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what is a gypsy?

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posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 11:56 PM

Originally posted by yanchek

Originally posted by Nygdan
This is a story used to justify hating and abusing an entire group of people

I hope that statement of yours wasn't targeted to insult my family because if that is the case you would look real funny

Oh, now the guy who tells a story about why gypsies are degenerate is getting insulted?

I mean, lets get this straight, we're in a thread where a lot of peopel are throwing around all sorts of libel against the gypsies, and you come in with some assinine story that your grand-dad told you about how gypsies are scum, who were the tools of the romans in killing christ and were such theiving sonsofbitches that they actually stole one of the golden nails, and that ever since then they've been cursed by god. And thats 'a ok'??
When peopel were lynching blacks in the US, they used the 'Curse of Ham' and the bible to justify it, saying that blacks were descended from biblical characters who were cursed. Your other link notes precisely the same thing used to denigrate the gypsies, to validate keeping them in slums and outside of the pale of 'normal' society, because god wants you to do it.
Hey, if your family wasn't a bunch of bigots who hated the gypsies, all well and good, but when you come around with a story about 'why gypsies are scum and cursed by god', wtf do you think that says??

when you'd suck my richard with no teeth.

Its called a dick, dick. Don't be such a pussy next time and try actually saying it.

What do you have against Slavs?

What? I have nothing against the slavs.

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 04:31 PM

If you're mean to a Gypsy, or treat them like you would if you were smart, they will leave you alone, or at worst, curse you.

If you act nice towards them, and let down you guard, then they will leave you alone, or worst, steal from you.

And the reason Gypsies have a bad rap is actually legit for the most part.

I don't see why we should throw a blanket of tolerance over a part of society that is targeting us as its parasitic victim!!!

Paint with a broader brush next time why dontcha? What you, and many others, are failing to realize, is that all gypsies don't act alike. Just like all black people don't act alike. Not all jews are money lenders, not all gypsies are thieves. Saying/thinking that they are all the same is what racist stereotypes are all about. You're just not comprehending I fear.

The reason gypsies have a bad rep is because of the people like yourself throughout history who have been content to carry the torch of mistrust and bigotry.

Nobody's asking for a blanket of tolerance. All that we want is to be treated as individuals. If that's too difficult for you to do, so be it.

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by Nygdan
Hey, if your family wasn't a bunch of bigots who hated the gypsies, all well and good, but when you come around with a story about 'why gypsies are scum and cursed by god', wtf do you think that says??

I's a story Nygdan. You can understand it in many different ways.

Scum, degenerates and stealing SOB are your words not mine.

IMO the point of this story is that it's advisable to use some caution when you interact with gypsys.

And IMO this is a sound advice. Better safe than sorry. And that doesn't make me a bigot. We had dealings with gypsys before. And in most of the cases it was a good experience because we've used caution. And gypsys even complimented us for not being naive.

Hell, even our family lawyer is a gypsy and a damn good one if I may say so.

As for the richard stuff.
Next time I'll try to enhance my calm.

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 12:11 PM
Especially be careful of Old Gypsy Fortuneteller Ladies - they Know Things.

I rememeber a Friend of mine taking a picture of a Gypsy Fortuneteller Lady and later when they developed the film, it was destroyed, as if photo camera leaked light and destroyed the negative.

They are also famous of Cursing People.

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posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 08:14 PM
Hmm.. I did not read the whole thread about... gypsies. Come on ,people how can u not know what a gypsy is?! I am from Bulgaria and this country is full of gypsies.. Ok, so now with the risk to sound racist: their main hobby is stealing, they do not go to school, they do not work, and they live on minorities welfare... 85% of the crimes in Bulgaria are done by gypsies...
And yeah, their roots are in India and they were kicked out of there by their neighnours. Now they live everywhere...

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 08:37 PM
"all gypsies don't act alike. Just like all black people don't act alike. Not all jews are money lenders, not all gypsies are thieves. Saying/thinking that they are all the same is what racist stereotypes are all about. You're just not comprehending I fear.

The reason gypsies have a bad rep is because of the people like yourself throughout history who have been content to carry the torch of mistrust and bigotry."

Wyrde One, come on now. You say I am painting with a broad brush?

I am ONLY talking about people who would proudly call themselves a part of the Gypsy society.

You DO realize this is a secret societies forum, and that you CANNOT serve two masters? This means you are AGAINST the rest of society.

Considering the stories about Gypsies burning the wooden floors (that they pulled out) of government housing as fire wood, I can see how they get along so well with contractors/Masons.

And really, to say that it is bigotry that people tell legends of Gypsies leaving town, and a child going missing at the same time, I think it is YOU who is narrow sighted, and incapable of trusting individuals.

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 08:59 PM

Wyrde One, come on now. You say I am painting with a broad brush?

Yes. Saying that people act like others who look like them or share their blood..that's the process of throwing away individualism in favor of group mentality. I won't happily see my people dehumanized and slaughered again, thank you very much. Not that it matters right, all those old gypsy ladies who choked on gas must have been thieves. I mean, they were gypsies!

You DO realize this is a secret societies forum, and that you CANNOT serve two masters? This means you are AGAINST the rest of society.

Yeah, cause the rest of society is so admirable and wonderful.
Given the choice between abject, institutionalized greed, and individual nobility no matter the cost..well I'll choose the latter every time. Freedom is worth everything. This society we live in now, this global paradigm of gluttony and doesn't hold a candle to the life of a gypsy.

Considering the stories about Gypsies burning the wooden floors (that they pulled out) of government housing as fire wood, I can see how they get along so well with contractors/Masons.

Interesting story, got any proof? I would like to read it if you have a link. Oppurtunism I'd say. Don't suppose the landlord did something to piss them off? Or maybe they would have frozen to death without the fire. I don't know the situation so I can't really comment. Post a link or a reference and we can talk more in depth about this.

When I lived in North Hollywood, a few Mexican families on my block burned charcoal to keep warm at night. They left horrible stains on the walls and ceilings, and a few people even died from the fumes. Now, would you use that experience to deny Mexicans housing? The cases are quite similar. Denying Mexican family B an apartment because of the actions of Mexican family A is discrimination, pure and simple.

And really, to say that it is bigotry that people tell legends of Gypsies leaving town, and a child going missing at the same time, I think it is YOU who is narrow sighted, and incapable of trusting individuals.

Huh? Those stories are based on cultural stereotypes and the boogeyman syndrome. The troupe was in town, a kid went missing, racism turned coincidence into verification of the inherent evil of the Gypsy people..thanks to helpful folks like yourself.

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 09:02 PM

Here is a picture of a gypsy. This guy is called Azis and is quite popular singer (his "music" is total BS like him) Now he is running for the parliament
Seriously... Enjoy

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 02:36 AM
I think this picture (which shows up broken as above, so I went to the effort to repost it) shows us quite clearly our views of Gypsies.

They confuse us. Because that is what they aim to do.

Again, I am not singling out people who were born Gypsies, raised Gypsies etc. but if you think that you are a part of real society as well as Gypsy society you are lying not only to everyone but yourself as well.

Whats your Gypsy (true) name, Wyrde One?

The stories of a child going missing are unfortunately not ALL hearsay and rumor and slander. Every myth has some basis in fact, in this case, it has to do with adding fresh blood to a wandering group of gypsies, so to 'transplant' someone into their lifestyle, they obviously would have to be taken at a young age.

Not saying this is wrong, just that its the Gypsy way.

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 03:46 AM
Great Music!

Now, if you ever heard a Gypsy Brass Band then you can simply admnit, that Gypsies are Great Musicians - and probably have always been!

When I will have a wedding, I want a Gypsy Brass Band to Play!

Sviraj Mali!

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 04:16 AM
Here's a picture of a gypsy in my town.....

They even have traditional gypsies here, with the hoop earings and the colorful long skirts to match.....ill go take a few pictures today and post em up....

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posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 12:54 PM
Pose a Position as Prose

To ye who seek to Mystify that which is a Rose!

A thorn indeed to those who heed the miscallings of a race who bleeds!


I am a Gypsy. In High School, my blood sister told me this all the time and I denied it. I was being raced (raised) white. I have adopted parents. I was part of the Department of Social and Health Servicens (DSHS) silent genocide warfare program against semites. Jews are not the only semites. They may have hijacked the word Anti-Semite to mean anti-jews but there is a long history of semite peoples. It's just that Jews and Gypsys have held on to Semitism longer, that is until the Jews got a country.... Jews have diaspora, they are no logner semite, they have a nation state.

It's just the point that the most of the world including you ATS'rs that have no education about culture, anthropology and history that like to throw your knowledge around as if it were truly knowledge yet it isn't, it's lies and propaganda that's in your soul now. You believe it and read my words with contempt and make your indigestion system uncomfortable.

Point is, I have Irish-American parents but I am adopted from a Gypsy family. I have no culture, no history, no tradtion. I have blood. When I go out amongst Americans in the NorthWest, the stronghold of White America in America (Oregon/Washington/Idaho) I am looked down upon for one thing - my ethnicity. I am a gypsy, a dark skinned half european/half middle-eastern (and handomse) young male. And the biggest problem for these and you whites is that you don't know how to classify me. What am I, you DONT know!, and this is scary for you.... You are distrusting...

And this brings us back to the Gypsys. I only have my blood but odly I suffer from the same fate as my people. We don't have a country. You can only classify us as alien, parasitic, only because you cannot classify us by nation state. You can't identify us by country, only by blood - and for this you are scared.

The fact you would call me a thief is the fact you are scared about the potential of my people that are not binded to the same forces that bind you to the region and land you live in. Deny it or not, I believe it to be true.


posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 12:12 PM
My experience with a Gypsy.

In the parking lot of a strip mall, a Gypsy woman approached me. She said she was collecting money for a boy in Romania who needed an organ transplant. She said the family had absolutely no money and they needed help. I told her to try going to local churches. She told me she tried, but it didn't work. She wouldn't leave. I gave her a few bucks and told her I was sorry about the situation. (I knew she was pulling my leg, but I figured I'd get her off my back.) She said she would pray for me and thanked me for giving her money.

In my naive college days, I really believed her. Everyone else was like, "Ummm, she was a gypsy and you got conned!"

Family always warned me about gypsy schemes.

posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 02:12 PM
There seems to be quite a bit of confusion over the identity of the gypsies. The term gypsie is a broad term used to describe a number of totally unrelated people.

Kudos to Godfather of Conspiracy for his accurate and lengthy description of the Gypsies known as the Romany/Rom.

The Rom, the Original owners of the title of gypsy, are believed to originate in Northwestern India. Their language and cultural customs, as well as music, share many uncanny similarities to Hindu/Aryan warrior castes of a couple thousand years back. Genetic research and tests have shown the gypsies to be related to the people of the Hindu-Kush/Pakistan/Eastern Afghanistan regions Basically, one theory holds that the Romany were basically descendants of clans of old warrior castes who migrated away from home on some sort of military campaign, which they never returned from. This is the best theory I have read so far, as it has the most scientific and historical hard backing. Because they wer swarthy in complexion and exotic to the Europeans who first encountered them, they were believed to be Egyptians, and thus, the name gypsy.

The gypsies to not come from Romania or Hungary as has been suggested. They do live in both places in good sized numbers, but niether is their natural origin nor homeland. The term Romany does not mean from Romania. Romania actually means land of the Romans, and during Roman times was called Dacia. After the fall of Rome, many Romans fled and settled Romania. The Romanians and their language are closely related to Roman, and are more relative to the Italians than slavs or Gypsies.

Gypsie also is used to refer to the people known as Pikeys here in England. Also known as "Travellers". They have no genetic or true cultural relation to the Romany gypsies, other than a nomadic lifestyle. My husband is English, and when I asked him what Pikeys were, he told me they were criminals and vermin. He used the term gypsy, but made it clear that the Travellers were NOT the same as Romany gypsies. He basically told me that the Travellers steal, con, ect, but I honestly could not tell you if its true or not, as I have never met one, nor am familiar with them, so Ill not pass judgement on people whose history, background, and behavior I know nothing about. I only know they are not Romany gypsies.

There are many other people loosley refered to as gypsies. Ive heard the term applied to bands of hippies like the Rainbow Family in Washington state. Generally, the term gypsy is loosely applied to any group or mini society of nomadic people living at odds with the landed people. This can mean just about anyone. So insulting "general" gypsies is not really racist. However, I think degrading the Rom would be, as they are an ethnic group and distinct culture.

Thats just my two cents. Thanks again to Godfather.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 09:03 AM

Family always warned me about gypsy schemes.

Youmean like " If you dont send in $10,000,000 God is going to call me home"?

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 09:53 AM
I lived in Italy for five years, and so I have had my fair share of run-ins with gypsies. I don't blame Hitler for trying to eliminate them.

One time when I was walking out of Rome's central train station, I had to pass through an alley to get to a trolley car. Two gypsy women came up to me - one of them had a fake baby wrapped in a cloth (common tactic) and they came up to me and started to rub my face and say stuff in Italian, "Oh, kind sir, feed my baby, give us something to eat."

The lady with the fake baby help it up high and rubbed my face. The other one started to brush close and I felt her hand go into my coat pocket and so I shoved them both away. They didn't even react - they just went after the next guy walking out behind me.

In a city called Terni (about one hour NNE from Rome in the Umbria region), I saw one gypsie girl begging outside the grocery store. I saw her three days later begging on the main street - 8 months pregnant this time.

A big newspaper from Rome announced that the police had done a very successful raid on a gypsie trailer camp on the city limits, and they recovered $10 million US worth in gold, jewelry, and stolen valuables.

On the subway in Rome once, there was a gypsie man who was holding his son who looked like he was near death. He begged for money to save his son. At the next stop, he put his son down and they ran out the exit as fast as they could.

I am glad to say I never gave a single gypsie a dime (or Lira or Euro). They send their wives and children out to steal and beg, and beat the snot out of them if they don't make their quotas. My wife could even tell you about the two times that gypsies tried to rob her in Italy when she went on a vacation there with her family.

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 06:06 PM
if I were you I would never go near one I read and heard lots of things downsizing them they can do bad things.There are none of those people here in H.I. I never seen one and never want to go near one for about 90 miles

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posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 11:11 PM
look i am in the southwest area of texas. my maternal grandmother was born in 1906 she descends from a french regiment that stayed in the northern part of mexico. the last name is bassoco a last name that is almost extint. i am catholic to. and i do not look like a mexican, my mother has olive green eyes olive skin. people have tried to # us over with craft and can't it hurts us but we are marked by god too. we are his children. we are in his heart and he is love itself. not all gypsees are bad. i would like to learn more about who i come from too. if there is anyone out there that would like to email me i would like to share pictures and have help maybe understanding this. gypsees are not witches or evil. just because you can't double cross us does not mean we are evil. dr. glasser says that when you see something about some one else you don't like its because of something in yourself that you don't have the power to address and change. all people cultures have good people and bad people. we have free will to chose christ or not. my email is i have contact with one woman in france who has helped me a bit. one day sooner than i know i will be there and i pray my dreams are fufilled to meet the queen of the gypsees in paris. blessing to all. blessed be thee all. even those who hate us and persecute us. many people think that if they lived in the time of christ they would not have cruified him, but i say yes they would have and did. it was only magdalene the prostitute the ostrized and outcast that joined his mother at the foot of the cross in that reality. .....blessed be to those who slap us and insult us that christ help us turn the other cheek and give us the strength in our scorging. there are christians amongst the gypsees too. beatified Cerafino mallas .......i am pray for intercesion. blessings to those who hate us may god help us treat them as we want to be treated in life. i often wonder if we are god's people because of the myth of the fourth nail of christ. it was a gypsee who stole it from the soldiers. blessing to all.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 03:27 AM
Hmmm, well maybe some info from an actual gypsy would be useful here? I'm Rumneychal, or Romanichal, the British and now American variety of the Romani, or Roma people. We do originally come from India, that is why our language is Sanskrit based. I understand much of Hindi. Gypsies are comprised of many clans, or tribes. They are autonomous and care nothing for assimilating with the outside population. They do in fact demonize the outside world to their children and teach them to fear and despise outsiders. They are very closely knit, and very hot headed about taking up for their family. The Rumneychals are one such clan, and they do not get along with most of the traditionals for the reason that the Rumneychals, who spent a few hundred years in England and Ireland, often marry outsider women, and they do not follow the bizarre customs of the traditional Romani. Forgive me, but an outsiders shadow will NOT contaminate your food causing you to need to throw it out. The traditional Roma buy their wives, sometimes as young as 12 or 13, and have many other customs and "laws", all centering around sexuality and hygiene (physical and spiritual). Most American gypsies, Romanichal and Romani alike are devout Christians and do not believe in the occult or mystical powers. That is a show for outsiders so they can get money off them. A few may claim they have a gift of some sort, but it's more of a humorous superstition. They do often pride themselves on taking advantage of outsiders, and will tell each other how they feel sorry for them, or how the women are so lucky they don't have to work like a "G******". My cousin Mary is 23 years old and she's scared to go to the grocery store because she's afraid that white guys will get her hooked on crack and black guys will rape and kill her. They are one of the most intolerant people you've ever met, and you'd be better suited thinking of them like the Mormons. Bizarre and secret attitudes, banishment to anyone who tries to leave. They pull their kids out of school at around 2nd grade, and are mostly illiterate. Watching them try to spell on facebook makes bubbles form in my brain. Fun Fact: To them, marriage between first and second cousins is perfectly acceptable, and even 3rd and 4th cousins. They like to keep things close to home, the closer the better. Their kids are so sheltered that if any tried to leave, they would be easy targets for anyone looking to take advantage of them. The girls and women have no rights really, they are taught to cook and clean (very obsessive about cleaning, the whole population is germaphobic, and OCD is a common symptom of inbreeding), and they live at home with their parents until they are married and then move into their husband's home, usually the trailer next door. Think Iraqi women except their husbands give them Gucci purses and Abercrombie and Fitch clothes and tell them how lucky they are not to have to go out into the outsiders' world like they do (Now go clean my walls and ceiling! You haven't done it today! It's been more than 20 hours and that is unacceptable!) They are very dramatic and quick tempered, they will round up a bunch of friends and cousins and siblings and fight over a rumor before investigating it. They are programmed not to think for themselves, and education is frowned upon because schools are an "outsider" institution. Most of them are ridiculously ignorant and will accept anything and everything their ignorant parents tell them. They love the show Jersey Shore, because the cast is a bunch of tan ignorant people with spikey black hair and so are they (it's like watching US on tv!) Most all of them do business in America in one of 3 main ways: Paving, Roofing, and Scrap Metal. They have no interest in achieving greater things (I've been preaching the need for this for quite some time), and want to keep things the way they've always been. And they almost are, except they've upgraded from horse drawn sleeping wagons to mobile homes, and they've gotten cell phones and facebook which allows their gossipy ways to spread like wild fire. Oh, throw in a sprinkle of Jerry Springer. You do have some gypsies, Like Dr. Ian Hancock (at the University of Texas) who break the mold and pursue intellect, but they are the VAST minority of the population. As for outright stealing, they don't do much of that. They would rather convince you to give it to them with a smile on your face. For more information, check out and yes, the number is me being sarcastic. That's my youtube channel, you'll often here me rapping or singing in the Rumneychal language, although I also speak the traditional (or one of the many dialiects). Hope this was informative, and will discuss further if you wish, and elaborate. I will not discuss the language however, and for the comment about it's not a big deal to reveal your gypsy name, tell a devout Christian it's not a big deal to say that Jesus is a fairy tale and see how THEY respond. _javascript:icon('
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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 03:31 AM
reply to post by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf

Wanted to point out that while the Pikeys actually do speak their own language (Cant), it is not featured in the movie Snatch with Brad Pitt as many people believe. That is just really, really, fast english. Watch it enough times and you can understand every word and even imitate it. It trips my family out when I speak Romanichal (my clan's dialect of the Romani gypsy language) as fast as Pitt does in that movie, but I do it so that outsiders don't catch on to what I'm talking about (and if they're around me and my cousins for more than 20 minutes, they'll start to catch on to a rough idea of the topic very quickly) LoL . Ok sorry to interupt :-p

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