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Carlyle Gate

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posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 12:02 PM
Looking for possible Carlyle recruters, well heres your chance;
Not saying the above is Carlyle based, but the odds are pretty good.

Let it be added, by those who feel there is more to be told, what is gathered below is not complete. If you found or know of something else, please add to this thread. Together we can see through the smoke and mirrors.

I can see it now, the President, one man Commander in Chief, challenged by the vows he swore to uphold, to "support and defend the Constitution". Much like the soldier has, infact almost word for word since 1884.

Now however, that man is influenced by corporations considered individuals. With an opportunity to lead perhaps the worlds one time greatest nation into a prosperous glory, he is distracted by those people who financed his appointment to power. They are working together openly seen every day by the public, or in a private meeting. Or not at all, subtle but known all to well to the president, because he is the one they are going on about. Alone he holds the scale of balance, he's trapped, being worked by both sides at once. Soon the one man is over whelmed and cannot any longer balance the scale. He is now a puppet of those companies who once financed the "campaign trail", manipulated by groups with personal interests, only legally seen as an individual with legal rights, and will not hesitate to express the control of them.

In the beginning, it wasn't percieved as bad. The noose of control wasn't as tightly held. Those scales not over flowing and spilling with the excess.

" is now too late for the little people to turn back the tide." Of course, none of this trouble started all at once, it took time and many presidents.

How far exactly does all of it go, for all of the information in history and confessions of those involved, it remains in the hands of those it influences to decide for themselves. Not some group of mega billionares argueing over which nation to invade next. Who here among anyone has the right to take, more than they give?

In January 2003, Buchanan got involved in the antiwar movement and began researching war profiteering in the Bush administration by way of such companies as the Carlyle Group...

We are talking in the billions of dollars being skimmed off by insiders like Halliburton.

‘Who owns the government, them (the corporate elite) or us (we the people)?’

What do "5 Admirals, U.C. Regents, Carlyle Group, and Rand", have in common? follow the source to find out.
And the Carlyle Group, a private corporation with vested interests and ties to oil companies...

It is far worse, not one of the "$11 billion Crusader artillery system, which Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld wants to scrap and the Army is fighting to keep." havn't even been built, the money is wasted instead of being redirected for troop armor.

Looks like inside laundering, where are the auditors? Just reckless abuse of tax payer money, yet the rich get richer. Now because of CalPERS Forms Strategic Partnership With Washington D.C.-Based Carlyle Group.

They are deep, useing every thing includeing the FCC, now they want to own major television company, now Carlyle is broad cast into every ones homes.

If that isn't enough then maybe this will;
Testimony of Robert E. Grady. That is some heavy sugar coating if I've ever seen it. "10 million jobs have been created by companies with less than 500 employees", sounds like unemployment to me, something that is at it's highest. This guy is like an attorney and politician chimera.

Again there is always the money trail, EDGAR, always is a good one to see. Just scroll down a bit and you will see what I mean.

It isn't too late, "government of the people, by the people, for the people" is how the nation runs, not the individual or the one who pays the most. What is it going to take, where is the line drawn, again that remains in the hands of those it influences to decide for themselves.
Then perhaps then, once again we the people
will remember "United We Stand".

The rest, is not an option.

Let it be known, those who knew, tried.

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posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 08:28 PM
Hopefully, it's a bit easier now to discuss the ramifications of such an inbred system of political influence without Mike Moore's name muddying the waters.

Or maybe not. If it's true that everyone from the Bush and Bin Laden families right on to Mike Moore can be linked to Carlyle Group, what does that really say besides these people may have a little too much power and influence for comfort?

posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 09:10 PM
Something that makes me wonder is how the pieces of the puzzle fall in place after a few month span.

When the topic on the Carlyle group First came to light and the link of the members to powerful political figures and multi million dollar companies many tried to discredit the possible link between them, 9/11, the Bin Laden family and the Royal family of Saud.

I find it refreshing to be able to comeback and see how and otherwise elite and for the few membership group has gotten so entangle in our politics.

The Carlyle group is a very powerful force in our nation, and no to many people are aware of what they are all about.

posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 03:55 PM
A while back, Carlyle bought CSX corporation. CSX being the number 1 international containerized shipping business in the world.

Recently, Carlyle "spun off" their purchase into a new entity.

I do not sleep better for knowing that Carlyle got their fingers into the system many say is mostly likely to deliver a nuke to the U.S. or, well, anywhere.

For links just Google Carlyle and CSX.

posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 03:34 PM
BNFL is British Nuclear Fuels, LTD.

"close ties to Carlyle Group"

Or, again, Google: BNFL Carlyle

Of course, there's always

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posted on Jun, 3 2011 @ 11:29 PM
Hi Advisor, I just read your thread after seeing it in the "ATS Must Read List: Links to Your Very Best Writing & Research Posts on" thread.

Good to know that others out there are aware of this beasts tentacles. In Australia, 99.9% of the population are completely obliveous to the fact that this corperate gang even exists let alone the fact that it is now in control of the Australian economy and political system. Whether through lack of understanding or something more sinister, the ACCC allowed the Carlyse Group to acquire one company after another until it got itself into a position where they now control the economy and in particular the sectors where Governments spend their budgets. They can literally make or break governments as they did in OZ when the PM announced plans for a mining resource tax.

This is a company that has in a very short space of time engineered by stealth a virtual monopoly on the Australian Construction and Mining industry and a major share of the influence in the Australian media. In fact, the extent of their web is such that its almost impossible to explain without having to write a 1000 page book. .

The Carlyle Group positioned itself perfectly right before the Global Finacial Crisis to ensure that everywhere the Government spent money to stimulate the economy they were there to take it. As I said its too long to explain the entire trip to how they arrived at where they are now but here is just a sample of a current monopoly.

Coates Hire - Carlyle owns a 50% share in Coates who now owns 90% market share of the of the plant and equipment hire market to the mining industry and Civil Construction industry.
National Hire - the other 50% of Coates. Owned by the company that distributes Caterpillar Equipment in Australia, Westrac, who's parent company is the 7 media group.

That created a monopoly on the supply of plant and equipment to the mining industry and civil contrustion industry.
National Hire - depots became Coates but National is now a silent entity buying major plant & equipment suppliers in the background including Sykes Group, Alllight, Boylans etc so that the group now has a complete monopoly. Where major government, mining or construction contracts require two suppliers the group in many instances tender under both Coates and the now supposedly dissolved National Hire. Some major companies are only now realising that their two suppliers are one in the same.

This is from the National wesbite -

Coates Hire is Australia’s leading general equipment hire company.
On 9 January 2008 National Hire in conjunction with The Carlyle Group completed the acquisition of all outstanding shares in Coates Hire Limited.

National Hire transferred its Rental Services business (including all assets and liabilities) for a total value of $348m and $70m in cash to Coates Hire in return for a 47% economic interest representing an equal economic interest to Carlyle with the balance held by financial investors.

National Hire and Carlyle each hold a 50% voting interest in Coates Hire.

This was a landmark transaction for National Hire and the resultant restructure means National Hire has exchanged full ownership of the #2 general equipment hire in Australia for a 47% investment in the #1 general equipment hire company

National Hire site
Coates Hire website
Westrac Cat web
7 corporate website

They now have a strangelhold on the market and are sending Australian businesses to the wall left right and centre whilst syphoning billions and billions of Australia's wealth offshore.

The ACCC is responsible for ensuring this doesn't happen and they dropped the ball big time on this one.
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