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2005 Rose Bowl

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posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 03:20 PM
I was just informed that the Texas Longhorn team bus was over 2 hours late on gameday. There is no logical explanation for this but I have come across a couple thoeries.

1. Vince Young the Longhorn QB could not be located prior to the loading of the bus. Could his absence be related to the B2 flyover? Was he helping the Air Force conduct stealth tests prior to kickoff?

2. It is an undisputed fact that the Big 12 float broke down on its way to the Rose parade. Why did this happen? Rumor has it that James Baker was asked to ride on this float by none other than former Texas governer GWB. Why was Baker involved in this thing? Don't forget there was a B2 absent from the flyover and its absence has not been explained. What if anything does it have to do with the Texas team bus being late?

3.. Former Texas kicker and current playboy photographer Phil Dawson was allegedly present at the post game celebration. Knowing that he is a part time CIA opperative and he was present on the day the B2 vanshided from formation is troubling. Dawson is bad news and trouble seems to follow him.

4. Its been rumored that some members of the Texas team had been "asked" to monitor student protestors in the Northern CA area prior to the game. The FBI was allegedly involved at some level. I think the players were to infultrate the hippies and gather information. In exchange for this information the FBI would lean on Texas profs to give them higher grades. I don't think this deal went through.

Anyone else have any information on this incident or am I just paranoid?

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