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An Alchemical Introduction

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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 04:04 PM
And so we come to the beginning, and to what really matters. Although this is a farewell just as much as it is an introduction.

In all of ATS, nay... in all of the World, there is no greater legacy than that which I have pointed to in the 100 posts I've made as 1656hrs.

I have updated and cross-referenced the language of the Alchemists, for the assistance of those who truly wish to find the ultimate meaning and magic in life. I haven't spelled it out - I've given just enough for it to remain your own work and your own discovery.

You will see throughout my posts that I am not perfect, I am subject to the same temptations and pitfalls as everyone else, and I have given in to such and fallen as many times as I care to remember. I hope people will notice that I got back up every time and carried on. That's what Love will do for you.

This has been a very long journey. One that started years ago when I met a certain young woman and entered a completely different rabbit hole than the one I'd have liked to. 

The hole I ended up in is plain to see, before I was 1656hrs I was iamahumandoing, and all the while, my inner world interacting with the outer, or the other way round - probably both, led me on a merry dance through all that is alternative and occult. I never once failed to sport the costume of The Fool.

I have left that rabbit hole and now sit on the surface of the earth. With my left hand I point down diagonally to the place I've just graduated from. My right hand points diagonally upward toward further learning. On my right The Woman stands.

The above is for all men wondering what the **** life is all about.


This section is for one person only. When you've finished reading it you'll know who you are, and who I am.

I sent you a letter last year, I don't know if you've seen it yet, I gave it to your sister to pass on to you. If you have seen it (not having heard from you) I'm guessing you are not happy with what I wrote. If that's the case I sincerely apologise, but what's written within couldn't have been put any differently. It is a product of what you inspire within me by being you - and none of that is my fault, nor is it yours.

The inner pages and the sentiments expressed there are yours alone - if you ever wish to share them with anyone then that's your choice. I have never and would never reveal your name because that'd take away your option of simply ignoring all this. I'd never deny you that. 
While the inside is yours alone, the image and the outer page are less private, and should be seen as an open letter to all women. That is why I show them here. 
And also so you know that it's me talking to you. Up to now, I suppose, I could've been anybody.

Truth is, I love you, and now I'm not just anybody. I'm ready and I'm yours.
If you want me.


I cannot answer any questions publicly as that would obscure the light of the personal revelation many of you have been searching for. I cannot confirm or deny any speculation as to what substance the Philosophers Stone is made from, save from telling you that when you know the what, you'll also know the when, the where and the how, along with the reason why I can't entertain any speculation. All I need to tell you is that throughout these 100 posts, having stood on the shoulders of giants I've finally come from obscurity and darkness (which you will undoubtedly see) into the light and to the place of knowing (which I hope you will see).

I've left just enough clues so as to be 
"sufficient for the instruction of the true disciple; but if you do not understand them then your mind is not yet ripe to know the substance of which the Philosophers Stone is prepared; and you must wait until you arrive at that state by meditation and prayer.  
I will, however, tell you that the first part of our work is the reduction of the body into its primordial substance; the second is the perfect solution of body and spirit together. The solvent and that which is dissolved remain together, and as the body dissolves, the spirit coagulates.
Thus the whole secret is now revealed to you... He who knows the beginning knows the end, and his glorified body will behold all the eternal splendor of God, when the illusions of life will vanish before his eyes, being swallowed up in their own insignificance... To arrive at this exalted state we wish to you and to all of us the blessing of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost in all eternity. Amen."


I will answer as many PMs as desire and circumstance permit me (full-time carer to Mum, one dog, two cats and occasionally myself).

There is nothing left to say here, except, "Renounce all complexity".

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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 04:08 PM
a reply to: 1656hrs

Cryptic, and very very glancing.

posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 04:08 PM
Can you turn regular metals into gold? No? Then you truly ARE an alchemist!

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 05:23 AM
"But then I started Alchemy
and visions and imagineries..."

Gnosis and the philosophers stone.

"...brought Your Gold out of rot."

Not unlike the death and remnants of stars, the transmutation of decay can bring forth life and fertility.

There be creepy imagery in this area of knowledge I find mildly unsettling, but I do like the bee in one of your photos.

posted on Oct, 18 2017 @ 01:22 PM
Alluring post. A pleasure to meet you

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