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The internet is now a giant waste

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posted on Sep, 9 2017 @ 12:15 PM
Thats not half of it though. Try googling "white couple", and see what the "best search engine in the world" shows you...

posted on Sep, 9 2017 @ 12:53 PM
a reply to: gortex

Shame too, because before I read the live chat, and looked closer, I'd shared it to that horrible facebook thing.

no harm no foul, it still highlights what people have and will go though.

posted on Sep, 9 2017 @ 12:55 PM

originally posted by: frenchfries
a reply to: intrptr

Oh what have ye done , thy invoked my inner gramma nazi again.

Sich heil ? it's 'Sieg heil'

sorry couldn't resist it

OH MY GAWD !!! I've told him that, he just uses it to trigger us.

I rilly hoap soe...


posted on Sep, 9 2017 @ 01:08 PM
originally posted by: scraedtosleep

ME: No, you didn't know things because you dropped out of school.

YOU: What are you saying "no" about?

ME: You didn't know anything till you had the internet. I'm sorry, that's a NO from me. You didn't either have the chance or desire to learn. BOOKS have been around longer than the internet. You don't learn from the internet, you learn from you innate desire to. Sure, the internet can be that, but not only because of it. So NO.

ME: Without the internet, not everyone would be a criminal.

YOU: I didn't say everyone I said I would be a criminal.

ME: "Without the internet I would be a criminal, probably in jail. I think this is true for all of us" Ermm. yeah you did. the internet didn't teach you

YOU: I know where my lessons came from. I assure you the information online was my teacher.

ME: hell you could have gone to any public library.

YOU: I promise you my small city libraries do not have the most current information on everything I wish to learn about.
Unless I use their computers and get online.

ME: You just took the easiest option in a better environment for your self education.

YOU: Your right I didn't care to educate myself till it was convenient. I was a straight up gangsta just trying to survive from day to day. lol

ME: But point and click, mon'ami... books are for dags.

YOU: Who said anything about books? I love books. I order tons of books from amazon and read them on my kindle.
How many books have you read this year?

your last question leaves me bewildered. Do you want the count of e-books or paperbacks?

Had to augment this post because the structure of ATS comment replies is complete pants.

posted on Sep, 9 2017 @ 01:14 PM

originally posted by: frenchfries
a reply to: intrptr

Oh what have ye done , thy invoked my inner gramma nazi again.

Sich heil ? it's 'Sieg heil'

sorry couldn't resist it

Quite alright. It sounds like Sich, why I spelled it that way.

Sieg sounds different in English.

Got it from Rudolph Hess cheerleading at a party rally. Mad men all...

Note: Google provides a prewarning about the 'offensive nature' of this video. Who's the Nazis now?
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posted on Sep, 9 2017 @ 01:16 PM
a reply to: intrptr


You do it on purpose.

posted on Sep, 9 2017 @ 01:23 PM

originally posted by: badw0lf
a reply to: intrptr


You do it on purpose.

Spelled 'Nein', pronounced 'noin'.

That was purposeful.

posted on Sep, 9 2017 @ 01:43 PM

originally posted by: HassenBinSobar

originally posted by: intrptr
Google ist US, US ist Google!

Sich Heil!


Orrr... you could duckduckgo

You have no idea how right you are. Google is in bed with the deep state, and your searches are purposely rigged in the results display, this much is true. It is a biased display of what they want you to click on, not what you want to click on.
Alas, Im afraid that the only direct hit you will get in any search now n days is on which kind of clown porn fetish you're looking for.

Welcome to capatilism.

Don't like it? Move to a nation under socialism, because according to some, capitalism is the bees knees and has absolutely zero fault.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 07:18 PM
People vastly under-utilize search engines. Take Google for instance - there are entire books dedicated to penetration testing using Google. There are some pen testers that can complete the majority of a pen test using just Google.

For example.. want to search stuff on this site more easily? Just Google it using this command: library ghost

That will search only this site, using those search terms. The thing to remember is that there is not necessarily more junk now.. there is just.. MORE. Everything. Similar to how our population grows in the world, and people seem to relate a rising % of a crime or event to a situation growing worse, while the reality is simply a higher population will mean more occurrences of an event, or we move to areas where it occurs more often. The Internet has grown - 10 years ago, around 20% of the world had access to it. Now? 50% of the world has access.

People need to learn to use online resources more efficiently. You can't expect to walk into British Library with no search options, and expect to find what you want in over 150 million selections. The same pertains to searches online.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 07:43 PM
You should check out one of the threads I posted recently. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google has been actively censoring anything that doesn't fall in line with their beliefs. He wants there to be only one search result for any question. He says multiple options are a "glitch" and wants to create an "augmented humanity"... Straight out of 1984.

posted on Sep, 11 2017 @ 05:52 AM
I've found this to be true as well info that I searched for a couple of years ago, I recently searched for that same info and it's nowhere to be found, something has been changed and it's not good whatever they did.

posted on Sep, 12 2017 @ 07:44 PM
I liken the Internet to the military, when new tech is discovered, the military skews it for its purpose. I speaking of ways of powering craft, weapons, stealth and SO many things we can't even comprehend. Websites, search engines, Adsense etc...all finds way to skew the Internet to make every click we make, cause an exchange on money.
The tech the military could no doubt have improved things for all human kind, but instead is used for power. The Internet could be a very useful and perhaps amazing place to surf, but instead is examine every site we visit, every item we look at, to hopefully sell us that or at the very least, bring us to a particular website.
Porn and merchandise sales rule the Internet. I looked at a motorcycle headlight a month ago, every ad on every site I go to is.....motorcycle parts and or headlights. Scary, well sort of.

posted on Sep, 14 2017 @ 01:50 AM
If only search engines had a way to customize the results they show. like say using something like a + or - or even " " before or around key words to force said engines to bring back results closer to what you want.

e.g when I am searching for Aussie content and results show up U.S results I would maybe go -united -states -america -usa after my initial search content. to remove results that contained those words, along with +Australia or similar to force it to use that word, along with something like "john smith" to make it search for those two keywords in the way it appears between the inverted commas.
Who knows, one day someone might invent such things or even add an advance search function?
One can only hope.

Jokes aside though, yes search engines suck now, 2 decades ago when yahoo was king and google only powered it, you would get back exactly what you were looking for.
Alternative search engines are no longer options as most pull their results from Bing and Google so you get the same results any way.

But we must remember, if you owned google you'd want it making money as well, cannot become a multi million dollar corporation and pay your staff without revenue.
But it would be good if they toned down the paid content getting priority and could go back to searches bringing back appropriate results for your search without having to add all the booleans and such like when the interwebz was much younger.

Only option is buy google or microsoft and make them change it, campaign google and bing etc to change it, or learn how to code and make your own search engine.

But yes, the easiest method is to learn how advanced search function work and take the extra second or two to use them.

duckduckgo is good if you don't want tracking type stuff, but I gotta say I have always been less than impressed with the results it returns.
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posted on Sep, 14 2017 @ 01:55 AM
oh and another issue is many sites these days just spam there keyword/meta tag space on their sites with every word they can think of, even if the words are completely unrelated to the site in question.
Quite a common thing for youtube content creators to do also.

Got a video about snail in your garden? add tags like Hitler, Trump, Clinton, Grand Theft Auto V, pewdiepie etc yto your videos to sucker in more views.

posted on Sep, 14 2017 @ 02:10 AM
You are correct OP once upon a time you could enter a specific question and up the answer would come now you have pages advertising and crap to wade through to get an answer also you used to have a more like this button,so if you were looking at Chevy and pressed this button all competitors Ford,Toyota etc would pop up.Its definately gone backwards.

posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 06:23 AM
a reply to: RomeByFire

You misunderstand, in general I do not really care. I want it all to burn to the ground so we can start over.

posted on Sep, 20 2017 @ 11:46 AM
Google became useless 6 years ago. Used to find discussion forums in results, product reviews, etc, now all results are "where to buy something" no matter how hard you try.. Just links to stores.

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