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Looks Like Hurricane MARIA Will Soon Be a Threat.

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posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 08:37 AM
I have more news from Rio Grande that is where El Yunque rain forest is localated

My nephew and my sister went around to check the area, is not way to get to the main highway, is debris all over so traveling is impossible, the town trees has been wipe out and is thousands without homes as many areas where the construction is still wood and panels were completely destroyed.

Is not even an estimate of how many people are homeless now and most of them the very poor.

Construction codes in PR are not the very best so people can built a shack and call it a house, in Rio Grande and Loiza have many communities that are like that is also flooding in low areas because the many rivers we have.

If you have been in PR you will see how lush and green the Island is, many fruit trees, El Yunque is the most beautiful place you can visit, it feels like you are stepping in the times of the dinosaurs because all the vegetation and giant leaves, I always feel overwhelmed when I got visit with all the scenery, right now all that is gone.

posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 09:14 AM

originally posted by: marg6043
PR will need a lot of financial help for this one.

Puerto Rico was bankrupt before the hurricane hit. At this point, I think it's unavoidable that they'll default on their debts, and most bondholders will be left with nothing.

posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 12:37 PM
a reply to: AndyFromMichigan

I agree, the reason PR is in the stage it is right now is due to bad government, mishandling of money, corruption and now excessive taxation had driven the big businesses out of the Island.

The government books are so crocked that they would no allow the Federal government to take a look at it.

I am sure all the crocked politicians are salivating at the idea to default on the Islands debt.

posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: marg6043

I have been to El Yunque before, beautiful. I did notice a lot of poorly constructed houses and figure landslides could be a real problem.

I just hope the US can help PR since it is a US territory and we can bring a lot of food, water, and supplies with the Navy.

A friend of mine is deployed in the Persian Gulf and his mom lives on the NW coast. I know she lives in a strong concrete house, but no word on how she did.

I found some hotline numbers to check on friends and family.

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posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 04:15 PM
a reply to: jrod

Yes cement and block houses can stand hurricanes, but wooden and plank houses can not, still people in the Caribbean specially poor countries can not afford a more sturdy home so wood is the next choice.

In PR the house construction is supposed to follow federal guidelines but as usual many constructions goes without inspection.

Because the Island unique topography building in the valleys and hills for a fantastic look of the Island coast is very common just like in California, but sadly when is too much rain many of the homes do not survived.

My mother always joke that living in hills hanging from cliffs looks like birds next hanging from trees.

PR now under bankruptcy protection, will need billions of dollars to recuperate, I am sure that the Federal government will give assistance for emergency help, but the Island government doesn't have the money necessary to fix the already damage infrastructure and they will have to work outa deal with the federal government the one that the Island government doesn't want, because is going to exposed the corruption.

My mother calls hurricanes cleansing entities, El Yunque will comeback as beautiful as usual once again.

posted on Sep, 22 2017 @ 01:35 AM
a reply to: marg6043
Glad you were able to find out your family are ok. Must be unbearable not knowing. I cannot imagine

I saw in the news all the power poles on the ground, across roads. Doesn't look like it will recover in the near future. Those poor people having to go through that. They weren't kidding when they said it will rip roofs right off.

thanks for letting us know what's going on. Prayers and thoughts to you and your family.

posted on Sep, 22 2017 @ 01:39 AM
a reply to: marg6043
Yes the vegetation will come back to life over time all on it's own. Sadly homes can't do that.

posted on Sep, 22 2017 @ 08:55 AM
a reply to: violets

I agree, it is sad that construction goes uninspected when done by single individuals, is areas in PR that resemble what undeveloped countries looks like and that is unacceptable.

I was very lucky to be able to communicate by phone with my brother and text with my nephew, they both have generators for their homes. They also have plenty of supplies.

But as of yesterday the last text was from my nephew to my husband that is been in Texas for the entire week on working, and I can not longer reach my brother on his government phone.

It was ok when I was able to know what is going on, but is very stressful when I can no longer be in touch.

My biggest fear is the that without communications and the Island main highways inaccessible the ugly factor of society will raise up and crimes will become a problem.

posted on Sep, 23 2017 @ 01:42 AM
Lee has become a tropical storm once again. Doesnt look like it will be of much concern, although it's track is unspecified. It's just meandering around in the Atlantic.
Busy season this year

posted on Sep, 23 2017 @ 10:19 AM
Maria may threaten the Outer Banks. They will likely see rain bands and could get a direct hit. Too early to tell for the rest of the coast north of the OBX, right now the computer models are keeping her off shore.

Maria will be a major swell maker for the east coast, this means strong rip currents, erosion and isolated coastal flooding.

posted on Sep, 23 2017 @ 11:05 AM
I just want to say thank you to everyone who is continuing to update this thread..makes it easy to get facts.

For those interested or if you havent seen it yet here is an update on the damage done by Maria to Arecibo Observatory:

posted on Sep, 27 2017 @ 07:10 PM
Hospital ship Comfort heading to Puerto Rico

More relief is on the way.

I hate to say it, but I feel the US government is late on the response. Fortunatly US citizens have led the way with relief efforts.

This will be a long recovery.

posted on Feb, 8 2018 @ 09:03 AM
a reply to: marg6043

This is to all ATS

I keep thinking of Marg and how she said her brother was on the island right near the ocean.

Has anyone here heard from her since Oct?

I'm concerned.

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