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Nostradamus predictions properly decoded by someone

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 05:31 PM
So far this author has decoded most of the controversial quatrains. You will not be disappointed:


I was a bit surprised at the authors candid research on possible individuals id'd after years of false interpretation by many authors on the subject. I suggest that you all check it out as this will be a great eye opener. You will be relieved and happy to know the information. It is not what you think it is after all these years.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 05:55 PM
a reply to: cris7050

Hindsight is a tool used to make vague references applicable to a happening.

This is just another interpretation.
I would like some acurate prophesies from NostraDamus so we can lock in dates and times and see the proof.

I don't think we will see such in our time.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 06:10 PM
I always liked this one, Century IV, Quatrain 8:

The great city by prompt and sudden assault
Surprised at night, guards interrupted:
The guards and watches of Saint-Quentin
Slaughtered, guards and the portals broken.

There have been a number of interpreters who have tried to connect this in some way to a battle in the small French town of St. Quintin in 1557, but it seems pretty obvious to me that he was talking about the maximum-security San Quentin prison which is just north of San Francisco, California. The only thing that might not fit is the term "city," although the large facility could certainly be considered one.

In any event, I don't think this prophecy has actually come true yet. It seems to indicate an attack on the prison from outside that kills many if not all of the guards. So this one might be good to keep tabs on, to note when it actually does happen, although it might not help find clear dates for any of the other prophecies.
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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 06:38 PM
Excellent. I have always been interested in Nostradamus since I was introduced to the writings as a teen in high school
Do I absolutely believe , no .
Do I keep an open mind , yes.
And I have many times toyed with the idea of the "blue turban" signifying NATO and the UN.The UN was requesting its own military made up from NATO forces and various countries a few years ago.

U.N. Peacekeeping Force

Pay close attention to the following

Peacekeepers wear their countries’ uniform and are identified as UN Peacekeepers only by a UN blue helmet or beret and a badge.

Beret = Turban for some ?

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 06:59 PM
Prophesies foretold are easily fulfilled.

Just ask the guy who rode a donkey into Jerusalem...

posted on Oct, 5 2017 @ 01:27 PM
a reply to: Blue Shift

Perhaps old Nostry was remotish-futurish-viewing movies, and couldn't tell the difference between cinema, and future physical reality?

posted on Oct, 5 2017 @ 02:45 PM

originally posted by: Nothin
Perhaps old Nostry was remotish-futurish-viewing movies, and couldn't tell the difference between cinema, and future physical reality?

I have sometimes wondered that rather than actual events of history, he was able to somehow access a record of those events, which he then had to interpret within his own historical and psychological framework. And sometimes I think he was accessing television broadcasts, but without the sound. If he was picking up a silent History Channel, that would explain why he was almost able to get the name of Hitler right, but it wasn't completely clear.

Now... I have no idea how he was able to do this, and where these broadcasts originated. He used a "scrying" technique of staring into a bowl of water. Maybe a remote viewing protocol. I don't know.

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