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New documentary coming for one of the best UFO cases: Zimbabwe Ariel School

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posted on Sep, 13 2017 @ 05:15 AM
At 4 minutes into the video the girl says all of the trees would be down and people would be dying because there would be no air. It resonates with what I believe an alien told me. A devastation so great it's hard to imagine. Below is the link to my UFO experience. This for reference and not trying to grandstand.

My sentence referencing, I think, the same event: ""The last thing said to me was 'Soon there will come great winds on the earth' and I said 'Oh,, what about the people..."

My Experience

But this isn't all by any means. I have found this same kind of information all over the place.

People get fixated on the event and sensationalism and overlook the message. No different than with prophets of the Bible. The word and message is forgotten and people fixate on the sensationalism.

They are trying to tell us something.

I think, I don't know, that the event is not far off at all. That may make me seem the doom monger. If so then a doom monger I'll be.

posted on Sep, 15 2017 @ 03:29 PM
a reply to: Apollumi

Thank you, very interesting experiences that you describe in your thread.

This all feels like the Prime Directive in Star Trek: Interference with developing civilizations is not allowed. But some individuals still try to give us information. I for myself would prefer open contact now :-)

posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 09:05 AM
I remember back some years ago watching a butterfly. I thought it was sad that it's life was so short. At that moment I had an epiphany of sorts. The butterfly can only know its own life and to it it's life seems no less complete than I see my own.

So imagine an intellect that can travel the stars. If I new the field in which the butterflies lived was going to be set on fire and the butterflies would perish I would want to save them but what really could I do.

I could say things like "Shoo, Run..!" but the butterfly would not comprehend. If I showed up in mass with a bunch of humans to try and convince them they'd be afraid and hide.

So a being that lived thousands of years and knew much greater truths might want to save us but what really can they do. They would try to tell us what is coming and why and attempt to be subtle. In the end, no matter what people think they would do, they would remain in their proverbial field.

originally posted by: SacredLore
a reply to: Apollumi

Thank you, very interesting experiences that you describe in your thread.

This all feels like the Prime Directive in Star Trek: Interference with developing civilizations is not allowed. But some individuals still try to give us information. I for myself would prefer open contact now :-)

posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 11:52 AM
a reply to: Apollumi

Thank you, what a great explanation! The first one that makes actual sense to me.

1) They could know of an external threat (asteriod etc.) and not have the means to prevent the catastrophe. What good would it be to tell us?

2) They could see that we are on a course of self-destruction. In that case they are in the position of a parent trying to stop a child from continuing to take harmful drugs. They probably don't want to invade our planet and establish a totalitarian regime just to keep us from polluting our soil, water and air. But they might try to plant seeds of reason in selected individuals and hope that our species as a whole would develop enough common sense and open up to the message. That would be the scenario of Ariel school.

posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: SacredLore

Hi folks,
If you want to know the truth about our world then read very carefully:
The only nation in the entire world that can shade a light about these UFO incidents are the jewish people.
They were given all the info about our universe.
UFO's - are real !!!
They have an ancient kabalistic book which is called "The Zohar". the Zohar book reveals everything about our universe even before there was such a thing called as science.
In one of the chapters which deals with ufo's there's a detailed explanation of how our earth is constructed:
"When God created the world he created seven firmanents and seven lands inside the ground of our earth, and they are called: Erets, Adama, Gye, Nesheeya, Tseeya, Arka, Tevel. "
"Tevel" is the biggest of all and it's our land - earth, all the rest are below far far underground. and all of these lands populate creatures that look similar to human beings but have different shapes. their sun isn't bright like our sun and this is the reason for their big black eyes, in order to get used to the dim light in their lands, to see much better.
They don't raise wheat and therefore they don't have bread (maybe this one explains the crop circles).

And here is the interesting part about a rabbi who actually met them. this incident happened in the ancient days of our ancestors:
"Rabbi Nehoraee (name of the rabbi) sailed in the big sea and suddenly there was a very big storm which drowned the ship and all of it's passengers. by a miracle rabbi Nehoraee went down in familiar trails in the bottom of the sea (what are these familiar trails ???) and was saved by landing in a locality under the sea which was in one of these seven lands. and there he saw these inhabitants which looked, all of them, like little people (remember the children's testimony ?)
and they all prayed and he didn't understand and didn't know their language. and then by another miracle he came up to our land, Earth (Tevel).
From this day on, every time he went to pray in the synagogue, he was crying.
Why are you crying rabbi ? everyone asked him.
I'm crying because I didn't believe to other scholars and elders who told me about the seven lands and their inhabitants till a miracle has happened to me and I really saw them with my eyes, and now I'm afraid God will punish me for this in the life after death."

One or a couple of these lands, has the knowledge of how to travel into our world (Tevel), by technology or from what I've read some of them even use some kind of sorcery. so all the efforts of NASA or others to find aliens in out of space are useless since they come from the underground of our planet Earth.

How these creatures/aliens came to be and other questions is also written in the Zohar book.
For your investigation...

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posted on Sep, 20 2017 @ 02:38 PM
a reply to: Zoltar26

Thanks for the pointer! When I have more time I will read about it.

posted on Sep, 20 2017 @ 02:45 PM
Interesting statement in an update from their Indiegogo campaing today:

Our hearts are heavy as the news rolls in from so many demolished destinations these past few weeks. For the next week, 9/20-9/27, we're donating 10% of your new donations to Heart to Heart International's hurricane relief. They are a strong organization with great ratings via Charity Navigator and are on the ground making a difference in TX, FL, and many of the Caribbean islands already. We've made new versions of all of our Perks to reflect this change.
The topic of this film may seem unrelated to what is going on around the globe, but the opposite is true: several of the Ariel School students reported receiving messages from the beings about the impending destruction of our planet. The time is now for this crucial story to get out to the public, and broaden the conversation.

"Impending destruction of our planet" doesn't sound good to me.

To you dreamers out there: Wake up and apply some Transurfing to choose a better future for this planet.

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