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Profting From Torture

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posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 02:40 AM
Instead of getting their arses dragged through domestic and international court for war crimes, CACI and Titan have been awarded massive contracts from the Defense Department. How disgusting. Ever wonder why US Foriegn Policy is recently being shunned internationally. We are bombing and invading countries for torture and terror, while companies ehre in the US are making millions on it.
Just before the New Year, the Washington Post disclosed a $16 million contract renewal from the Pentagon to defense company CACI. The piece neglected to note CACI's role as one of the two main civilian contractors implicated in the prisoner abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison. And just yesterday, the other major contractor, the Titan Corporation, won a new $164 million deal from the Defense Department.
CACI and Titan were intimately involved in the prison's torture tactics. As part of CACI's $66 million contract for "tasks" in Iraq, it employed nearly half of the interrogators and analysts at Abu Ghraib. Roughly a third never received formal military interrogation training, and at least one civilian interrogator was hired without a resume, follow-up interview, fingerprints or a criminal records check, according to Titan had a much larger $657 million contract for Iraq and Afghanistan, supplying all the translators for Abu Ghraib.

And apprently torture isn't just for Iraqi's and enemy combatants anymore...
US national 'tortured' by FBI and threatened with Guantánamo Bay...
What is all the more alarming about this case is the fact that it comes after reports of detainees under American control being sent to countries in the Middle East for interrogation and torture.

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