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Tsunami Vision Came True

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 10:13 PM
Louise Starr Tomkiel is Roman Catholic and has supposed to have been, and still does, recieve messages from God since the 70's. This particular message was recieved in October 2004, two months before the magnitude 9 hit. She stated that a magnitude 9 is going to hit and it did. It has to be the best prediction I've ever heard of. Anyway here is the link.

Anyone else know of anyone who made the same type of prediction and it came true? Has anyone heard of anyone making a prediction this good and who was it?

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 11:02 PM
I noticed, before she is channeled information, she initiates her conversations with God by saying:

"...and said," Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Do you know why? I'm asking because I don't =)

Anyways, why are you so certain of its authenticity?

Is this documented non-electronically? Is there witnesses to this claim; witnesses that this information was really channeled on the alleged date of October 16, 2004---2:20 P.M? For instance, when did you first read this?

She could have very easily added this entry after the 9.0 quake. It's a web site not a safe-guarded legal document.

I find it amusing that God didn't give her specific details in any of her channeling sessions except the 9.0 earthquake one. For example:

"Man will wallow in his sins for sin and I DO NOT co-exist !!! Certain cities, certain states, certain countries [are] first to go. This is your warning that you have very little time left to change. If you still refuse Me then tribulation will increase until not one stone remains upon another !!!"

gee thanks for the warning... I hope I don't live in that certain place...

Honestly I believe this lady, Louise Starr Tomkiel, added the entry of the 9.0 quake after it occured. I also feel this women is a nutzoid religious finatic but that's my humble opinoin.

There is many things I could say about this prophet and her messges from God, but I will let God say it for me...

"My anger is upon you ! My punishment IS AT HAND !!! Soon this hour of Divine Mercy WILL BE LIFTED !!! WAKE UP ! (in a booming voice) See My signs ! See and hear Scripture being fulfilled. Men have freely given their souls to Satan and made the world a God-less planet !"

posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 12:33 AM
ARGH! HAd quoteed a bunch from the womans site and responded to a lot of it. Clicked preview, and i guess the server was hung up, lost it all.

Anyway, there is no prophecy of a tsunami, merely vague talk about an explosion that shakes the earth, comming soon, not in more than two months. She also write is as : '9' magnitude, rather than 9 magnitude. So if an explosion had occured that could be related to 9, then it'd be fufiled. THere is no mention of waves.

Look thru the other 'predictions'. They raving, jabbering nonsense.

She predicts that very shortly, and this again is in october, that many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions woudl occur, that mountains woudl somehowfall down, that nations get ripped off of the mainland, that great islands sink, nothing of the sort has happened. She also claims that its going to be big big big, unmistakable.

Then she claims that because of everyone's prayers, that the elections went in gods favour in the US and the 'adversary of god' was defeated. But then it actually says that the apocalypse is going to come anyway, so was he or wasn't he defeated?

It also makes a bizzare demand, that the us not outsource its jobs, which is pretty unimportant really and very 'topical'. The interesting thing about that is that, Carl Sagan, and surely others, noted that when peasants would have visions of mary, that the virgin wouldn't resolve great theological disputes, liek what books should be in the cannon or anything liek that at all, but rather make mundane suggestions, such as 'build a shrine here and sell buns to promote tourism for the region'. This certaily falls into that.

She also claimed that arafat was going to get everyone thru mind control. He's dead now.

SOmetimes she says that the end is urgently comming, and everyone better start praying now. Its been months, everyone was supposed to be praying that whole time? And thats 'urgent' and immedaiate, at hand and all that? And then in one post she says that the earthquakes volcanoes and ripping apart of continents and collapsing mountains is going to start in hours, but that was october 21st! And when it doesn't, there isn't any sort of mention of it, and she just goes on saying 'its going to happen real soon!'

posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 02:27 AM
British psychic medium Tony Stockwell was told by his 'spirit guide' that there would be a huge natural disaster before the year was out. This was channeled in front of witnesses in November 04. Again the info was hardly specific but a huge natural disaster before the years end does tend to narrow it down somewhat.

I'm uneasy about psychic predictions myself, I bellieve they can be valid and genuine but of very little use.

posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 07:01 AM
I don't believe a word of it. She could have easily said that AFTER the tsunami hit, and said it was channeled to her October 2004.

I'm sorry for being so closed-minded on the matter.


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