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About the Vegas Killer... newest info

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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 10:34 AM

originally posted by: MotherMayEye
Daily Mail has a lot of newly released police photos of Paddock's hotel room:


I just took another look at the pics. It all looks so contrived to me but I can't pinpoint anything. I don't know if it's the pics themselves (which I note in several there are no evidence markers, so I wonder when exactly they were taken), or the choice of pics, or what exactly. But it all seems to designed to convince me of something... probably the lone gunman theory. But I just don't buy that.

For example, for one person to execute this dirty deed, he would have to be oh-so-meticulously prepared for maximum efficiency -- no time to waste. And that's what we've been told... in at least one of the "official" stories. Wouldn't he have all his weapons lined up all nice and neat and ready to go? And another spot for expended weapons? Both of which would be at his fingertips for minimal excess (wasted) time and movement? I sure wouldn't expect weapons to be scattered all willy nilly around the rooms. But what do I know?

Nor do I believe there was any possible way that he was running from room to room AND monitoring the hall cameras. There just wasn't enough time between bursts of gunfire. I could believe that two or three managed to do all that, but not just one man.

I'm struggling with where to go from here. I think there's much to be gleaned from Aussie guy's initial eyewitness accounts. I think his early accounts and social postings were accurate as he knew the facts. And I think the only reason his story got past the authorities is because while everyone else was running into buildings to hide, he was running out of the building to hide. The authorities didn't have a chance to confiscate his phone, much less stop him from posting in real time. And he did specifically claim that one of the shooters on his floor looked Middle Eastern.

Which took me to looking into the Saudi prince Alwaleed connection, which is also quite intriguing, and I cannot rule it out at this point. The writing was on the wall... Alwaleed was losing power and influence -- that he probably considered absolutely unthinkable! -- and it was clear that his nemesis was working closely with Trump. I don't know what Alwaleed thought he could/would accomplish with such an act though. But I do think it's worthy of keeping in mind.

So where to go from here? That is the question!

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 10:39 AM

originally posted by: imitator
a reply to: MotherMayEye

I'm still not buying Lombardo and the FBI's story, the scene looks way too laid out.

Exactly! I used the word "contrived" but I think we're on the same page there.

I think some sicko over did themselves to push an agenda, using Paddock as the fall guy taking the blame.

I agree. "Paddock" was a scapegoat. Have you looked at the Saudi Prince Alwaleed theory? I found nothing that could be called proof, but plenty to make one wonder. I should probably write it up and post it, eh?

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 10:47 AM
The timing of how Alwaleed & his clique got purged shortly after this is definitely an interesting coincidence. He's in an actual prison now, reportedly the toughest one in Saudi Arabia.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 10:48 AM

originally posted by: Asktheanimals
I'm still watching this case but I will venture to lay out my theory on what happened. First of all, the events in Saudi Arabia and the arrest of many Saudi royals is not a coincidence in my mind. The Four Seasons hotel occupying the top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay and their co-ownership by Bill Gates and Bin Talal is not coincidental either. I think the Vegas shooting was an assassination attempt on either King or Prince Salman, however it was foiled due to doubles being sent out, one of whom was to attend the concert in an attempt to lure the killers out of the shadows and give Salman the right to bring the hammer down.

Many of the survivors talk about how they felt like the shooters were following them. Perhaps they were but trying to get to someone else. What about the helicopters? My suspicion is they were hired out by Bin Salman or the FBI to counter the shooters on the ground they knew would be there. Either the suspects or the intended victim ended up at the airport which is why there was the reports of shooters on the tarmac.

If that is indeed the scenario that happened you can see why our government needed a fall guy to take the blame. Paddock (if he was even real) is secondary, I don't believe he was the shooter but our government could hardly admit to allowing a known assassination attempt to go down which ended up killing dozens of American citizens.

I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner! For some reason I was never notified of your comment -- or MotherMayEye's comments.

I like your scenario. It's quite intriguing. I'm looking at the Saudi connection more and more credibly also. I do think there may be something there. It would seem though that it wouldn't be enough to assassinate one or the other Salman though, it would have to be both.

It also makes sense to me that if Alwaleed were the responsible party, thus making it an international incident as part of a much bigger ongoing policy program, that could explain Trump's minimalist response. Trump would see the big picture and not want to say too much for fear of jeopardizing his relationship/policy negotiations with Salman.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 10:55 AM

originally posted by: AndyFromMichigan
The timing of how Alwaleed & his clique got purged shortly after this is definitely an interesting coincidence. He's in an actual prison now, reportedly the toughest one in Saudi Arabia.

Also the reports that U.S. agents were torturing him... that would make sense if it was believed that he was behind the shooting -- or knew who was.

It also keeps occurring to me that if -- as I suspect -- this began as some kind of Fed sting operation that went wrong -- then the Feds know who they were meeting with, and it very well could have Alwaleed (or one of his minions) that set up the meeting to buy weapons. Only the Feds didn't know they would be used that very night... But they would know who/where to follow up. That's still a big "if" though.

posted on Jan, 27 2018 @ 06:53 AM
I found this last night... just dropping it here for future reference/speculation:

Wynn shares tumble 10% after reports of 'decades-long pattern of sexual misconduct' by CEO Steve Wynn

So apparently this was brought up in his (sealed) divorce proceedings in 2010... Wynn claims that his wife is behind this to try to renegotiate their divorce settlement... she denies any involvement.

But here's why I'm dropping it here... when it came to "Paddock," Wynn couldn't seem to keep his story straight. First this:
Wynn Says Paddock's Actions Would Have Triggered Alarms at His Hotel
But then this:
Wynn: Shooter Paddock was unremarkable customer

So an "unremarkable customer" would have "triggered alarms at his hotel"??? How does that even make any sense???

Unless the FBI knew about these sexual abuse allegations and were coercing him to support their official story....

ETA: Adding this for future reference as well:
BREAKING NEWS: Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is freed after two months in opulent five-star hotel 'prison' following corruption crackdown

Not much there. The terms and conditions of his release -- if any -- were not mentioned.
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posted on Feb, 2 2018 @ 08:19 AM
Things that make you go "hmmmm"....

Coroner Defies Court Order: Won't Release Las Vegas Shooter's Autopsy Report

“I don’t believe this is consistent with what the court ordered,” said Las Vegas attorney Maggie McLetchie, who represents the Las Vegas Review-Journal and The Associated Press in their November action demanding the release of the reports. “They (the coroner’s office) have delayed this for too long, and whatever stage the coroner’s report on Paddock is in, it should be provided to the Review-Journal and Associated Press without further delay. No more games. Release the records.”

“The court correctly recognized the presumption of public access to records, even when a mass tragedy occurs,” McLetchie added. “(The judge) also rejected arguments by the coroner’s office that there were any privacy interests with regards to the autopsy of Stephen Paddock, let alone any that outweighed the strong presumption of access to records in Nevada.”

And apparently the coroner is quite happy to (let the taxpayers) pay for the delay:

The coroner was ordered on January 11 to pay nearly $32,000 in legal costs to the Review-Journal because it refused to release public records.


The following is from a very questionable website, but at first glance at least, this info seems solid:
Body autopsied by doctor likely not Steven Paddock’s, official LVMPD report reveals

It seems that the autopsied body's height, weight and eye color are different than previous records for "Paddock" indicate. Take it for what it's worth!

posted on May, 27 2018 @ 12:57 PM
Not a big fan of Laura Loomer, but she seems to be quoting actual LVMPD docs here:

Lombardo Lied: New Vegas Shooting Documents Reveal Three Women Found In Stephen Paddock’s Room

Page 26 of the dispatch logs that were released by LVMPD details the moments when the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, was located by a security detail at the Mandalay Bay. As actions were taken to assemble a team of officers to apprehend the suspect, a dispatcher shared the name of the alleged shooter located in Room 32-135, along with three females that were reported to be in the room with Mr. Paddock. However, the names of those three women are redacted from the report, while the checkout date listed for the women aligns with Paddock’s planned check out date of October 2, 2017. In the log, as seen on page 26, the following was documented as having taken place at 11: 02 pm the night of the shooting when police breached Paddock's room. "Units in control room 32 135. Suspect name of K(P)addock, Stephen. There three females in room."

The three women are then listed at #1, #2, and #3, with their check in and check out dates, but their names are redacted from the log. "Checked on (in) on 9-25 scheduled to check out Oct 2nd."

And there's this:

Other details revealed in the dispatch log include calls that were made to report multiple gunshot wounded victims hiding in fear for their lives all over the strip. There were panicked calls made from Sundance Helicopter about possible hostages taken.

Not much more of note at the link. And FYI, I had to temporarily disable NoScript in order for the page to load. With NoScript, it's just a blank page.
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