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Alien propoganda

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posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 12:24 PM
Future alien films, and increases in documentaries on the history channel/TLC NEED NOT NECESSARILY IMPLY FUTURE DISCLOSURE. This is just my opinion. I mean just think about it, if someone from the networks knew and got official word that the government "wants" these documentaries to be constantly played over and over and more films about aliens to come out, then dont you think someone would have opened their mouths by now regarding this? I mean someone from the networks could have easily blurted that the government "wants" these films, and documentaries to be played. You can keep a secret among a few people, but not among many people.

If there is any disclosure, it will be that stated that there "was" life on mars. And even then, the skeptics will mindlessly argue that there still can not be life in the universe and that mars just got lucky.

If the shadow government is in control, then they will not be willing to disclose information about advanced lifeforms, because then congress will want to take power away from them and be able to conduct intergalactic policy.


posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 02:31 PM
Not only that, but the drug-dealing (Operation Monarch and so on) bunch of little schlips who now have control of the thing directly agreed to let abductions continue. Some thought they'd be able to get some of the alien technology, others were probably already either infiltrated or, through breeding program insertions into our economic order (yes, there are specific reports of such), were trying to help the abducting "federation" get in deeper here. We've all read about Bob Lazar and the Tall Whites (see Boylan's info), Jim Marrs' report in Alien Agenda that the abductors have actual bases, here. Sgt. Clifford Stone (CSETI witness), in one of his audio tapes sold, says that when being inducted into mil intel. re aliens, he was taken into a room in the basement of the Pentagon for a face-to-face telepathic encounter with a Pentagon-condoned gray alien. He says he blacked out and was later threatened with death, if he were to talk about it.

Imagine, grays in the Pentagon. Think it's gotten out of hand? Once they get in that far, once, as Helen Littrell's book Rachel's Eyes says, the Tall Whites (based at Four Corners in Nellis Air Force range) are taking US military generals for rides to the moon, to a supposed jointly-arranged base there, and the generals come back all slap happy and jerk-off gloating about the jump they've got on all of us, then we are in deep trouble. Albeit an ambiguous direct source, read The Allies of Humanity for a first-rate warning about allowing colonizing aliens to base themselves on your planet, a warning that you can easily lose your freedom and be treated as little more than worker bee slaves of a large trading collective, meaning the abductors.

Once we begin to discern such details, we need to look rigorously for the federation aliens' direct operatives inserted into our economic and social structure. They won't be Goobers at our lower levels. Instead, they will be rich, elitists (like the Verdants of Phillip Krapf's reports) among the most destructive of provocateurs--intent on compromising our move toward decent independence of the given aliens.

You can check for such direct operatives easily using remote viewing/remote sensing techniques---look for their high energy electrogravity streaming that connects to the so-called "federation" aliens, their craft and installations. Why would electrogravity connect to them? For tracking and (mind-controlled) psychotronic technology purposes--it's the alien standard and is certainly there. It's easy to find because, being psychotronic and technological, it has high, condensed information content that you can sort out once you begin to probe it. (ideas are universal, irrespective of the language).

It would be dangerously naive to think that the breeding program is done for altruistic reasons, alone. Vast, impersonal "bureaucracies" off-world scavenge for resources. Indeed, due to the delta t (speeding of time) caused by their use of electrogravity, which shortens the life of a given star system and marginally speeds the clock on this entire universe cycle, overgrown, greedy populations like the Verdants (Phillip Krapf says they head the gray-related federation) search for systems like ours in other galaxies because they've literally used too much of the energy time (actual lifetime) of their own, entire galaxy. Imagine that. Think such aliens might take crude advantage of us, here? It's like Cortez arriving in Mexico, in a sense. We are the native people who will be disregarded as savages. They abduct, breed and infiltrate us as they choose. One source, within a non-federation alien population that gives us (a human telepathic community--of thousands, at present) information said that there are 3000-4000 such "direct operatives" (federation) among us, at present. This doesn't count mere sympathizers, in their relatively innocent naivete, but is, instead, operatives who will cause humans grief and deliberately try to provoke conflicts to weaken us and make it easier for their controllers to control us, in turn.

In short, we are in an urgent situation. Get up to speed on remote sensing and telepathy, then (remotely) place your perspective high up and (easily) "look for" that electrogravity streaming to all federation operatives and locations. It's easy to "see" because it is such high energy streaming (runs the space-time clock radically different than the usual ambient space). You don't see it visually, you sense it within the darkness of your nerve structure by scanning out a large space for it. It stands out starkly. Once you find it, practice doing so, over and over. THAT is how you'll expose direct federation operatives and begin to do the basic, eternal vigilance that is necessary for the entire universal ecology.

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posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 03:09 PM

I mean someone from the networks could have easily blurted that the government "wants" these films, and documentaries to be played. You can keep a secret among a few people, but not among many people.

First off, who'd believe you???

Well...if I was a government agent looking to start such an agenda, here's how I'd do it...

Me: "Hello, my name is [insert phony name] from [insert phony group]. We've taken a special interest in one of your back burner projects, [insert working title of alien film here]. We'd really like to see this great film get made, and are prepared to make an anonymous production grant of [insert good amount of money here] to see that this film is green-lighted and produced by [insert deadline here]. [Show contract, including provisions for extra monies for certain conditions or views taken by the film, etc.]"

Rinse and Repeat, using different names, different organizations, etc. and you've just anonymously, and without implicating the government, greenlighted numerous ET/UFO films with slight nudgings to depict your agenda in the final flick.

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posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 04:15 PM
in my opinion, (and I know how much everyone here loves hearing my opinion
) the entertainment industry both film and tv are really only interested in one thing, what will make them money. In film of course it's movies like independence day and men in black, big budget movies with big stars almost guarunteed to bring in big summer sales.

In TV it's ratings mainly. Especially for networks like discovery and tlc that mainly deal in reality shows where off net sales don't tend to be as big as say network dramas and comedies. So they try to pick shows that fit their budget, loosely fit their agenda (learning or discovering) and that they think people will watch. The higher the ratings the more they can charge for commercials.

UFO's and conspiracies tend to bring in good rating for channels like tlc discovery history and others of that arena.

Stargate is fiction, the reasons they turned the movie into a series is long and fairly boring though not complicated but it has nothing to do with an Air Force PR agenda dealing with "their real stargate".

UFO specials and series are done on discovery and tlc because they're failry cheap and bring in good ratings. The government is not interested in disseminating information and certainly more concerned about what to keep out of the media as opposed to another rehashing of old cases.

Again, my opinion based on experience.


posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 10:40 AM

In the above thread I have some postings about the media. Specifically, how the film studios and television are working together. I also believe that they are interested in nothing but profit. Most of the smaller production companies are owned by the larger ones. There are many people (Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, Steven Spielberg,etc.) who have worked together again and again. Competing studios are even working together (Disney divisions w/ Paramount divisions). They can effectively control what information we are given.

They air programs like the one in the above link as advertising. I get worried when news programs are two hour long commercials. If they want to advertise a movie with this kind of programming, that's fine, but don't use a respected news show as your medium.

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