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Ode to the Dubya

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 07:48 PM
So I wrote this in 10th grade. I just found it on my dad's computer and I figured I may as well post it for all to enjoy. The purpose of it was to use a whole bunch of literary techniques, in case you were wondering. If anyone can get all the ones I used, you're awesome.

Ode to the Dubya
He was elected as the first president of this millendium,
He'll use his superb strategery
To protect the nation's indivisimability.
He won't be part of a conspiramocracy,
And he'll improve the nation's edumacation.

He'll try his best not to be impeachified,
He'll keep clean the toxygen.
He's a proud Amerifican,
And a great republicrayon.
Even though most of his techniques are experimentalation.

People comment about his past alcoholismness,
They say he will make the country unstabilisized.
My mom says they're all like the democraps.
He'll use his many talentablilities
To settle many differentalities.

Of the Dub'ya I am very jealousafied,
For he gets the nation's presidentiality.
He has become elevadatory to a celebritory.
People say because of his stupidification,
He'll easily become confusibilated.

He is like the raging quiet of the oval-oficide.
The buzz of a light reminds him of the Texas electric-chair's uncorrectedness.
Under us unitited
Freedom from fundamentalist federalies.
His unvistability invincamability immoralability is unlogicafacating.

He'll rid the nation of all the illegal Mexicanabals.
The nation will become a raging quarterback in a game of flatbol.
He has captured the nation's unfacuacion.
So talk to him in a chat-room on the unternet,
And rave of the "Ode To The Dub'ya."

posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 05:42 PM
great little thing you got going on here thanxs

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