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What would the world be like under hardliner Muslim rule?

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 01:23 PM
The Mongols under Ghengis's grandson Hulagu almost wiped Islam off the map,they would have defeated the Euro-Christian armies too if they hadn't kept returning to the steppe(Karakorum) everytime the khans died.At that time the Mamluks in Egypt were the last remaining defenders of Islam and defeated the remaining remnant Mongol force at Ayn Jalut in 1260,so history shows temporary & unlikely alliances in defeating a more impending,powerful adversary.Even though the Mongols,after bloody conquest, for the most part believed in religious freedom & embraced vanquished cultures pantheistic views as a kind of afterlife insurance.

And so while the US is certainly guilty of aiding the enemy(Taliban) against a greater enemy(Russia=nukes) in the past,in hindsight(of course),the US should/could have avoided this hypocritical alliance with yet another regime of self-anointed malevolent mullahs seeking tyrannical authority to impose their ill-will & personal perverted interpretations of Islam on their good,loving people.This lack of vision of our leaders in the past & present(Saudi Arabia) to be fairweather friends to these evolving fanatics,preferring to overlook their despotic transgressions against their own populace,rather than confront & address them,as a condition of any possible alliance,even if direly needed against a more formidible threat-is a recurring fatal flaw that undermines our image as true champions of freedom & which unfortunately comes back to haunt us.

Having said that,here are a few questions I have for Islamic members here.I really think this lies at the core of the issue.Regarding the US presence in Iraq,nearly everyday there are individuals willing to self-detonate for their cause,hoping to take as many 'infidels',along with their fellow brothers/sisters they perceive as befriending the invading 'infidels' with them.They can't all be foreign jihadists,Baathists,or their Sunni sympathisers?Where were these suicidal self-immolators when Saddam & Baathists were having their wicked ways with the decent people of Iraq?Where was their conviction when Saddam Co. & sons targetted their or their friends families?In fact,why would someone with the balls to sacrifice themselves for a cause,however misinterpreted through the Koran, take orders from odvious cowards like UBL & Zarqawi who are afraid to die for the same shared 'cause',and spend most of their time in hiding?
In Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia,how can an Islamic man watch some other multi-wife mullah or imam impose unfair punishment,harm,or death on their ownloved ones,never questioning,therefore condoning & reinforcing their:mullah:imam extreme interpretation of law & obscene authority,or not finding it in their heart to avenge such cruel misdeeds against their innocent friends/family?

We have had/have our share of Christian/other demigogue wannabes here in the US,while some of the more charismatic ones have convinced their feeble-minded followers into mass suicide or government standoff,most of the time their power vanishes the instant they threaten their followers or their adherents families with physical harm or death for some perceived minor violation of religious code,and rather jeopardize their own freedom and/or life at the hands of their disciples.

Don't you think it's time to wake up and realize who your real 'unchecked' everyday oppressors are?,who veil themselves as messengers of Allah's will/Mohammed's appointment when they simply delight in their own worldly deification & power of judge/jury/executioner of others here on Earth?When the patriarch's mind borders psychosis or evil shouldn't he be retired/expired?

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 01:38 PM

Originally posted by firestarter666

but u know that they r lyin, if someone paid u to lie i know u would..... if people believe that the people over there were being treated like u say then there would be support for the war.....if the public believes that the war is justified then people will support it....

let me se if I understand you, the government has paid a man (or maybe Reptialian) to sneek into a backwoods Arkansas town and spread dis-information? I guess the other hundreds of thousands if not millions are lying too?

Where do you get this info from? Care to share some links or is it just the "voices" telling you?

do you even know what country we are talking about? the entire WORLD knows about the Taliban except you aparently

but plz dont take this the wrong way, the government over there was by no means good or richeous, just not some bloody group of people sperading fear and death...

a group of people spreading fear and death?

Sounds like the Taliban to me

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