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Photos of room service receipt suggest paddock may have checked in to room before authorities claim

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: Aeshma

Look@ the bottom of the receipt:

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 03:26 PM

originally posted by: Aeshma
Room 32-135 thats the table number okay... sure september 27 is early for the shooter to gave been there according to narrative.... is it not possible the room was someone elses before his? This is a hotel in vegas afterall.

Yes but the bottom of the receipt has paddocks name.

Check the link in the original post.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 03:35 PM
The real question is..... what kind of gold gilded burger is worth 26 friggin dollars!?

I don't care if I'm a millionaire, or how fancy shmancy the hotel is. It's not even kobe or wagyu beef, It's angus!

And don't even get me started on the bagel or the 2$ upcharge for onions....

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 03:40 PM
a reply to: Grambler

The date would be entered by the staff as a search parameter. Entered for a reprint of receipts and as far as the number of guests reservations were made for two. He used his girls information to make reservations.and as far as the receipt items look closely 3 meals 3 drinks. Breakfast had bagels lunch soup and then diner.
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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 03:52 PM
a reply to: notsure1

Why haven't the authorities realsed any camera footage of inside the hotel yet? All other crimes they seem to do so. Unless of course it goes against their version or events.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 04:02 PM

originally posted by: Grambler

originally posted by: Xcalibur254
a reply to: ignorant_ape

I wouldn't even say that. I think the original poster was just trying to show that he had brought room service to Paddock in the past.

It was InfoWars that decided it was from the 27th.

For all I know the whole receipt could be a fake.

I agree that the date being cut is suspicious.

However, even if this just shows he was in the room weeks or months prior I think it would be relevant to investigators.

My stance on this currently is that I don't buy any of the conspiracy theories so far, but I am open to seeing any info.

That is the spirit of me making this thread.

I personally do not feel that even if this receipt is accurate and it was from the 27th that it any way shows there were two shooters.

There's definitely a 2 on the other side of that 7. Month is unknown, but the date is not. Only other number it could be is a 1 or a 0 and you can see it's neither.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 04:04 PM
a reply to: scubagravy

Yeah -- It's crazy expensive!

But it may not have been discounts so much as some sort of preferential treatment... such as preferred rooms/suites with the "best" views? Maybe something else... it was just a thought.

I have also since learned that she was no longer employed with the casino/resort, so that wouldn't be a factor; and then there's this:

Mendoza described one encounter in which Danley asked Paddock if she could use his casino card to buy their drinks.

“He would glare down at her and say — with a mean attitude — ‘You don’t need my casino card for this. I’m paying for your drink, just like I’m paying for you.’ Then she would softly say, ‘OK’ and step back behind him,” Mendoza said.

Doesn't seem like she was calling any shots in that relationship. So my earlier theory is pretty much shot

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 04:05 PM
I heard recently on CNN his check in has changed to the 27th. When did his GF fly out? If the 28th maybe she was there with him on the 27th. Mandalay is right beside the airport. It's really disturbing if true and ATS finds out before the cops...what are they doing?

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 05:03 PM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

Sorry buddy i didnt see that.

Well #, i have no explanation.

The only remaininf way 2 people were not in the room is if he needed to pretend their were. Im i terested in seeing some footage of his check in. There must be footage in the lobby and perhaps the elevators. So something some where. I know the halls are most likely with out surveilance.

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