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UK : Terror plotters facing tougher punishments for knife and car attacks

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posted on Oct, 13 2017 @ 04:41 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Dont post like you have the silver bullet, that the UK sending arms to Saudi, aid overseas, money to this person and that is how to stop terrorism, you have no idea than the rest of people, including me.

However, if I put myself in your posting position, but without belittling other peoples beliefs.

The indoctrination I have seen on the internet that converted Muslims into Terrorists and non Muslims into Muslim Terrorists would not stop unless we (the UK) denounce all other religions and become Muslim, impose Shariah Law and then probably attack Switzerland because there is no such thing as neutral, you are either Muslim or must die.

It has nothing to do with any expeditionary warfare, all that has done is create more members faster, but they were growing anyway, you might quote Iraq (1st gulf war was to protect Kuwait and stopped at the border) then the Muslims attacked in Africa, USS Cole, then 9/11 at which point America et al invaded Afghanistan (because it was allowing anti western muslim terrorists to grow, train and operate in Afg without provocation) and then Iraq which was a bad move in hindsight but the intention was to roll into Baghdad and give them the country back.

Muslim extremists, fundamentalists, terrorists are not killing us because of our foreign policy, its an excuse, they are attacking us because we are not Muslim. They attack Muslims because the are not Muslim enough.

The problem is Muslim, Mohammed, the Koran and anyone who follows that who seeks to promote any religion beyond council/regional/county/national interests even if that is via complaining about their "Religious" rights.

You religious rights are yours and yours alone, inflicting them on anyone else, including your children and wife is abuse, period.

posted on Oct, 13 2017 @ 05:26 AM
a reply to: Forensick

They are attacking because they are paid, trained and equipped to do so, by my nations government, and by the government of the US, more particularly, the intelligence agencies of both those nations.

If we cut their funding, stop training their recruiters, stop supplying them with guns and ammunition, either directly or through middlemen, then they will run out of weapons, ammunition, and be less able to recruit, making it harder and harder month on month, to maintain their numbers, leave alone radicalise young people in our countries.

They only exist because they are supported by the very governments most outwardly determined to destroy them. Agents of British, American, and the Israeli intelligence services, have been killed while fighting alongside IS forces, by Russian assaults on IS bunkers. Weapons shipments, flown on private aircraft with diplomatic clearances, have delivered weapons directly from the US, to IS operatives, later to be discovered in IS stockpile bases, still in their original containers, packed, labelled and ready to be deployed to IS fighters. The recruitment methods being used by IS are the same methods taught by CIA recruitment specialists, who learned their craft by studying the methods used to successfully create the narco terror groups operating south of the US/Mexico border, going back as far as the 1950s, whose purpose was to prevent any hope of successful outcomes in any nation which dared to express a desire to become more socialist.

These are the same methods, by the way, that were used to recruit Mr Osama bin Laden, who was a CIA asset. He was recruited by the CIA, to fight the Soviets during their occupation of Afghanistan. The recruiters are trained by western professionals in the employ of western intelligence organisations, the fighters are equipped by western intelligence organisations, their boot camps are run by people who have received training from combat specialists in the employ of western intelligence organisations.

IS is not an entity unto itself, it is controlled opposition, an organisation whose purpose is to serve as evidence for maintaining unreasonable amounts of defence spending, keeping the global military industrial complex fat and happy. That is all it has ever been, all it ever will be. Absent the lifeblood provided to it by our intelligence organisations, and their private business partners, IS will wither and die, become ineffectual, irrelevant and impotent.

If we keep feeding bodies, ammunition, funding, and other aid to IS however, it will simply continue, no matter how many bombs get dropped on it, who drops them, or why. The result will be the same. The answer to the problem is not in the Middle East, but here in the UK, also in the US, and in the conference rooms of both the private element of the global military industrial complex, and the government and intelligence arms of that entity.

These are facts, they are not whimsy, not figments of the imagination, but actual, existent, ongoing truth, and the situation needs confronting with that in mind. IS are nothing more than employees of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the private financial structures which bind them, and other western nations, to one another. This problem cannot, therefore, be solved by killing individual soldiers, or by ostracising entire demographics. The Muslims are not the ones in control of this situation, therefore they are not responsible for it, therefore we cannot continue to make this about faith, when it is actually about grand, ongoing schemes involving proxy armies and espionage, the likes of which has been going on for decades, without our consent or approval, and MUST END!

posted on Oct, 13 2017 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: LondonMan

Does this also apply to non terrorists because any wee bam in glasgow can stab someone and get less time in jail than say a person who spray paints a wall !

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