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Lifting the Veil - An Invitation

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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 04:21 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

But why? Why now ?
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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 04:45 PM

originally posted by: and14263
a reply to: kennyb72
Hhhhmmm ok, you've been open ended in your reply and once again I am having to 'ask myself' something. Why not just give me the answer straight off the bat??

Because he does not have an answer. This is the old "look at me, I'm a powerful wizard (and ignore the man behind the curtain)" approach. You are supposed to be irritated, then do research, then give feedback, and the wizard will say "I knew all this of course, but now this.." and throw a new enigma. Ad infinitum.

9/11 -> 10/22.

posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: ForteanOrg

So you suggest to give him nothing?

a reply to: kennyb72

Does cloud bursting count as magic?

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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 05:09 PM
Several members cant see "what is not seen","what is hidden behind veil"..

They want the answer or for one to get right to the point. I agree that one needs to discover this on their own.

But I also understand the frustration of having magic and miracles hidden under one's nose so to speak within the reality itself.

RE, is to do something over again. All is everyone and thing. Eye is the vessel/device used to project perception, and filter light externally. t is the cross, the cross a character died on "for our sins", as we are All One, that who died for ours sins was one of the same as you and I. The cross of Christianity, Celtic and further..

Reality is the constant projection, that of consciousness (everyone/thing that percieves and is aware) does so through its eyes, within the body/vessel/flesh.

To stop with the "hints".. people want the general answer.

We are the Gods. We are the power that gives creation (the projection) meaning and matter. The otherside of ourselves drives and influences that which we experience in its mirror or opposite, the body.

We shine light, and cast shadows. We are light in a prism.
Gifts are always wrapped and hidden inside of a cube, or a body...

To each their own, as individuals we are both sides of the spectrum, we are the entire spectrum. Most want/have lost themselves on either side via faith or servitude.

To each their own..
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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

Wow, I couldn't say it better. But did the gods decided then?, I mean Saturn is in full transformation at this very moment and the gods under God that are very upset.

They are rapidly multiplying something has to go down sooner or later.
I've figured that part out just recently after encounter many strange oddities. As this was something I knew a long time ago but could really put a finger on it.

It's really strange if you start to accept it and start to see things like shapes in the clouds and discovering that you also have the power to change things around yourself.

I still don't know if I made contact with the universe itself, well I do actually. So what now does he speak about that everyone will learn this over time and that chaos will happen after we all know?

I'm glad that some have those same experiences themselves like this is a confirmation that it exists ...

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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 06:07 PM
To know is not enough for anything.

To experience, is everything.

One must go through the stages, the feelings, the mental loops.. its like an energy building up within the vessel, that coils to such a point it springs back and releases said energy.

This is the "spiritual awakening".

Eta - I was not specifically saying the word reality means what i typed. Rather it's my own "code" within the word to utilize this understanding in itself.
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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 06:18 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

I did some cloud bursting I broke down a cloud in four minutes and created a midair rainbow, within a thundercloud and cast lighting with no sound within a cloud that I seemed to stop at will. I, later on, examined the cloud on my computer and to my surprise, there were a dragon and entangled or coupled spheres in the flash.

And I can prove it because I filmed every event while doing it, I only didn't post it yet on youtube because I thought it looked stupid.

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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 06:25 PM
a reply to: ForteanOrg

Because he does not have an answer. This is the old "look at me, I'm a powerful wizard (and ignore the man behind the curtain)" approach. You are supposed to be irritated, then do research, then give feedback, and the wizard will say "I knew all this of course, but now this.." and throw a new enigma. Ad infinitum.

I don't profess to have any greater power than any other human at this point in our consciousness evolution. I do study Hylozoism however, and for me, it provides the clearest of answers to life's questions. Practicing the occult, is the left hand path.

Where there is a WILL, there is a way. A very exoteric saying with very esoteric meaning.


Does cloud bursting count as magic?

Any affect you can achieve though the strength of your WILL power is magic and we all use those powers daily.

There is a clear distinction between Aleister Crowley's "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law" and the law of freedom, as a key tenet of Hylozoism.

'Freedom is the right to individual character and to activity within the limits set by the equal right of all.'

You can clearly see that Crowley is promoting service to self, in opposition to the law of unity and law of freedom.

I draw a distinction between life magic and the occult. There are few people alive today who could be trusted with the kind of magic being discussed on this board.

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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 06:56 PM
a reply to: kennyb72

Well, it's weird when it happens I can tell you that. I never knew I could cast these things I don't know if I did it on purpose with rainbows but I've to say I'm very obsessed with clouds they are beautiful to look at..

Although I did break down several clouds in minutes completely dissolving them into thin air with my mind.
I'm not practicing any occult stuff or something but I do like to find out things others usually don't find interesting to know about.

I guess I'm very aware of my surrounding area. I'm not doing this anymore because most people find it weird if you start to stare at clouds real obsessive to cast it away as if I'm a freak or something can imagine that some would think that.

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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 07:25 PM

originally posted by: ForteanOrg

originally posted by: and14263
a reply to: kennyb72
Hhhhmmm ok, you've been open ended in your reply and once again I am having to 'ask myself' something. Why not just give me the answer straight off the bat??

Because he does not have an answer. This is the old "look at me, I'm a powerful wizard (and ignore the man behind the curtain)" approach. You are supposed to be irritated, then do research, then give feedback, and the wizard will say "I knew all this of course, but now this.." and throw a new enigma. Ad infinitum.

9/11 -> 10/22.

The mockery is not a necessity.

We are all built the same, from atoms to biology. From mind to emotion. From consciousness to spirit.

How we shape and mold those things through our journey of life, is the only differences of one another.

Like a vehicle off the assembly line, all built the same way, but each vehicle is driven differently and takes a different path all leading to the same road..

One is no more a "wizard" then another, one is no more enlightened then another. We all are of the same source, we all co-create, shine and cast shadows.

What we do with our energy internally and externally shapes how we unfold beyond the prism of the body.

Learn from another, teach eachother. We need eachother. Certain powers have driven us into division and complicated our divine right of being..

We need to learn to take that power back. And Eis is trying to hint towards that.
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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 08:25 PM

originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: JimNasium


Now We will look like "common passerbys" and not be seen by 'most' of the rubberneckers... It is working.

Om Bava Shaviya Om


Stay Hydrated...

posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 08:33 PM
ok, here's what I came up with....

1. Cane and Abel are an important part of the meaning of "Duality" ( interesting to read all the different versions of that story)

2. God allows Cane's bloodline to rule the Earth to this day, and repeatedly through history it implodes ...thus The Fall of Empires, mass extinctions and LOTS of HORRIBLE things seem to preclude " God's Wrath " it may have something to do with 70x7 being God's tipping point ? IDK ?

3. The difference this time around is Jesus, through God, is giving those "with the mark of Cain", most of us , lol, a chance to come home to God.

4." Lucifer" wants us to reject God / Jesus WILLINGLY, supposedly through "free will"

It's way more complicated, and yet really pretty apparent too....

posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 09:14 PM

originally posted by: c2oden
Tomorrow will finally come

And you knew this day 10/2 would be

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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 11:07 PM

A special thanks to dashen, liveandlearn, Serdgiam and 1656hrs.

Lol, funniest thing ever. You do realize that there are several different types of reality. The first is consensus reality or our mutually agreed upon reality. When your consensus reality clashes with everyone elses, you're called insane and locked away. The second is objective reality or the world as it really is when looked upon by an objective observer. Humans can get a touch of that every now and again, but usually slips back into consensus reality when everyone tells him he's a buzzkillington or being paranoid. The third is subjective reality or what the reality is inside you. Subjective reality in some is a near exact model of consensus reality. Those people lack imagination, they follow the law, but lack the spirit. They are the neo-phobes that detest change because they can't keep up. You know? The Grey Face?

But those who can switch back and forth between consensus reality and objective reality see the gaps. We can push back the curtains, walk backstage and see the actors. Fnord. We mesmerize, misdirect and manage the Grey Face by using his own symbols, words and emotions against him by subversion. It's not magic, we're just paying attention and have found the glitches. We're the neophiles, we thrive on change, flexibility, discovery and whimsy. Unfortunately for us, you're always trying to harsh our mellow by inflicting rules from your subjective reality into our lives. We see things differently and trust me, in our eyes... well, you've been missing the point forever. We're not bad... we're just here to wake you up so you can see what we do. How can you hate Discordians, we don't hurt others... we just threaten their sense of reality and they do the rest?

Familiarize yourself:

Remember, your belief and internal subjective reality is shared by 0 people. We're all special snowflakes. And we love you... and we're just going to keep on loving you over and over with laughter, joy and compassion. Then we can all share the sandbox without fighting about silly things. We're just waiting for you to see what Original Sin REALLY was, not what you thought. It's NOT a religion, it's a calling. There's no worship, no idols, no ritual, it's just an attempt by those of us who see to show them a peek by sneaking in a seed of remembrance while their shields are down. We want them to play! We have no desire to take them out or hurt them, we love them. They were us before we woke up, our family, our friends. They know we're tricksters, we make them look in the mirror instead of projecting all that fear and uncertainty outward.

I find it ironic they think we mean them harm when we only want to share the love and compassion of what the world could be if they weren't so literal. Life is a metaphor, an allegory. We do the same things over and over and never see why. We let them divide us spiritually, convince us that dogma trumps getting along with your neighbors. It's a rotten way to live. They need us. And we need them lest we forget why we're here. They test us, we test them, that's how it works. Remember? The tricksters always help save the day, lol. But then I'm always the optimist and rooting for the underdog.

Beware of Reality Hacking by Discordianism

So not the MO of a Discordian, but then we were hijacked, we encouraged them to hijack. Why? Because we let them infiltrate, but never filled them in on the real plan. You know it or you don't. We are the counter force against all those spooky things you worry about. If we hack you, it's with humor and while you're laughing, we'll slip in a little truth because when you're laughing, your mind is open and free from preconception, if only for just a moment. But that's enough. Look, you all know they're madmen, these despots and dictators... how do you fight a madman? With tools he's too rigid and unimaginative to recognize. Fnord.

- an Anonymous member (of ATS)

The Gateway Program (CIA), continued...

Don’t focus too much on the Occult stuff or try to label me something that I’m not. In order to fully understand the big picture, you have to have some idea about the silent weapons being used against humanity. Anyway, after a long, sleepless weekend and a bad “case of the Mondays,” I definitely need to relax.

There is A LOT more to come.
This was an INVITATION for RSVPs.

Find a Gematria converting website or program and a PDF reader that allows you to spin the page both clockwise and counterclockwise with ease. You’re definitely going to need it. Another, more revealing thread is coming. Thank you to all that have respectfully participated.

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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 12:13 AM

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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 12:39 AM
While I don't understand the symbolism in it's entirety, I do believe the OP is trying to help those who can get it. perhaps to create a balance. i will not be one of those who can move on but it doesn't stop the effort to understand, simple person that I am.

From my simple understanding there is war on many levels (forget politics) not just for our minds but for our very souls and I mean that literally. So if you can follow the OP and grasp what he/she is trying to tell us please stay with this thread, analysis, question and comment.

posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 12:44 AM
a reply to: liveandlearn

I have found some interesting dialogue on youtube from a previous poster about freemasons. It was in the comments, some how this seems relevant to an extent:

What this is missing, is knowledge not even most Masons know. This isn't about God vs Lucifer. This is about two ultra-terrestials, who were half brothers. Actually, the first Lucifer was the father of the current "lucifer." The one who gave knowledge to man is not the same one who led the building of the tower of ba.bil. If you want to know who commissioned Nimrod, i was Marduke- the god of the Assyrians who also bore the serpent symbol because it was a SYMBOL of a lineage, just like TUBAL CAIN is a symbol of lineage! ALL ultimately comes from the same family. Very few masons know of the actual history of the "Gods" and their battle, as well as who was behind these actual movement. There is another "serpent brother" who had a differing set of teachings, which is what you know of as Hermeticism and the teachings of light. Those of you masons stuck in the archetypes of "Lucifer vs Adonai" are, and will remain manipulated by beings with larger capacities, abilities, and intelligences than us. The second born son of Lucifer (whom you know as quazecoatl, hermes, thoth) was the one who bore the teachings of light, while his Prodigal son, (marduke/satan), was the one who brought the occult teachings of darkness. This is due to a conflict between them, and the rebellion of the firstborn Son (marduke). After this rebellion, he made himself "supreme God" of the assyrians, and his symbol too was the serpent. The "defiance" of the sons of Cain had to do with Marduke initiations a rebellion by building a tower separate from the one at SINAI- which was a direct defiance to the Lord Jehovah/enlil and the "Kingdom of Heaven." See you guys are discussing, no the creators of the world or universe. But simply those whose role was either genetically creating us (lucifer) or given Dominionship over the earth (Adonai). At one point, all of "them" (ELOHIM) left, and the ones who took over, were the family of the one you call "Marduke." Sons of cain, ETC. The symbol, of the serpent does not BELONG to one being, but an entire lineage of beings, human and non! Waveform. Sinewaves. Kundalini. Electromagnetics. The list goes on. See, these beings have LONG lifespans. You are confusing the sons of Lucifer, with Lucifer himself (the great oanness/enki/ea). The bible is just another tool, synthesized with edited information- from which Masons can draw encrypted information. But it is still based on erroenous information to begin! All the biblical tales are re-interpretations of Egyptian ,babylonian, Sumerian and Akkadian tales. Sitchin has a piece of the puzzle. Noah was not the son of the lineage of Seth, but also of the lineage of EA/First Lucifer. Adonai/Jehovah is actually brother (half), so in actuality, the lineages are related at their core! The difference is this: the human beings who were "cast out" of E.DIN (the en.lil's home) were the created humans. Whereareas, those whose lineage descends from these Beings (through "mixing" of DNA copulation and/or hybridiazation). You see, ADAM, as is EWA/EVE, SETH, etc. are names of bloodlines, NOT OF PEOPLE. The so called "bloodlines" of the Illuminati, have not to do with these silly archetypes, but actually, how much Blood of the Gods you have in you (as per Greek times, another rehash of old legends)!!! Since one bloodline may belong to a being, who may be an enemy of the one who seeks to rule this place (just as in our world, incest, and plotting against brothers for the Throne is not uncommon, the same goes to the Gods!), it was common for one bloodline to try to annihilate another one. They possessed different qualities. Other "beings" also mixed into our DNA....making it even more complex. The TRUE hierarchy goes like this: Pure blood (meaning ultraterrestial) ->hybrids--->part blood -----> human. I can see this will fall on deaf ears....Masons have their own Dogma (and are just as blind, oh the irony of the veil ceremony) and are just as blind as the religious folk. Trace it back further, and de-godspell folks! This story is the equivalent as: you and me are half bros. We have different families, we disagree on how the monkeys should be treated, slaves or equals. We had wars, our families fued. Then We leave but our sons stay behind, and battle one another. Then their families, who mixed with the monkeys- also battle with one another. A bunch of secret societies started by us, then became taken over by our sons, and the half-breed monkeys. Then they go through contradictions, secret battles, and control for locations/resources but its all about one or two things: the world remains under jurisdiction of the Kingdom. Or the world goes to the hands of the "rebel," (who is one of the sons). That is all. We have created this great "mystery" that seems too big for our britches. And that my friends, is why you are all manipulated by forces you think are greater than you.

Source look in comments on youtube link by user 'cloud'
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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 01:22 AM
a reply to: liveandlearn

Also another good excerpt from the dialogue on youtube:

further, I will say this contradicts modern "Academia" science, and I will say flat out it is manipulated- because the models they use don't allow for the "holy grail" to be tapped into properly. What they are trying to do with "superconductors in cold temperatures" can be done by understanding Teslas original science, and that of the military. And now my friend, let me re-word what you have said from an alternative angle. Let us go back to Tesla. Tesla abhorred relativity, and constantly questioned Einsteins theory, he likened it to nothing but fancy mathematics with no real substance or applicability to what Tesla was discovering at the time- which is literally how to manipulate the very core of what makes energy and matter, matter. Unlike Einstein, Tesla could prove all his theories by creating technologies that worked. Before he died he announced he had created the "Dynamic Theory of Gravity" which would put Einsteins theory out of business (which actually, has created a LIMITED materialistic paradigm based on a false premise, that spce-time is curved)- and admonished Einstein for taking the medium that EVERY scientist before Einstein believed in, the Aether/Ether. Tesla said it isn't energy at rest that creates matter, but quite the opposite. It is the movement, that creates the illusion of matter. Not just matter but vibration, and especially SPIN and what the Russians now call torsion. Ancient cultures (the swastika too..) always depicted the nature of reality as a kind of spinning spral, and now we know the concept of Fractals. Tesla believed the source of all matter at the deepest lvels, in the Aether were helical vortices whose spin, angular momentum, and intersection with other such vortices that generated the varying frequencies of electromagnetic force that made up matter. The aether flows in varying ways depending on the electromagnetic frequency of the objects in question, if the objects are magnetic the Aether flows in the direction the magnet dictates and current is generated. Tesla also figured out faster than light communication, transportation, and yes, teleportation (as did Alexanderson). Relativity doesn't allow for it so all technologies and models that outpour from that are doomed to work in overcomplicated models to try and create the "magic." And sometimes they can, but there are far simpler ways to do it, since Tesla lived in early 1900's and figured things out that we are barely beginning to figure out. Tesla also discovered "Scalar fields" and "Standing Longitudinal waves" which allowed for time reversal of energetics, including that in a human body. This is the equivalent of discovering negative entropy, and Tesla realized it was in everything, everyone, and could be tapped into at will by a time reversed longitudinal wave. The "Higgs" is just another, butchered version of the "Aether." There is no "units of mass" or "solid particles" as we assume, but rather varying degrees of moving electromagnetic (and polarities) frequencies and force in which the interactions of Scalars, and Torsion generates the spinning medium that allows for light, to transduce itself into varying states, one of which is matter and the physical reality we see. Tesla found out that all natural EM energy is actually an emanation of inward moving, spinning forces as well as the convergence of standing scalar fields at different frequencies. Both him, and a Russian scientist later believed the sun was not how we are taught now, Nuclear fusion will never be proven here in a lab setting because it is the result of another kind of fusion. Tesla observed that the sun was absorbing more energy than it was putting out, and the radiation was a result of this inward movement. Not a "collision" of elements as we assume. It is only the surface of the sun that is hot. The suns Primary rays which then step down into the electromagnetic radiation we are so used today, and Tesla said radioactive elements on the earth weren't radioactive without the primary rays of the sun, meaning he found a way to eliminate radioactivity by shielding from it. Teslas famous quote "there is no energy except that which is derived from the environment." Meaning the idea that matter is literally energy, or at rest is fallacious, all matter is receiving energy from its environment and vice versa, and it is this interconnectivity and exchange that creates the underlying atheric matrix that eventually becomes matter by the kind of "slowingdown" of light, angular momentum and countless other things. In regards to the Big Bang, people forget about the other side, Implosion. Implosive forces are kind of negative entropic forces, look up sonoluminesence and cavitation. Causing things to move inwardly towards a center taps into the Aether, or "zero-point" which can generate more energy than used to create it (which violates second law of thermodynamics, or so they say), but the energy is on the "other side" what some electricians called "counter space." So yes, the center point, between all things- is essentially the Source(god), but this place is one of nothingness, and silence. Thus it is ineffable and impossible to explain- but it can be experienced. This is the goal of all spiritual traditions. Thus all of them seek to still their mind while also remaining in the moment. Yes, I remember Hidden Hand. One thing he showed was how energy out-flowed from the center point in wave-like waves (which looks like Pontying flux). Unlike how modern scientists assume, physical reality is not just wave collapsed to particle- it is both, equally, and there is a dance between the two, just as there is a dance between matter and the Aether. See we've also been thinking of the universe as monocausal, meaning from Big Bang to us (physicality), but actually it is bi-causal, meaning everything we do, and everything does, and everything that happens is equally flowing back towards source/big bang/point of origin. Thus in traditions like Kaballah, before it became tarnished by Judaic terminology, was about creating a clear line of communication, between the origin point and us. Ein Sof to us. People such as Yeshua were in that state at almost all times, and this is what they called "grace." Miracles were possible, such as manifesting fish/bread because there was no distance/lag between the inner core and the person/being. Your DNA and cells also have a wave-form, an informational substratum in the light (aura) you emit from each and everyone of your cells and both the cells and dna are capable of torsion by virtue of the plasma and ions (electricity, and electrostatic potential) in your cells which in states of relaxation/meditation, can create the spinning medium you need to tap into the deepest levels (Aether/Vacuum), and you can access all information non-linearly, this is also the basis for most non-linear abilities btw (telepathy/remoteviewing etc), along with resonance and entanglement. Each and every electrical interaction not just in your brain, but your body, as well as the light emitted- contains massive amounts of information. Superintelligence is not the brain, but the whole of the biomind (body/mind) working together. The amount of information your aura and cells process is beyond comprehension- this is our future, and one these beings I mentioned in the first post know very well. Tesla knew how to access it, he did not need mathematics or linear methods to gain knowledge or to see the inner workings of the universe, he literally resonated far inward and outwardly simultaneously and was able to visualize with such clarity he could see what he was creating in his minds eye indefinitely to a point where it was no different from physical reality. We too can do this.

posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 02:14 AM
"Why do you marvel at these works of mine? You will do greater things than these!"
~ Jesus Christ/Yeheshua Messiah

I haven't yet tried to puzzle through the OP's presentation, but if my instinct is correct, what's he's talking about is the ability to get the last laugh at the devil's expense, all the time.

It brings to my mind the idea of seeding and harvesting both at the same time, or of harvesting where we didn't even sow, by waking up to the unity of everything, beyond the duality, and that it's all there already.

To really be at cause, all we need is to have enough love to disturb the social matrix, and if needed to drive people to tears, to outrage, and then finally to laughter at their own prior ignorance and strong delusion (rooted in duality), that alone is capable of consoling us and wiping away the tears from our eyes where it may be said that a true gentleman is someone who never hurts another person's feelings, unintentionally, while at the same time recognizing that there's a very fine line between holiness, and assholiness.

It's self serving only in so far as the aim and intent is to create the kind of world that we would like to live into, both for our own sake and that of our fellow man.

Unlike black magic is pays it's debts and even accumulates power by reconciling negative karma all along the way by waking people up and straightening them out as to their true value. It brings home the lost. It then leaves behind the 99 to go after that one lost sheep. It's uncompromising, and indomitable, and utterly reasonable, no matter how unreasonably reasonable it might appear.

It's an re-integrative and restorative principal, or the resurrected life on the other side of the chaos of a necessary ordeal, but in Jesus' case, the whole thing was done, not merely as self-sacrifice, but also as a type of hoodwink designed to bring them to their knees in repentance, and did He not get the last laugh while protecting and preserving and holding in reserve, everything that's worthwhile?

He is my King and Magus. I have no need to circumvent or bypass Him.

All I need do is to follow his model and pattern and the veil just falls away while everything becomes possible.

White magic at right angles to everything blows black magic away and renders it both powerless, and absurd.

The heart of the law is mercy.

But into the chaos of ignorance it introduces utter and absolute mayhem!

Will look into this some more, but I've already seen enough synchronicities in this thread to know that I'm on the right track in my "alchemical" followership of Jesus Christ.

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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 02:27 AM
a reply to: AnkhMorpork

I'm not entirely sure how much merit your last post has. However I'm not trying to bring a religious pretext to this. I'm just gleaming information off the net.

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