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Tom DeLonge Anouncement: October 11th 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST

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posted on Feb, 25 2019 @ 02:34 PM
Grant Cameron explains what "plausible deniability" is in the context of TTSA:

posted on Feb, 26 2019 @ 12:21 AM
a reply to: SacredLoreLol TDL is talking in technical terms now ' Space Time Metric'

posted on Feb, 26 2019 @ 03:59 PM
a reply to: SacredLore

God the man speaks fast!

posted on Feb, 27 2019 @ 12:04 PM
a reply to: Baablacksheep

After his research into interdimensional mysteries he never made it back fully onto our timeline. His runs at a different speed :-)

But I like Cameron, lots of good ideas that he presents. Where he is right, I am not sure...

posted on Mar, 6 2019 @ 04:25 AM
Luis Elizondo has published a new and interesting article.
I found it a good read, a gentle tour of quantum physics and its possible applications.

En ter The Quantum World: What The Mechanics Of Subatomic Particles Mean For The Study Of UAP, Our Universe, And Beyond

Areas including teleportation, quantum entanglement, and zero-point energy are providing new insights into the very fabric of our reality and space-time. Ideas popularized by sci-fi shows like StarTrek are proving more real than you might think.
Better known as the psychic spies, these elite individuals utilized the not very well-understood phenomena of precognition and “remote viewing” to conduct espionage against our adversaries.
Many in the scientific community were initially dismissive of the idea but were later mesmerized by the fidelity and accuracy of the data collected. Was the U.S. Government really tapping into things like witchcraft as some had proposed, or was there a more scientific explanation?
Quantum physics helps us explain the behavior of UAP.
Now, equipped with more information than ever before, we’re on the precipice of some serious revelations and discoveries about our place in the universe.

posted on Mar, 6 2019 @ 04:50 AM
a reply to: SacredLore

I was wondering when we would go down that route.... If at all!
For me it's all interdimensional and part of our psyche, which is the launch pad to other worlds.

What if it wasn't Star Trek that was prophetic but the thoughts generated by us through it that creates a future in line with it.

posted on Mar, 6 2019 @ 04:52 AM
Interesting to see that AlienScientist who was extremely critical of TTSA has now taken a serious interest in the work of Puthoff and Davis. Not saying he is a fan of TTSA now, but as a (real) physicist he bothers to take a look at the science. And he seems impressed.

posted on Mar, 6 2019 @ 04:53 AM
a reply to: ManyMasks

I agree. Souls and spirits are underestimated

posted on Mar, 6 2019 @ 07:48 AM
a reply to: SacredLore

What if we are the wave guides for the EM/plasmas

posted on Mar, 6 2019 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: pigsy2400

Sorry,, I did not get this: What does EM stand for here?

posted on Mar, 7 2019 @ 12:22 AM
TTSA has indeed gained the respect of one of its most visible critics suddenly.
Curious to hear your conspiration theories of what "they" did to AlienScientists.
I think he just LOOKED.

I am a very sceptical person, and you know sometimes we are sceptical of the wrong things and we make bad judgement calls. But it's OK to be wrong as long as you are willing to admit you're wrong and change your opinion based on new evidence. This new evidence is that this [meta]material has gone through several independent studies. All these materials that were from the ADAM project. Luis Elizondo has all these pieces of material.

I have not seen the full video yet, but this is a remarkable turn of events!

Contrast with this old and critical video (from 5:20):

posted on Mar, 12 2019 @ 03:08 PM
The story is about to continue.

Lots of nagging here, so I think Tom DeLonge deserves to show us his view and vision.
Only fair that he gets to show his side. And I like it, I must say.

Edited to add this good comment on Twitter by Joe Murgia.
A valid viewpoint, too.
I don't think people realize how important the entertainment wing of @TTSAcademy is 2 entire plan. They're their own production company. If they. have a hit show, they will make MILLIONS. That will fund SOME of science & research and pay salaries. Very important. And smart.

And let's not forget this (see also this new thread):

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posted on Mar, 15 2019 @ 08:52 AM
Not to get too paranoid about this, but any well planned intelligence operation would include a set of credible and highly critical "skeptics" who eventually come around and are convinced that this is now the "real thing."

posted on Mar, 17 2019 @ 02:13 AM
Revealing analysis by Grant Cameron.
If I find the time, I will make a thread of this. Best look behind the curtains of TTSA and more.

posted on Mar, 17 2019 @ 05:00 AM
a reply to: SacredLore

Mmmm. The first thing that caught my attention was Jim Pennistons symbols top left of the video. I have not listened to the actual video and the thought of listening to Grant jabbering at a thousand miles an hour is a little off putting. Maybe you can cipher it?

Happy St Patricks day😁.
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posted on Mar, 17 2019 @ 05:59 AM
Includes short video, very worth your time.

News on A.D.A.M

Lue Elizondo:
…What makes this material so special? Now, in some cases, this material… was told it’s special. Through analysis…guess what? Not so special. Some of it is absolutely special. I won’t point out which ones on that slide but there are some that are absolutely special and have been briefed to some very, very senior levels of this government, and they do remarkable and extraordinary things and they’re built in such a way that to this day we still can’t replicate them…to this day.

Looks like these materials will be covered in the upcoming series on The History Channel.

posted on Mar, 17 2019 @ 09:10 AM
zondo dude as usual does not bring anything worthwhile to the table. if the alien spaceships work without any visible means of propulsion, everything about them has to be special
a reply to: SacredLore

posted on Mar, 17 2019 @ 03:24 PM
a reply to: Baablacksheep

I did not know who Penniston is, but looked it up. Interesting!

Cameron speaks (relatively) slowly here :-)
You can jump to 32:00 where he says what he thinks will be the big revelation of TTSA:
Spielberg and J. J. Abrams for a Hollywood production.
Hold on until 34:00 and listen to the final 30 seconds.

Cameron has a lot of personal contacts and many years of experience.
He has isolated Ron Pandolfi as the big Zampano behind the various (tentative) disclosure efforts, including TTSA, Steven Greer and others. Cameron calls them "the Messiahs" and explains very well why they were chosen (big ego) and how the data released is contradicting. But it also seems that times have recently changes and that Pandolfi is moving on. Why times are different now is up to speculation.

Happy green days to you, too :-)

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posted on Mar, 17 2019 @ 03:45 PM
a reply to: Hyperboles

The terahertz frequencies that TomDeLonge mentioned will cause the formation of a Polariton in a metamaterial with the required properties. That in turn will cause an antigravity effect (negative mass).
It seems that at least one of the examined metamaterials can produce Polaritons.

But I agree with you: No proof.

If this is for real, it would be one of the biggest technological breakthroughs in mankind's history.
Why this should not pique our interest is beyond me.

posted on Mar, 17 2019 @ 04:05 PM
a reply to: SacredLore

This article
Describes how a lot of inventions coincidentally found great traction after Roswell, and grant Cameron said in your video how roswell Greer and TDL are Messiahs for the men pulling the strings. Maybe all these inventions that are happening are going to start getting some traction again, history repeating in an upward spiral ...or something

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