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London police’s use of facial recognition falls flat on its face

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posted on Sep, 7 2017 @ 04:55 AM

originally posted by: Krakatoa

originally posted by: nerbot
a reply to: Krakatoa

Perhaps they fooled you all me thinks.....

To use the system when others don't want them to, why not simply pretend it doesn't work by temporarily tweaking the alorithms, put it on show and the focus of attention shifts to something that presents more of a threat leaving free, functional use of the system in future.


They are not that intelligent. You give them too much credit, As I said real life is not like a Hollywood movie plot. Far from it....

Pretty much - the disturbing part is how widespread smart cameras, biometrics, gait DNA, etc... are from passport control to top secret weapons development and 100,000s of cameras around the UK.

UK passport facial recognitiion (where records are stored on a database and the person stands in a booth facing an iris and facial recognition scanner in perfect conditions) has around a 40% success rate as they failed to account for the obvious fact that different skin colours refract and reflect light differently - the system was designed around people with paleskin, so someone with a darker complextion, or has just got a tan on holiday, would break the system (been known before it was introduced several years back and was never changed) - even BAE Systems employees get stuck in their mutlti-million pound state of the art scanners if they put on/lose a bit too much weight - been many a red face had to be rescued from top secret hangars after enjoying Christmas a bit too much.

Why it's still used, I have no idea - the automatic numberplate recognition system works brilliantly, people are a different matter for some reason.

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