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Martin Shkreli's Jury Selection

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posted on Aug, 16 2017 @ 08:27 PM
not sure if this is the right forum for this, but it made me lol endlessly...

the court: The purpose of jury selection is to ensure fairness and impartiality in this case. If you think that you could not be fair and impartial, it is your duty to tell me. All right. Juror Number 1.

juror no. 1: I’m aware of the defendant and I hate him.

benjamin brafman: I’m sorry.

juror no. 1: I think he’s a greedy little man.

and it just gets better from there... somehow i think this would be a hard jury to select

Public Enemy

posted on Aug, 16 2017 @ 08:35 PM
a reply to: fiverx313
That was actually pretty funny.

And he disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan.

posted on Aug, 16 2017 @ 08:36 PM
a reply to: Noncents

everyone knows wu tang ain't nothin to # with

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