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Las Vegas Strip shooter prescribed anti-anxiety drug in June

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:31 AM
I am frankly AMAZED that in the last two days of all the threads and discussions I have seen online (not just ATS) that NOT EVEN ONCE have I seen a comment floating the possibility that Paddock was on psychotropics. In fact, its highly unusual that to my knowledge no one has brought this angle to the table before this humble thread. I am in fact extremely surprised that even the man himself, Alex Jones, had nothing to say on it in any of the clips of his I watched and listened to. I'm not saying that neither he nor anyone else mentioned this, only that I personally have not seen it.

So here we go: another deadly rampage POSSIBLY and perhaps even PROBABLY fueled in part by psychotropic meds Paddock was prescribed.

From the article.

Paddock was hooked on LEGAL DRUGS

Records from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program obtained Tuesday show Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets by Henderson physician Dr. Steven Winkler on June 21.

So that is at least ONE (1) 10MG pill per day for 50 days.

But wait it gets better (or worse depending)

Later in the article it says this!

The Nevada state monitoring report also noted that Winkler prescribed 50 10-milligram tablets of diazepam to Paddock in 2016. He also filled that prescription the day it was written, this time at Evergreen Drugs in Henderson. It was for two tablets a day..

TWO tablets a day for 20 MILLIGRAMS of valium per day. That is a HUGE amount.

I've personally known people who have taken MUCH LESS, like 5 milligrams a day and gone cold turkey from that dosage and almost gone crazy with the brain zaps, dissociative personality, etc. It is really a rough ride and I will NEVER FORGET Artie Lang, former co host of the Howard Stern show and avid drug user by his own admission, saying once that going through withdrawal from Benzos was excruciating.

"Benzo Hell"

The Daily Nightmare of Benzo Withdrawal

There are calls from all quarters to have a "conversation" about gun control, which is fine, lets talk about guns....


Thats right....Big Pharma off the hook again.

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:34 AM
Where is the article? Scratch that.

I was waiting for something like this. Nice work. A qualifier that spans these incidents.
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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:34 AM
One side effect of Valium..... increase in suicidal tendencies.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:35 AM
a reply to: JinMI



posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:41 AM
a reply to: tribal

OP you are really on to something here.

I have to take these 4 times a year approx. I am given 9 tablets in 2mg doses. They last me a few days, just to calm me down and get me able to eat and sleep again. It is just part of managing my bipolar state.

I have used them before in greater quantities. It is no joke coming off them. It makes you feel very strange, irrational even and that is just a small dose like that. Once when I had taken them I reported the mental health people to the police and security services, telling them I was a Royal. It caused a lot of problems. Oops, just goes to show you though. I would never do anything like that in my usual state.

That's the problem. A guy has some issues and has access to serious weaponry. He makes a stupid decision because his reasoning is flawed and ends up killing lots of innocent people.

If this guy had taken that many 10mg doses it would be enough to give him a blind rage attack and psychosis once they ran out, to send him down a dark path. His girlfriend will be able to tell them about his mental state leading up to the deed.

I had a friend. He was also in his early sixties. He was using prescription drugs to control his anxiety. He ended up throwing himself into the ocean in the night from a very high cliff. He was a nice man and would never have done anything like that if he had been himself (in my opinion).

This was spectacular suicide from a man who was taking as many people as possible with him as he possibly could. He was wanting to be totally exhibitionist about it, too. He was projecting his rage outwards onto everybody else/ the world. It is psychosis for sure of some description. Diazepam could make a man go weird like that, in those quantities. I have used them for years. I know what they can do to your mind.

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:43 AM
a reply to: tribal

Some may have problems no doubt.

My required dosage went from .25 mg to 6mg... a 2400% increase... and I stopped taking Xanax.

No withdrawals. But, nothing seems to work effectively on panic attacks either.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:44 AM
I think it has to be more than just the pills. His house was filled with guns etc. and this was obviously planned-he even bought a ticket for his girlfriend not to be in the US at least a month before he did this. He was crazy before the pills. His doctor has alot of explaining to do. He obviously was in a seriously mentally ill state-but his girlfriend's sisters stated he was deteriorating mentally and physically for a couple of years. People around him knew he needed serious help but? Maybe they were afraid of him and he did give money to everyone in his family. Sounds like they might have just overlooked his increasingly bizarre behavior in exchnge for his financial generosity. Scary.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:48 AM
It seems that with the majority of these types of incidents, the perpetrator is always on some type of meds. Not surprising this guy was too. It never gets much attention from the MSM who have big time advertisers that are, you guessed it, big pharma companies.

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:49 AM
Don't most mass shooters have anti depressants or anxiety medication?
That always seems to be what they have in common.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:57 AM
a reply to: tribal

I saw WorldStarCountry bring it up the first morning in the megathread.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:58 AM
a reply to: tribal

was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug in June that can lead to aggressive behavior, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has learned.

The madness was already there before , why the drugs were prescribed. If he was becoming increasingly desperate, trying to keep control of his emotions, the last thing you want to do is suppress that anger even more with medication.

They call it 'anxiety' , gentle euphemism for deep seated anger.

Of course they downplay the 'link' to meds. Its bad for business.

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:59 AM
a reply to: FHomerK

not all benzos are created equal. I had my own bout with them a few years ago and in my suffering i turned to a couple well known online communities of people who have experience and can help with dosages, tapering, cold turkey and other issues.

some benzos like xanax have a very short half life....that actually makes them more dangerous in a way.

Paddock was actually taking the benzo that good doctors use to wean people off the more volatile benzos like xanax precisely because valium has a much longer half life, is generally more stable and is easier to maintain proper blood serum levels.

However...people are not all the same....and even slight fluctuations in blood serum concentration can affect some people much worse than others. If i read the OP article correctly i get the impression Paddock was on 20 mg's back in 2016 but his doc brought him down to 10mg PER DAY as late as June this year. That is effectively cutting his prescription in half but by itself that is NOT A GOOD tapering strategy.

IT is very likely Paddock had developed tolerance to the 20mg's he was taking in 2016 and the sudden decrease in what his doc allowed could have very easily put him into a mental/emotional tail spin.

If we need ANY kind of control its PHARMA control. First the opioid crisis killing and maiming tens of thousands, responsible for up to a THIRD of the white male work force dropping out of employment and now this?!?!?!

Big Pharma should be considered enemy number one in my opinion.

Pharma drugs should be treated like guns, not candy.
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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 07:59 AM
I cant see valium sending people off the rails.

That'd be tantamount to someone having a few beers a day, or doobies.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 08:00 AM
a reply to: tribal

Once again this info will be ignored...the lobbyists will be working overtime to keep this may just come out during weekend news..

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 08:00 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

i want to give credit where credit is due, do you have a link to their comment/thread?

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 08:05 AM
20 mg of diazepam Is hardly what id call a large dose for your average grown man it's about half the maximum and that's still half the dose most people actually take

Stop confusing this with other meds they are not even in the same ballpark as ssri type drugs

Diazepam is a benzopine a class of drugs used for sedation ... think quelude if u will this is a drug u can buy on the street and there's a reason why this is a street drug and ssri's are not

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 08:07 AM
a reply to: tribal

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 08:13 AM
a reply to: markovian

after all the countless threads ive read on "benzo hell" i think we will just have to agree to disagree. Everyone is different. I know some people are like tanks when it comes to drugs, can take almost anything and shake it off, other people barely smell the same thing and are knocked out.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 08:18 AM
Sssssshhhhhh!!!! Big pharma is watching! Now get back to arguing over gun control and partisanship, or else!

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 08:39 AM
a reply to: tribal


And the OP was painting it as all benzodiasapenes are mass-shooting fuel.

Anything can be misused. Anything can be mis-prescribed.

I'm just a little sick of seeing this diatribe, which is the same diatribe used against anyone with any form of mental illness.

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