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Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

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posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 04:35 PM
Remember that line from Back to the Future when the Delorean turns into a flying car at the end of the movie? Well, it looks like Delorean's nephew is working to do just that. An actual flying Delorean Car is in the works and they hope to have a prototype by next year.

Creator of new DeLorean flying car says it’s not just for rich people Digital Trends Luke Dormehl Digital TrendsAugust 16, 2017 delorean flying vehicle driveway2 orig delorean flying vehicle driveway2 orig More At the very end of the first Back to the Future movie, Dr. Emmett Brown utters the immortal words: “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” The previously grounded DeLorean DMC-12 car he’s driving then lifts off the ground, and flies halfway down the street before turning around and rocketing directly at the camera. Cue the audience bursting into fits of wild applause and Hollywood execs avariciously rubbing their hands together at the prospect of a high-grossing movie sequel. Or two. It’s a great scene, and one that sticks with you long after the film has ended. It obviously stuck with Paul DeLorean, nephew of the founder of the unfortunately short-lived DeLorean Motor Company — because 32 years after the first Back to the Future, he’s setting out to launch a flying vehicle under the DeLorean brand. And this time a DeLorean could have got it right! As Paul DeLorean told Digital Trends, DeLorean Aerospace’s DR-7 isn’t technically a car — because it can’t drive on roads — but it doesn’t exactly look like a plane, either. Instead, the two-passenger electric vehicle sports a carbon composite, monocoque structure body, similar to that of an F1 racer. It’s designed to be flown with minimal operator training, courtesy of an autonomous flight control system that can also be used in manual mode for the “performance flying enthusiast.” The DR-7 is maneuvered using a pair of 360-degree thrust-vectoring electric ducted fan units. The results will reportedly make it capable of hovering or forward flight, with a top speed of 240 miles per hour. It will also boast a range of 120 miles per hour, which should make it more than capable of covering your commute to work. Then, at the end of the day, you can neatly store it in your garage, thanks to its smart folding wings.

Wow, ATS! I'd have to be first in line for one of these. The only drawback is that you can't drive one of these; only fly. Still though, it'd be cool to have one. What says ATS?
edit on 17-8-2017 by lostbook because: word change

posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 04:49 PM
I wonder if these will be fully automated? Punch in the coordinates and it will fly you to your destination. If not and the human user has control, there will be a lot of free entertainment in the near future. I should probably start cladding my roof in reinforced steel as a precaution.

posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 04:52 PM
Very cool I'd love one myself

posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 04:57 PM
The world of the future is free of terrorist acts, that currently prohibit private aircraft from being berthed at home, where they can be easier hijacked and used for whatever nefarious purpose.

Only the rich have Helos, helo pilots and Heliports, Business and Pleasure 'jets'. But even these are berthed at special facilities under the watchful eye of authorities, usually attached to airports.

They have trouble letting little drones fly around, let alone your own private car plane.

Besides, you know how much a fender bender in traffic will cost to repair?

posted on Aug, 18 2017 @ 02:21 AM
a reply to: lostbook

Those fans look kinda small. And it will be electrical, have folding wings and be very lightweight...

Call me when they actually have something that flies and can carry two persons.

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