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Why i oppose globalism, the agw agenda, the UN, etc AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

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posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 11:37 AM
So, i had a literal struck me dumb lightning bolt directly to the cranium capital E EPIPHANY just now!

I'd like to share what i realized with all of you and in order for you to get the most out of this you will need to step outside the political/social/identity/ideological/economic and etc "group" or party or etc you identify with because a huge part of what I'm going to lay out is why ALL OF THEM SUCK, are WRONG on some stuff, and most importantly there isn't a single group out there that's close enough to right/has a vision and direction that will result in anything but disaster!

Why is that the case? Honestly a very smart man nearly a century ago why this is the case and always will be if we keep making the same stupid mistakes! But that's for a later post... Onto the main event!

So here's the deal guys, notice how no matter which political faction or etc you subscribe to... All of them currently push a worldview that the vast majority of humanity needs to accept that there's not enough work for everyone, we can't keep growing food and raising livestock at current rates, there's not enough energy, there's diminishing resources, there's a diminishing ability of earth to support us without doing irreversible damage, and etc etc....

And between the lot of them they've managed to actually make this the reality we face unless we as individuals, communities, regions, countries, continents, and AS A SPECIES say oh HELL NO... and do something different!

Why do i say that? Because every single one of those supposedly dire and inevitable situations above are being directly caused, created, or consciously pushed in spite of being lies or self inflicted by the groups and the byplay between them very much knowingly because the alternative would be inevitably giving up or being forced to give up the vast majority of the power control and economic certainty they currently possess.

This goes for ALL OF THEM
Liberals & conservatives
Democrats & Republicans
Environmentalists & Oil barons
Globalists & Nationalists
Etc etc ad nauseam!

Every single one of them are god damn hypocrites and liars and really every damn one of you already knows it to be true!

How do i know this?

The reforms and approaches which could eradicate the threat of each of the big problems i listed at the beginning only exist because BOTH SIDES of each issue are created sustained and made ever more critical only by both groups on either side of the issue.

The best one to illustrate this is the looming decimation of future jobs supposedly at the hand of robotics...

Now the liberals/globalists are pushing a universal basic income and drastically reduced consumption/opportunity/prospects/potential for meaningful lives for an overwhelming majority of the global population... Because it's ROBOTICS and CAPITALISM that are the problem not their insistence on deindustrialization at all costs except of course and oh so conveniently in nations etc where labor is cheap regulations are minimal oversight is null and visibility to the western public is zero! Those places can not only keep their industry but build more and they get a pass on their pollution output etc!... Gee so that's a pretty mercenary, capitalist, and nationalistic stance for liberals/globalists to take isn't it?

Then we have the conservatives/nationalists who definitely DON'T WANT a UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME (western 1st world welfare unemployment dole and benefits programs are cool though.... As long as inflated funny money not their taxes pay for it!) They're also definitely not fans of open borders (then everyone can move to 1st world and get benefits / migrate to regions and nations where there's still work which completely screws up their ability to repress and pay 3rd worlders nothing and get away with it too! That's ALL super bad for them!) To make all this happen they've been hyping up nationalism while preaching "the reality of global economies" to 1st worlders watching their prosperity jobs etc drain away. Just like they curse chinese communist party controlled business monopolies in china while screaming khmer rouge at anyone who mentiobs antitrust laws wrt their endless mergers in the west! They patent troll and utterly abuse copyright laws etc to soak consumers for every last penny, kill potential business competition in court or Congress, and extort tax concessions from our bankrupt municipalities etc to keep their business in the area...

I could go on and on... Like how "environmental groups" incessantly harangue about farming costing topsoil nitrate poisoning water and etc while systematically for the last several decades making sure new hydro, run of river hydro, expansions and modifications of existing hydro etc projects which all could have been harnessed to also do contamination remediation, erosion control, and a million other very beneficial things which haven't been done and won't be done because "environmental groups" block anything of this sort instantly and have effectively made such stuff completely impossible on anything but token small scale pilot project basis!

One last one for the road... Remember peak oil?

Wanna know why you hear absolutely NOTHING about it now? (hint our consumption hasn't dropped LOL)

Because it turns out we're not running out and somehow old oil pockets we mined out are refilling themselves... I'm not gonna say abiotic oil, but yeah whatever is causing it is damn inconvenient for Exxon AND AL GORE!

ok so ends the opening salvo of this odyssey... I'll check back in a few hours and put up part 2 where i will sketch out how exactly we get ourselves out from under the thumbs of the psychos in power and why we need to do it NOW

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 12:58 PM
a reply to: roguetechie

Very well put! Unfortunately, they have not only the bully pulpit of the MSM spin and propaganda machine, they also have all the money.

And we know what that means, don't we. But lest we forget, "Money talks and BS walks".

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 10:04 PM
i hate inter-nationalism. they wrote about this in the 1850s, the plan to create their one world gov. thats why i hate espn and all the newz agencies glorifying disrespecting the flag and anthem. its a way to chisel away at our sovereignty. they are hoping that the little kids will see stef curry crying they will imitate.

i LOVE being an american. in europe there are thought crimes. at least in the usa we can say and think anyway we want pretty much.

posted on Sep, 25 2017 @ 01:09 AM
a reply to: roguetechie

got a scenario for you.

say you have a job that is menial tedious repetitive and mindless, something a robot can do, say your employer is ok with you buying your own robot and putting it in your place, your employer will still pay you for the work your robot does, but of course they will take out of your pay the electricity the robot costs.

do you agree with this practice or not?

thats basically a very simplified version of universal basic income post robot revolution.

or atleast that was the idea of it, thats not to say the concept isnt being manipulated via corruption into a profiteering opportunity for the already rich ceos and banks.... that corruption aside, the basic concept is good no?
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