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LA Sherrif Upset New Law Means Less Prisoners to Wash Cars and Change Oil

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posted on Oct, 12 2017 @ 05:54 PM
a reply to: Liquesence

OK, misunderstood. So often now statements like that are wrongly labeling people because of where they live.

Yes, it is reminiscent of that and a good point.

posted on Oct, 12 2017 @ 07:29 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Don't let the good ones out cuz they're the ones that work......

Yep, that's some good ol Louisiana country boy logic right there son.

this guy is why I've known truck drivers that would take a detour up to Arkansas just not to have to drive through any of this state to deal with cops like this fella.
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posted on Oct, 13 2017 @ 03:41 AM
I really wonder if any of these mouthy snowflakes have ever been in or around a prison,having family in law enforcement,and having buisness dealing with prison system,those guys behind bars belong there,might be a few with hard luck storys but for the most they are best kept out of society

posted on Oct, 13 2017 @ 07:13 PM
You have no idea what you are talking about . oldtimer
In the US there are over 5 million people in prisons .
murder rates are around 8,000 a year the other 4,000 are the people killed by cops .
Violent crimes of any kind hover at 1,197,704 per year

This means that OVER 3 million people are in prison for crimes below the lv of Violent In other words people who were busted with MJ or some such thing or could not pay child support .
OVER 3 MILLION NON violent out of the 5 million In and you acutely say they all belong there when thous 3 million could be easily rehabilitated and pay restitution and be productive ???

The two types of people who belong in prison the most are those who say every one who is in belongs there and those who say let them out no matter what the crime .
These people are the worst criminals of all who ether want animals lose ( murders or want there fellow humans enslaved over the slightest thing .

People who are truly dangress keep in people who can be helped For god sake you gain more then it cost to help .
This system is set up rear backwards . get them in and keep them coming back Take away any means of making a life .
the prison state loves people who say lock them all up torture them and be sure they all get raped wile they are in there attitudes

Oldtimer (( odd name it implys you are older ??
well I am older 52 and when I was young prison were not even Called prisons they were called rehabilitation Facility's
the idea was people when In learn a job and shkill wile in and were not juts dumped on the street when relised but helped to find a job and a place to live .
This resulted in lower Reincarnation rates and fewer repeat offenders and got teh people productive .All wile lowing crime rates Image that LESS people locked up not more .
OMG god forbid the state loses its Prison funding because they have empty buildings .

posted on Oct, 13 2017 @ 07:21 PM
Take 500 lawyers or 500 judges stick them all in a concrete cage with no room to even move without dumping into each other and watch them start acting just like the ones in prisons now .
Heck take you and 500 church people your best friends and do the same and get the same results .
Want Proof !!
And this was a bunch of good collage kids jsut doing extra credit .
treat people like animals they will be animals .
prisons do just this .
All this kind of stuff is for is so people can point and say look I am not like that when it could be YOU !

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