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Merkel seeks fourth term as voting begins in Germany

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posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 04:34 AM
Today's the day when Germany will decide if they are to stick with the firm hand of Angela Merkel at the wheel or jump ship and elect former EU President Martin Schulz to the top job , it's widely expected that Merkel will win her fourth term in office but as we've seen in recent times shock results are becoming the norm and the result is by no means a certainty.

We shouldn't have long to wait to discover the direction of travel as true to their reputation for efficiency German exit polls are deemed to be a reliable indicator of how the electorate voted and they are expected shortly after polls close.

Good luck Deutschland , do your best to give us a shock.

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posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 05:01 AM
Meh .
Theyll vote merkle back in and the # show will go on .

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: gortex

Merkel is pretty safe. There is no political party in Germany that would be in a position to challenge her. So it will be more of the same for good or bad.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 05:26 AM
a reply to: gortex

I don't know about Schultz but nobody can be worse than the woman who ruined one of the best countries.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 05:44 AM
a reply to: gortex

The political debates were a desaster for both sides because Schulz and Merkel are so far removed from reality that they have no idea what the german citizens really want. There is currently not one political party i would vote for with a clear conscience. The AFD had the right idea but they went too far in the wrong direction and the infighting didn't do them any favors either. Merkel is gonna win. Hell there was not even any real campaigning at all. It almost looks like that the SPD and CDU already struck a deal behind closed doors and the whole election was rigged from the start. Schulz proved time and time again that he is a moron and Merkel can do whatever she wants because if you are against her you automatically hate immigrants and refugees. I wanted someone like Trump to beat Merkel but nobody is up to the challenge as it seems.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 06:25 AM
How anyone could justify voting for Merkel after this incident is beyond me. This was just wrong and she can go # herself.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 06:35 AM
a reply to: Perfectenemy

That is disgraceful but perhaps unsurprising , nation states are to be a thing of the past in the United States of Europe.

Patriotism is bad MKayyy.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 07:12 AM
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Nationalism is not really a thing in Germany, due to their past experience with it.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: gortex

Today's the day when Germany will decide if they are to stick with the firm hand of Angela Merkel at the wheel or jump ship and elect former EU President Martin Schulz to the top job

The UBI party, of course!

Proud to side with the losers, drones will win this election. But we'll keep winning hearts and minds for a future anyway.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 08:54 AM

originally posted by: Perfectenemy
How anyone could justify voting for Merkel after this incident is beyond me. This was just wrong and she can go # herself.

First of all, this is only a reason for the rightwingers, not to vote for Merkel.
Such things come from people that have no clue about politics in Germany but need a reason to hate Merkel.

But i ask myself where these critics have been before 2015?
Because Merkel was bad for Germany, for the AVERAGE people(the not rich) since she entered the political theatre play to fool the people. And i bet a lot of people that hate Merkel since 2015, voted for her before 2015 and made her Bundeskanzler, especially in the neo-nazi infested east of Germany, where she comes from. Just because of the fact that she comes from there.

It´s not only that she is the "foster child" of Helmut Kohl, who lamed Germany for 16 years and gave us Merkel, before she "stabbed him in the back". She was an person that had an easy life in the former GDR. Many people will know what that means, you had to be a good party soldier. She even was allowed to study in Moscow, that was a privilege for only the best party soldiers, the most obeying party soldiers. Btw, she studied propaganda and agitation!!! That are some parts of her first life, many people say as IM Erika(IM means inoffizieller Mitarbeiter, unofficial employee of the Stasi).

There we have the euro crisis, the energy "revolution", the "nuclear waste repository "Asse", just to name some Merkel made problems. Look at the educational system since the Merkel reign, average people are downgraded, just learn the most simple things to be just able to do the lowest jobs, as wage slaves. The moneyed aristocracy sends their childs to expensive elite boarding schools, where the next generations of "the elite" are bred. They made even studying easier. To be honest, what is a german study worth anymore, since that bachelor and whatever crap, compared to german studies before that crap?
Now we have millions of studied people, jobless studied people, that all thought:
I am so unique, i am better than others, because i study. Business administration, BWL. Like millions of others. Or anything with "media". Now they are happy to be allowed to drive taxis, to not become a Hartz4(social "welfare") victim!

Ok, Hartz4 was brought to us by not Merkels CDU/CSU but the SPD, the alleged worker party. It´s even hard to write that down. Could be they were decades ago, but now they are part of the one party system a`la the former GDR´s SED. Great coalition, GroKo called. But under the Merkel reign they even sharpened the anti-social Hartz4 laws, you are almost not your own person anymore, but in their, the states hands, completely, if you become a Hartz4 victim.

But to be honest, nowadays you are a victim even if you work, even on more than one job. Your lifetime will be stolen, just to make others rich, but not yourself! Because, the "german job wonder" is a horrific lie! What is it worth if you have millions in jobs that are not payed anything near fair, even the statutory minimum wage from under 9 Euro is undermined by the millions of times, because the "politics" left enough wholes in the statutory minimum wage laws, for the profits of the employer side, the corporations etc.

Millions, good educated(but not "elite") to less educated people, have to work in temporary contracts. If i remember right, the last number i heard was around 40 millions of germans, that is the half of our people! Nobody knows if he has still a job next week, doesn´t matter which job, how good or less good educated the workers are, need to be for the job. Millions are forced to work in precarious employment conditions, become Hartz4 victims even if they work, millions are working poor. There are more and more homeless people, because the Merkel reign didn´t matter about the problems real people have.

We have waaaaay too less payable homes and rents! The working class, that keep nations running, can´t build own houses anymore(like before 25, 30 years, when only the husband had one job and the women stayed at home and grew up the kids and stuff), can´t even pay for the horrific rents, you have to pay if you want to live somewhere where you can find work, working mobile phone and slow, expensive but the most time working internet access.

We almost leave all of our money we make a month, with honest and hard work, with spending the most of our lifetime to be a robot(and not let money just make more money, without ever really to work, like those that think they are "elite"), for rent, energy costs(because of the "energy revolution" that doesn´t work), for an excessive bureaucracy that makes the lifes of the average people harder, but the lifes of the officials easier and easier, they don´t even have to pay anyhing for pension funds, but get the most when they retire, after a life of sitting around and creating problems for others. Social security contributions? Nooo, THEY don´t have to pay for that, they rather take it from those that create things, keep the nation running but have almost nothing. All under Merkels reign, it was time enough to change anything, they were and are in power since years, those SED2 politicians, first and foremost Merkel.

IM Erika(?) told us even that we, the people, don´t have a legal claim for an everlasting democracy and social market economy:

And get´s elected and re-elected... And we are called the land of poets and THINKERS... unbelievable!
In that video she is also talking about mass surveillance and that these would be things that are not to be discussed with the people, but just to do, zero tolearnce and all that big brother crap.

Later she told us that we now live indeed in a market conform democracy, not a democracy anymore:

And got re-elected...

She and her SED2/GroKO part, consisting of all other parties like SPD, Grüne, FDP, CSU(without that trick the CDU wouldn´t be where it is now, but they teamed up with the bavarian rightwinger party. Which would be nothing than what it is, a local bavarian problem and not an all-german problem, without that partnership).

I think that comment will get too long and i have to to continue it later, don´t wonder if i just stop, it would be because of too less space and will be continued.

The SED2.0 under IM Erika showed us for years now that we people are worth nothing anymore, it is even better you don´t get ill anymore, don´t get hurt and have to go to a german hospital. It would be safer to take a taxi and go to the netherlands, austria or belgium, for medical treatment. In german hospitals you will be infected with hospital germs. Then you create a lot of money to the pharma lobby, the "health and safety" lobby, the operators of hospitals, that just need to make money, money, money, but not to heal people anymore. Healthy people don´t create any money for these industry sectors. Yes, industry sectors, like everything else.

Another big thing is that bondage to the former allegedly united states. I remember very well how Merkel, not yet Bundeskanzler, travelled to Bush jr. to visit him personnaly and to apologize for Germany not taking part in a war basing on cheap lies. Thanks Fischer(Grüne, green party) and Schröder(SPD), at that time, wjho blamed the Bush government for lying about iraq. Tbc, i am writing!

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 10:27 AM

And as we all know, they were right, but Merkel had to apologize for not taking part in that war. What an ugly person, an characterless, obeying person! I ask myself since years if she is a tricky double- , triple- or better multiple agent. Working for all sides, East, West, Big Money, the "market", the Banksters, the car companies etc. But the whole time against the will of the german people, taxpayers, workers, families etc.

She even had no problem with the NSA scandal, a big thing in Germany, we are totally observed by a foreign nation, and nobody cares. Because the foreign nation is "our best friend and partner"(sad that i don´t get old enough to see when the bomb about germany´s "souveranity" since 1945 explodes, in 2090, when those papers are not classified as top secret anymore). As we can see, under a reign like the Trump reign, what best friends and partners like this are worth, nothing, zero! They are a real threat now to us, but nobody of "our representatives of the people" care. They even help to hide the fact that a foreign nation installs big brother on our soil and makes it legal, with laws, to the detriment of millions of german, taxpaying citizens.

The Merkel government with it´s SED2.0 doesn´t care about nothing that is negative for the average people. This reign is even happy to get big brother installed in germany, for the security only of the own class, not the average people that are ALL treated like potential terrorists you better don´t trust anymore, nowadays. I mean, if you spy on ALL germans to allegedly protect ALL people(without any success) from terrorism, you have to anticipate, as a average citizen that is spied on, that you are seen as a possible terrorist, or not?

And they know why, because the people meanwhile saw through the dirty game that is played, for the profits of almost everbody, except the german average citizens. That only have to pay for almost everything but don´t get anything good back. Germany is not Germany anymore. It´s the paymaster for big parts of the world. And people critize that germany has to say that much in the world. Pay more, say more. Even if the people pay and the rulers do whatever they want. Pay more and free us of that Merkel dictatorship, that ruling of germany(and a bit of france) in the EU!

But EU nations that only take, take, take(looking to the east of europe and a bit to England, UK, or whatever it calls itself nowadays, because britih empire isn´t the right term anymore.) but don´t want to give something back, just want to pick cherries, do they even have a right to whine about the dominant position of germany, where the people are forced to pay for all that EU and Euro crap? I am not a fan of a dominant Germany and the EU dictatorship, how could i. I know our history, and it is better to make mistakes not twice. But also we shouldn´t live in a complete bondage to the "masters in the overseas", that first creats problems all over the world(for only own profits, for sure), hidden and in public, and then "ask" their "partners" to help cleaning up the mess. Because, if you´re not on their side, you are on the side of the axis of evil, as we all had to learn!

Another thing. We offer asylum to everyone, even to everyone we don´t even know, but the Merkel government treats heroes, whistleblowers like Snowden and Assange like traitors. To be honest, the damage was done to the anti-democratic, big brotherish secret services of the anglo-american "empire", those that really think that they would be the axis of the good. It was a gift for the german people to have evidence now. Evidence for things we knew for decades, but couldn´t prove. We were the hot spot of the first cold war, for decades, for sure we knew that our mail was checked, our phones were tapped and all that stuff. But we were stupid enough to believe that only if the russians do it, it would be bad for us.

And the Merkel reign with all these old puppets around her, still seem to think and live like in that first cold war.
Need to come back to the actual elections. My tv is off, i don´t read newspapers, watch news atm. I don´t want to be bothered by that cheap theatre play of "democracy". I voted, but made my vote invalid. Because I couldn´t square with my conscience the fact that all of the votable direct candidates, which i normally had to vote for one for, are liars and ineligible, because they are all members of the SED2.0! Except Die Linke, the left party maybe. At least their lies sounded better than all the crap of the other parties, in that one party system.

But politicians are politicians, parties are parties and the whole political system is a corrupt system to exploit the average people. They ALL lie, just for the fact that the want to make money without really ever to work or even to assume responsibility for anything, for any of their anti-people-, anti-democratic "mistakes" they make non-stop and get paid for, by the people that have to suffer from that robber baron system. So i couldn´t give my voice to one of those liars, because i just can´t live with the consequences. I don´t want to be guilty of bringing egoists into power, that first do everything for their own welfare, then for those that pay enough money to control the german Bundestag, the complete german political system.

There are still more lobbyists in the german Bundestag, than parlamentarians(631), officially 706 with a one year pass. But there are unofficial numbers that speak from around 4000 lobbyists that control "our" parlamentarians. And not one of those lobbyists is lobbying for us people. We average people have no lobby, just the rich people! So, how could i trust only one of these players in that theatre play to fool the people. I would be guilty if i would give one of them my voice! With my second voice i voted. Because i didn´t have to vote for SED2.0 parties/politicnas, but i could vote Die Partei. But that is just a statement, that is prostest-voting. It´s a party of cabaretists that know what they do and what they are talking about. And it could be that they are the big winners tonight. Because, only the idiots would vote for a neoliberal neo nazi party, just to protest-vote. This is still Germany, and most people learned about our history.

Lets´talk about the other parties, FDP and AfD. If you know what the FDP is, then you know that the AfD would be just a radical-rightwing FDP. And what a FDP, in addition to a CDU/CSU regime brought us, we had to learn some years ago. After that, the FDP was where it belongs too, in the deep darkness of nothing, for years. Till now, suddenly, thanks to the help of the SED2.0 and the MSM(same for the AfD, without the help of the MSM, every little fart was blown up, they wouldn´t have that much dark german supporters).

The FDP was, and is, in the whole lobby driven circus, the most lobby driven party that ever existed in Germany. That is neoliberalism, robber baron-, manchester capitalism at it´s finest. Make yorself, your friends and the rich richer, and take it from the average people! Even worse than that pseudo CDU/CSU(SED2.0).

Now take that and make it radical rightwing!
Then you have the AfD, the "alternative" for Germany, sorry, but LOL!
If in power, they would lay their hands on all the surveillance data first(good that we all have nothing to hide in the web...) and send poor, people, political enemies, otherthinking people into "Arbeit macht Frei" camps. TBC

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 11:31 AM

It wouldnt make a difference if those poor people were german or not, poor people are worthless life, in their jargon. Social things would be cutted to zero. It´s just parasites that become victims of Hartz4, from their view. That makes it so incomprehensible that exactly those "left-behind" people, living from social welfare, all time a beer in the hands while chanting nazi paroles whenever they see a camera and/or a mic, would vote for their own butchers? I mean, how idiotic... sorry, but it is like it is! To be honest, ask around in those "national befreite Zonen, national librated zones" in east germany, under all that AfD voting PeGiDa lunatics, how many of them have a job and don´t live from social welfare. Ok, most of them would lie, but it´s a fact. Those that are most neo nazi, are those that in big parts never worked, are alcoholics, dissapointed from living outside of the civilisation, in their towns, where everything is like it was decades ago, and nothing should change, following the wishes of their "inmates".

Because, if you look at the big cities, most people are sane, but if you just go a bit out of the big cities, to the little jerkwater towns, hicksvilles etc, there the amount of AfD voters grows. There, where the people never had the chance to live side by side with an "Ausländer", where they almost never come in contact with strangers. Even german people that live in cities are strangers for them, they want their towns to be no-go areas for strangers of all kinds. If you approach to the east and bavaria, the worse it gets.

The bavarian example is abit different than the east german example, in bavaria most people have what they need, but are afraid to give only one bean away, from a whole bucket full. In east germany it looks like everything was build yesterday(Soli Ost tax), but the people have no work. Nobody wants to invest in xenophobic parts of Germany, it´s simply bad for business if your workers get attacked by drunk neo-nazi hordes. The bavarian xenophobia is seen as cultural enrichment, as it seems, by people from other nations. That Lederhosen and Oktoberfest thing, that dialect almost no german even can understand and the hate towards anything that is not bavarian. Seems to be cool and an all-german thing for them.

What is else to say, others than i voted per mail(not electronic mail!!!) and only for the reason that others can´t tell me that i didn´t vote. I voted and made a statement with only voting with my second voice for a "fun" party, making my vote invalid with not voting with my first voice. It´s me that would have to live with the knowledge of burrying my voice in an urn, to support any individuals that fool the people all the time!

There is not one party or politician out there we could trust, not just one! The history showed us that nothing would change, no matter who is in power, the only fact is, with nazis in power everything would get worse. Politicians are puppets, controlled by the big money. Look at the VW scandal, the german people were sold to the VW criminals, by "our" politicians, especially Merkel and her SED2.0! They all fool us, they all get corrupted( with money, good jobs in the future, in the industry, or blackmailing, if some politicians would really have good intentions) if they enter that political theatre play. That theatre that simulates "democracy", that simulates that we average people would have a say. By burrying our voice in an urne, every four years. And some smaller elections, with the same result. Nothing changes to a better for the average people, but only for the rich. The rest is exploited more and more.

And now most people know it, that is the reason why we all are potential terrorists for the ruling class and the rich meanwhile: For the rulers that are controlled externally, by foreign nations and by the big money. And that is one reason why many, many don´t vote anymore or make their vote invalid, intentionally.

It´s because the whole system is sick and "democratic elections"(guaranteed not to fake... xD), parties and their puppet politicians are a part of that disease, of that reversed Robin Hood(taking from the middleclass and the poor, giving it to the rich) system!

To stop that war of the rich, the so called "elites", the establishment, against the rest of the world, it isn´t done with giving your voice to a sympton of the disease. That is completely senseless. I am afraid, that only a revolution, from the people, by the people, for the people, could stop that insane madness we have to live in now.

And i am sure the ruling class knows that and knows that it is five before twelve.
So they will go on with turning us into a police- and surveillance state, otherwise the rulers, politicians, parties, the rich and because of that powerful could lose a bit of their easy life, that others have to pay and work for!

No matter who of that clowns is in power!

It is sad but this is the reality. And the older i get, the more confirmation i can see, for all that!
That just needed to be said, on that unbearable "elections" sunday to fool the average german people!

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 11:33 AM
Exit polls suggest Angela Merkel has won her fourth term in office with 32.5% of the vote.
More of the same for the next 4 years then but good news for the German economy I guess.
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posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 12:07 PM
Holy # i hate Twitter morons so #ing much. We are getting bombarded with please people vote messages for months from every side and even the german z-celebs chimed in and now they whine over the outcome for the AfD. Humans are #ing retarded.

AfD got 13.5% and 88 seats. What a coincidence. Well the majority voted for Merkel again because apparently changing the status quo is too scary for them. Nothings gonna change.

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posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 12:39 PM
Oh my... whatever.
Germany, the nation of the poets and the thinkers...
I can´t believe it.

If nothing is faked with those elections, i m ashamed to call myself a german.
FDP again(9,9), AFD with around 13%. Didn´t know that we only have rich, neoliberal people, heirs that never have to work in their life living in germany, that profit from such results, from such parties and politicians. Not that anything would greatly change now. Neonazi parties with "politicians" like a Weidel, a lesbian woman, living in the sitzerlands, together with a woman from sri lanka, employing syrian women as cleaning ladies(illegal employment, as it seems) and playing the Eva Braun in germany, don´t need long to finish themselves. Now they have to deliver, and not only talk as it would be 1933-45.

You even have to listen to their crude BS they secret the whole time now. Switched my TV on and the first i had to see was that disgusting face of that pharisee, had to listen to their words and had to shudder inmediately. Alone the sound, the words they use. disgusting.

How many idiots are allowed to vote in Germany? Is that a result of the poor education german people have to suffer from, in that robber baron capitalism system? Who voted for the SED2.0, the FDP, the AfD? All the retirees that live in old-age poverty, that have to collect deposit bottles from trash bins, you can see everywhere and at everytime nowadays? All the low wage slaves, the millions that work like slaves in more than one job and often have not enough money to live, to pay for rent, food, electricity? All the millions that got fooled for the profits of the corporations like V? All the millions that pay and pay and pay and get nothing back? Those that pay, with their tax money, for the easy life of our officials, rulers, those that have more than enough?
All those vote for neoliberal and neoliberal rightwingers?

I hear now, 56% of the german voted, the rest has no trust anymore in that theatre play to fool the people. Only a bit more than the half of the german population voted, that is a big statement. The people have no hope anymore, no trust anymore, otherwise they would support "their" politicians. They know that nothing changes to a better for them, so they do something with sense, on a sunday. Resting maybe, to be able to be the working robot tomorrow again, to make money for the rich.

Or they simply have a conscience and wouldn´t make themselves guilty, knowing that nothing would change to a better, having the choice only between pest and cholera!

It´s just so incomprehensible to see how many victims of that system support the same system, bring even a FDP back and vote for an neonazi FDP, the AfD, just to kick the establishment in the back...

How should something get better for the average citizens?

If really everything is ok with those votes:
How many idiots(i am sorry, but look at the outcome of the votes, as they are now) live in germany that don´t want to make anything better, but make anything worse?

The land of hte poets and THINKERS....
What a joke!

The big money will be happy, the neonazis will be happy, everbody else is fooled again, nothing changes!
"Thank you", "selfthinking" german robots that i have to call fellow citizens(those that voted for such a rubbish, in our actual state), but that are more enemies than fellow citizens!

Idiocracy on the rise, neonazis on the rise... i am out!

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 03:18 PM

originally posted by: DerBeobachter
Idiocracy on the rise, neonazis on the rise... i am out!

AFD - Alternative for Germany - are not neo-Nazis.

What they are not is the same old, same old. The sterile group-think politics of Merkel et al made the wrong call by opening up Germany to migrants at the levels experienced. AFD represents a crisis of confidence in the ruling elite and this is not a right-wing sentiment, or remotely neo-Nazi.

To OP. Merkel is in, but with a complicated life ahead.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 03:39 PM
a reply to: paraphi

AFD represents a crisis of confidence in the ruling elite and this is not a right-wing sentiment, or remotely neo-Nazi.

Read the party program and come back to lecture us silly Krauts on why you think that's the case.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 03:51 PM

originally posted by: PublicOpinion
a reply to: paraphi

AFD represents a crisis of confidence in the ruling elite and this is not a right-wing sentiment, or remotely neo-Nazi.

Read the party program and come back to lecture us silly Krauts on why you think that's the case.

Thank you!

Minutes after the outcome of the elections you could hear the Gauleiter, sorry, Gauland hear talking about HUNTING the others, the enemies of the AfD, Merkel and the other parties, in good old nazi manner!

You have AfD politicians that fllee the whole time into the victim role if confronted with their nazi behaviour, their openly rightwing "parlamentarians", but sure, as all of their voters, they are never Nazis.

Read the following quotes of AfD "politicians", translate them with a prog, if you can´t read german, come back and tell us again that the AfD is not a neonazi party!


Nobody has to tell us germans what a nazi or neonazi is, we know them if we see and hear them, because of our unholy history!

Another indicator for that nazism is, look who voted for the AfD. More than 21% in nazi infested EASTERN GERMANY, the local bavarian rightwinger party lost around 10% in bavaria, because they were not nazi enough anymore for the bavarian population. And as i ever say and said, bavaria and the dark eastern of germany is the hotspot for nazism in germany.
The voting behaviour confirmed that!

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posted on Sep, 25 2017 @ 12:19 AM

originally posted by: PublicOpinion
Read the party program and come back to lecture us silly Krauts on why you think that's the case.

I have and I stand by what I said. You "silly Krauts" need to recognise that there is a significant minority who are disenfranchised by the political establishment.

posted on Sep, 26 2017 @ 12:05 PM
Merkel now has only one way. Removal of Draghi and zero tolerance against Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish out-of-control spending.

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