTA...he wants to do a bilateral deal with Canada (most likely because of the parity of wages, standards, taxation etc. between the two countries makes it feasible to have a true free trade deal).

Instead of jumping at the prospect of gaining a solid deal with the US...Trudeau seems to be embracing the idea of getting hammered by the "America First" job losses that would result from Canadian jobs getting pulled back to the US with no deal in place - while continuing to embrace a free trade relationship with Mexico, where a steady flow of manufacturing jobs goes from $20-$30/hour Canada, to $2-$3/hour Mexico.

Canadians had better hope that Trudeau gets voted out in the next election - and that election comes before he manages to completely destroy the Canadian Economy with his "sunny ways" utopian thinking.

Guess what Justin...Donald is not your friend, before he is President of the USA. Neither are the leaders of China, Mexico, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan - or anywhere else. Grow up, grow a pair, and get to work for Canadians!

Trudeau is Lost in the Progressive Globalist Fog

But Trudeau said Canada does have Mexico’s support when it comes to introducing a gender chapter into the trade pact.

What that might look like remains under development; at a forum for business executives in Washington earlier this week, Trudeau noted that such a chapter could be “aspirational, it can be concrete.”

Say what? A "gender chapter" for the new NAFTA will solve our problems? I rest my case.


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