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Finnish my Story

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 06:27 PM
I found this today in one of my old file folders. I worked on it about 3 months ago and never finnished it. Use your imingation and finnish my story.

It was a harsh planet. The atmosphere was breathable but barely. The air was thick with a high carbon dioxide content and it was hot, very hot. The landscape was barren. Had the actual geographical survey not been completed before landing you would have thought this place to be a wasteland. In fact this was only a small portion of the planet. The breathable atmosphere was formed in the planets vast oceans. The oceans of the planet covered around 95 %of its area. They were rich in life. That was why these men were here, to study this life. The land though was barren, highly volcanic and void of all life. Apparently life hadn’t evolved to be land dwelling yet.

There were six scientists on the planet now. They were the first to ever set foot on the planet. Three were zoologist, one was a oceanographer, and two were geologist. This was the geologist turn to study. They were approaching an active volcanic mountain range. They had said when the first surveys were returned the intense greenhouse gases expelled by the volcanoes created the heat. The mountain range was alive with fire. The mountains roared with plumes of steam and ash thrown high into the atmosphere and rivers of molten rock flowing as they pleased. The oceanographer and his zoologist friends had long since put on their oxygen masks but the geologist were accustomed to the large amounts of carbon dioxide in the air. They put theirs on as they approached the mountains.

They climbed to a safe point to see the horizon. Far off they could see the ocean and with it a mighty storm was brewing. Cloud cover was moderate. The sunlight was cut off ever so often and the shadows played games on the desert floor. “ We may want to get back to the retro if we want to get off this planet before that storm gets us” said the oceanographer in a proud sort of way.

“ We will be fine you guys had your turn on gathering samples and specimens earlier we want ours. Hold on and calm down.” Responded the chief geologist.

None of them knew each other formally. They had all been picked up from various parts of the Planetary Nations. They may have met before at the Planetary Scientifics Research Congress, but they would not have remembered each other. On the journey here they never met either. Battle cruisers were so large now they could be considered small cities with each one carrying a population of at least one million. Formalities had been exchanged though on the retro decent to the planet when they first officially met. Things went fine. As scientist they each showed interest in the others work and there wasn’t much griping or fighting.

The geologist were taking temperatures of the lava and recording heat output of the volcano, bagging rock samples, and measure carbon dioxide levels. “ Don’t fall in!” said one of the zoologist jokingly. It was a nice view from where they were. The other four sat on a rock and watched the horizon. It was beautiful but yet malicious. You could make out the waves gently hitting the shore with a small pocket digi-scope. The waves would never get large for the fact the planet had no large moons. It had a satellite system consisting of twelve small moons, most were captured asteroids but a few were actually formed with the planet. Over the water was that storm vicious with some of the most intense lighting they had ever seen and before the ocean was instantly cut off into the desert landscape which was empty dry, and barren. It was almost a paradox. The four of them felt relaxed and at peace watching the landscape.

[edit on 8-2-2005 by Mizar]

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