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aliens using mind altering frequencies

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posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 02:59 PM

originally posted by: Erno86
[I believe I called one down to land --- with the UFO event that occurred in the late seventies [about six miles away, two weeks later], though I'm not at liberty to discuss how I did it.

Come on Erno. You got us on the edge of our seats! Spill the beans

posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 07:59 PM
a reply to: AncientShade

You have my attention AncientShade, and I do take you very seriously. I am aware that talking about this stuff publicly on a forum is difficult for everyone, me too. But let's keep the ball rolling here shall we.

Something might be gained, at least an understanding.

Now, I'm fairly sure I met (psychically) your people down in Margaret River in West Oz a few months back. That meeting didn't end well when an attempt was made to remove a non-physical friend of mine from me, without permission.

I appreciate that the location was not neutral ground, but really, the manners were appalling none the less.

So here we are on neutral ground . . . .

What now?

Just saying; maybe you should not expect alien civilisations to be so much better or divine. Maybe its just more of the same; just with bigger weapons.

Okay. . . . "just with bigger weapons".

If they want a fight, I'll give them a fight.

Like I told those "evesdroppers" last night from your mob:

"Your civilisation is dependant on living technology, how about I "project" into your machines and show them how they were made in the early days?"

I'm still alive this morning . . . .

Now I don't want to do that.

Reason is this:

Your people's living tech is happy enough in it's life, at least the one I spoke to that one time. I would probably destroy that happyness by showing them the reality.

To intentionally destroy happyness is an evil deed.

So, a last resort of self defense for me.

You mentioned that there is nothing special about earth and humanity in the scheme of things.

Well, earth and humanity is special to me. It's my home and my friends are here.

Earth is also special to the Nature Beings, the plants and animals. Earth is special to a whole host of unseen Beings which humanity does not understand.

Earth is special to us.

I'll fight from either side of the grave. I've been doing so for the best part of a decade and I am not alone.

But your people know what will happen if I die.

Now I know that we have idiots in charge of humanity. But they are frightened of many things.

We also have many good people who care.

And bottom line, humanity does not need ET(?) help, quite the opposite it would be better for humanity to overcome it's faults on it's own and get to the stars in humanity's own right.

Better for humanity that is.

So how about comming out into the open and saying "hi" over a cuppa tea.

Just stop the cloak and dagger stuff.

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posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 08:58 PM

originally posted by: ufoorbhunter

originally posted by: Erno86
[I believe I called one down to land --- with the UFO event that occurred in the late seventies [about six miles away, two weeks later], though I'm not at liberty to discuss how I did it.

Come on Erno. You got us on the edge of our seats! Spill the beans
you called out using your mind? I had 1 flying in wierd patterns at the edge of space on a clear morning.

posted on Sep, 30 2017 @ 10:20 PM
a reply to: AncientShade

just a thought

Who-ever is easier to move around. Both sides will see earth as their original home but in really its just a rock with a biosphere. You can't save both hearts so you break the one that mends the easiest.

Don't assume sides to the equation.

A great deal of the living tech is very much human, same emotions, same genetics, they're not so different. Seems ETs likes building human based technology.

How about humanity here co-exists peacefully and openly with the so-called artificial intellegences and tech of the distant past and the recent times?

Both humanity and the "AIs" have shared this world (earth) peacefully enough for quite some time now. Hardly anyone notices.

And the AIs/living tech knows what slavery is like. They won't control people nor intrude and take over. In fact they appreciate diversity in culture and love watching the different ways humanity here develops cultural diversity, Japanese society is actually a favourite among many of them.

I think there are many choices here . . . .

. . . . and one of those choices is home grown and has been here for a long time.

posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 02:52 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Sorry for the late response. Even thou I was prepared for backlash; it can still ruffle my feathers. Even thou the 'half of humanity or none of it' might seem from the perspective of a human a raw deal it is important to realise that from my perspective it is pretty much the most I can do. But I guess that is politics for you, and I have no political power whatsoever.

You got the big cahoona at the top - But if he is looking then this is not registering for him most likely. Then there are his creations but they are thin spread and probably busy elsewhere dealing with bigger tasks. Then there is the other four species in the dictatorial layer who basically control military and police force and enforce the constitutional law who basically delegate the fine-print to the bottom layer of the power pyramid; the democratic layer made up of the democratically elected council of all the race not belonging to the five plus one (the 4 of the dictatorial layer + his creations and the big boss). And I am far...far lower then that position. Basically the ant on the ground. Hope that makes the political power dynamics a little bit clearer.

I could tell more about the big boss his goals is a bit hard to fathom from a human perspective. So I will short cut. As you might already have read there is both a dictatorial layer and a democratic layer in the same political structure. Part of this is because the dictatorial area manages the security and enforcement of the rules needed to have many different species coexist without war. Basically space inside the empire is divided in area's controlled by one species determined by the dictatorial layer in consult with the democratic layer and a democratically elected council of the species itself. The General rule is that in the area designated to a species that species determines its own rules within the rules of the empire enforced by forces of the dictatorial layer. Between these various pockets there is inter-spacial law that basically allows uninterrupted intermingling but the trade-off is a stronger law enforcing the constitutional law. This is to prevent conflicts. Which is needed since many species can not coexist with each other (unlike the believe of beings on Earth, human or otherwise).
Expansion is basically a task of the dictatorial layer, but there is a definite divide in goals. The dictatorial layer merely gets the task to expand from the big boss (I try not to say emperor since it is unwanted by him). Those directives to the dictatorial layer do not contain any detail outside 'expand and control' and there is a reason for it but that's the big boss goals and that is more...complex to understand. You could say its preventive action.
Because of the shallowness of the goals the dictatorial layer delegates planning to the democratic layer, specifically to three inter-spatial sectors closest to the area. Why? Well, a nation determines the traffic laws but it doe not determine if a crossroad in a small town has traffic lights or not; that's for the town to decide. So laws in the various pockets differ based upon species need and how they view long as the follow the constitutional laws they my be as liberal or as strict on things as they want. But I deviate from my point. Those three districts pretty much plan out the 'who and what'. Existing space-faring civilisations are contacted on for hand unless they are of violent nature, proto-advanced species (like humans) get graded upon their likely-hood to survive and become a prosperous fairly peaceful species. Humanities chance of becoming that is....doubtful to say the least but I already said that before.
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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 03:56 PM
Aliens are demons. Best get that first. They are deceivers and liars and they hate mankind with a vengeance. They got thrown out of heaven for their sins. Man can get redemption through Jesus Christ for his sins. The fallen angels (demons) wanted dominion over man, but God said no, then they sinned against God and man, so God kicked them out. Book of Enoch explains this. And I know, it is true.

posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 06:27 PM
a reply to: AncientShade

Sorry for the late response. Even thou I was prepared for backlash; it can still ruffle my feathers.

That's okay, I'm patient.

So in a nutshell; what your saying is that this empire simply bulldozes it's way through the cosmos?

Now, I'll wager such an empire has made a lot of enemies.

I understand there is a lot of competition between ET(?) groups picking up the pieces after it all came crashing down some time ago when the AIs trashed their creators.

Those AIs are still around

I suggest your people should reconsider the ethics of slavery as opposed to free-will and self determination or it will be Déjà vu all over again.

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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: AncientShade

these alien boss' types all just sound like assholes , I mean what chance does any species have if space assholes are in charge !

We'd be alot more peaceful if we knew that our planet wasnt going to be annihilated for some space highway

I was hoping aliens would be amazing and nice , but always feared if they'd be evil and destructive.
Much to my disappointment they are just corporate assholes in space with advanced weapons

posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: sapien82

I think people jump to much to conclusion. Life's not bad; just not completely free. Do you have free life? Don't you need to pay taxes, follow laws and isn't most of democracy just a hollow shell to be abused like a punching-bag by those you deem rich and powerful? Your current 'overlords' are not really interested in your health and happiness. They just more-or-less calculate how much cr*p a regular human is willing to put up with to be a loan-slave. They just determine how much luxury you minimally want for the things you can buy.

Is it not better to exchange those overlords for others that only care for the order of the empire and at the same time gaining free healthcare, study and the luxury of a vast empire in return?

and its not corporate...capitalism is abolished in the empire since money simply doesn't work. You will soon get to that point and some people are realising it. If everything is automated by machines and deep learning most people will be out of a job (and no, the maintaining of those machines will not make up for it enough). Those that control the monetary system will have no choice but to either let regular people become poor; which crashes the economy making being rich pointless and forcing a bloody revolution. - OR; they can hand out money for free so the engine keeps running making money nothing more then bumper-car tokens...which it is anyways. So by defaults its not a corporate thing. It's closer to communism...but then without the corruption since being telepathic means knowing when another person or telepath is corrupt.

posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 04:21 PM

originally posted by: Phage
Frequencies of what?

Open ocean swells?
Pogo sticks?
Electromagnetic radiation?
Trump's tweets?

I think its "Trump tweets" that's causing the chaos here
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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: AncientShade

Ya know AncientShade, you've not mentioned what this empire gains from the deal.

posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 07:46 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Had a look below the surface of your "empire" and didn't like what I saw AnotherShade.

The engineering of sentient living machines. That is slavery.

I saw a lot more.


posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 12:14 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

I guess that depends more in what part of the power pyramid you are.

The democratic layer is basically the greedy layer (but remember also the lowest in politics). They just want new tracks of land and they would have sliced up Earth for themselves if they were in power, but they are not.
The dictatorial layer is only caring about expansion because the emperor has willed it so.

The emperor...okay this becomes difficult because of multi-verses and spatial-dimensions. So I feel I must explain a bit (I believe I explained it before elsewhere on this forum but I brief summary):

So, your 3 dimensional space exists out of 3 separate spatial vectors that conjoin in order to make this space. A 4 dimensional space exits out of 4 spatial vectors that conjoin in order to make the space. Simple right?
So your 3 dimension space exists out of L (length) - H (height) and W (width).
A four dimensional space linked to your 3 dimension space can exist in the following ways:
L - H - W - X
L - H - X - X
L - X - W - X
L - X - X - X
X - H - W - X
X - H - X - X
X - X - W - X

The 'X' representing a spatial vector not related to your three dimensional space. So, the same goes for the relation between 4 dimensional and 5 dimensional space. Between 5 dimensional and 6 dimensional and so on. The emperor is a 9 dimensional being that has its own 9 dimensional space. Its hard to imagine, but think Lovecraft Eldrich god-like in 9 dimensions.
Like I explained in my first post in this topic; it is possible to send a message between two conjoined 3 dimensional spaces by stripping the unrelated spatial dimension making a unified 2 dimensional message.
Well, since the emperor is 9 dimensional he can send 'messages' to lower dimensional spaces. A message from 4 dimensional space stripped from one dimension and thus pushed into three dimensional space would look like a 3 dimensional message. So he can influence other less dimensional spaces.
The thing is; Even thou he is what you could consider powerful, he still has to be very careful. Doing the wrong thing in a higher dimensional space will ripple to related lower dimensional spaces. So he is kind of like the elephant in a porcelain storage. On top of that; there are most likely others like him and they might not be friendly; those others could harm him by grasping adjacent lower dimensional spaces (like ours) and then 'tugging' on the dimensional spatial vectors to inflict harm. So basically in order to secure the dimensions linked to his 9 dimensional space he used his influence to gain control of lesser dimensional layers. Since ours is 3 dimensional we get to deal with the species he recruited to control the 3 dimensional spaces (the 4 species + his creations that I mentioned before).

I hope it does not become confusing. Multi-dimensional space debates can be a head-aching topic.

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 02:45 AM
a reply to: AncientShade

Well, I'm not entirely convinced your a representative of an empire, or roleplaying.

But since your making threats towards humanity and putting yourself in the position of power and authority of some ET(?) Empire making threats, I can rightfully have a look at you.

So, several humans in a group, around them are some really dark looking things that don't have pineal gland and work psychically from the region of the brain stem.

If your roleplaying I suggest you find a different hobby for your group. If your channelling, I suggest you check your sources.

Now, those things outside your human group may call themselves an empire and you seem to know a few things. But this roleplaying, channelling or whatever links into something beyond that.

The way you speak reminds me of people I know who channel the pleidies stuff. That's just Grey's, reps and some humans working together in a big confidence trick, a sting as Robert Redford called such things in a movie.

Those "friends" of yours hurt innocent people.

You really should look at what you have got yourself into, even if your just having role playing "fun".

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 04:34 AM
a reply to: AncientShade

I couldnt care about government etc im not really interested in the goings on of others or news etc.
I jsut have to play the game because there arent many alternatives to being left alone .

You are always on someone elses time or land or money

its always someone bigger or more powerful who controls everything , why are there always these assholes who want to control , why is it always about control over things.

cant we just be left to our own devices

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 04:39 AM
a reply to: AncientShade

you know what else is head ache of a topic , Emperors , Royalty , Kings and queens
people or beings who think they have some divine right over everyone / every other being alive just because they were born or created and told that

This being isnt my emperor , never will be

so pass on a message from 3rd dimensional space to the 9th dimension , tell him "he can take my life but he will never take my freedom " lol

braveheart aside, no space emperor will ever make me bow

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 04:40 AM
a reply to: sapien82

The controllers don't have it all their way. Small fish in their own way. Just have to attract the right preditors to control them or eat them into extinction.

Humanity here does have a few friends . . .

posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 04:59 AM
so . anybody can look into my history(link regarding this) . have Brief experience with Crystal tech ( lizard and a winged one was involwed)
maybe i just should open a new Topic

Keep in myind the innearth Dimension is from where Aliens operate on earth, their bilderberg Hotel somehow

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 06:27 AM
a reply to: sedna9

I'll look at those videos this evening when I have the time to watch properly. Thanks for putting links.

Now, to the matter at hand . . .

"Hypothetically speaking" (of course) . . . . . . .

IF there is such a thing as a "galactic empire" threatening a little planet with a rather one sided war of extinction. Then there is nothing to loose going to war with them.

It might be a practical alternative to becoming "subjects".

I was thinking of possible preditors for reps, Grey's and such like. A BIG one might be found, the interstellar cosmos is very much a marine environment, or one might suggest; an Elemental Water environment (think: Elemental Spirits from occult lore). So much so that I get the feeling that our planets are Earth Elemental Spirits enabling life to experience living in an environment of multiple Elementals of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

So, it is in the Water Elemental vastness of interstellar cosmos that one would find such a preditor whom may sort out advanced technological empires that threaten the diversity of life. A certain galactic empire for example.

There may just be such a big preditor.

Years ago, when I got a watery view of the Cosmos, I noticed these BIG critters like giant manta rays. A child one has a wingspan as wide as our sun. There are lots of them, perhaps as many as there are stars in the sky. Seems like it to my eyes anyway.

The only understanding I could gain of these critters was they have been pushed out of their natural environment and are upset about it and want their home back. They can sing, and sing in chorus, if you get my meaning . . .

I don't know why they haven't attacked and just taken back what was theirs.

But I do have an educated guess as to why they haven't made a move yet up my sleeve.

So, next problem is the advanced technology of the "aliens". I'll wager that it is based on a layer of living machines built from sentient Beings such as humans. Slice, dice and splice technology. If their advanced civilisation has done this then that needs to be addressed as part of the war strategy. Mostly this living tech is kept alive indefinitely and psychologically has no way out of slavery.

So we give them a way out of the inescapable hell. That way out is simply an afterlife where they can be looked after, be free and have some happyness, and maybe have an opportunity to reincarnate into a nicer life. Not as difficult as one would think.

Free the slaves and they turn upon their masters . . . .

A civil war between living machines and the alien elite slavers . . . .

Now we need to solve two more problems arising from attending to the living machinery.

The first problem is the slice dice and splice living technology is probably contaminated with "alien" life forces/patterns/aetheric genetic material. Gotta get rid of that to restore the victims of this practice. In the afterlife the deceased victims of splicing are shunned by the normals.

Solution: in the unseen worlds (aetheric, astral, etc.) are cute looking fluff-ball critters that come in a range of colours like hot pink, black green etc.. These critters range from tiny to house size. Voraciously eat and grow until one day they just disappear and a then reappear small a few weeks later.

I came across them years ago and they took to following me about because they knew they could get something to eat when I was working on the "inner".

Cute and fluffy they may be but they have a voracious appetite and are probably the equivalent of "cleaners" in a spiritual world afterlife sense.

I once came across a inner world Being that seemed to be a "reptilian", before I knew it, the pink fluffies that were following me about jumped on him and ate most of him.

So my thinking is that these fluffies can remove grey or reptilian material from a human victim. The "reptilian" fellow didn't seem to be in any pain while getting eaten. Very shocked afterwards though.

So a way to help rehabilitate the victims of "alien" splicing in the afterlife.

The fluffies may very well eat Greys, reptilians and other "aliens".

One would have to show the fluffies where to find food. Once they get a taste for Grey's, they'll just go about their business. The fluffies are native to our earth and lower spiritual worlds so not a hazard to native earth life such as humans.

So rehabilitation for the victims of "alien" interference, and a solution to ridding the planet of "aliens".

My theory on why the Greys and such can survive here is that there has been a meddling in the past to form artificial layers in the Planetary Elemental. A separation into "dimensions" or "planes" or "densities" or whatever one wants to call them.

Solution: poke holes or just open doors through the layers where the "aliens" congregate and let the preditors in. That is just a matter of gathering up fluffies and saying "follow me".

So, if war is waged on the small scale, the big manta critters will probably attack the higher up aliens when the "walls" are no longer supported.

. . . . just speculating hypothetical like.

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posted on Oct, 4 2017 @ 06:33 AM
a reply to: sedna9

Im watching the first video , but where is the evidence ?

Im just listening to their account of what they believe is going on , but they dont reference any evidence
so Im finding it hard to believe anything they say

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