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I'm a psychopath, who know the existense of God.

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posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 01:31 PM
by now you can tell that what I attempt to do with this thread is an ongoing process. it's starting to get coherent now, finally..

"Lucifer & Satan: Are they the same being or did we just assume they were??"

I would imagine Lucifer is the architect and Satan is the name of his work. When affected by Satan, you are not being deceived by Lucifer himself but by the work he's created to deceive you.


...Satan is connected with Saturn. You can actually visually tell. Get a paper and pen.

Saturn has a hexagonal storm pattern on it's head, you can google this and look.

When you draw a cube in 3D, you will see that the outline forms a hexagon, which would make Saturn's storm a black cube in 2D.

Black cubes, as you know. are used in worship.

Now take that cube and have it face straight forward; draw a square and visualize it being a cube. Fold it out. Start with the "cubes" top square and draw it on top of the first square facing forward.
Now take the squares on the side of the "cube" and fold them out on respective side. After this, you take the bottom and back square and fold them both down after each other underneath the square you started with.

If you did this correctly, you'd know.

Also, supposedly Saturn's rings were once visible from here.
That would make Saturn appear in the sky as an eye, and from the sky, of course, all-seeing.

"-Lucifer was Satan's name as an angel, Luce means light in Spanish/ Latin. The English translation of Lucifer is illuminated, direct Latin translation is Lighted. Satan in Hebrew means enemy."

You'd have to be pretty illuminated to create such enemy.

posted on Jun, 1 2018 @ 01:43 PM
"Black people are really God's chosen ones."

This is my understanding on how this all works in the game. It is a clever system.

The food chain goes from light skin to dark, where of course white people are in power and black people have less to none.

White people have for thousands of years been trained and programmed into assuming that they are the peak of humanity.
White people trust that they won't face hard times, because they know they are the first to get help, if needed.
White people are for this reason very lazy thinkers.

This is also the reason white people are shallow minded and self centered, with petty humor.

White people seldom question what's presented to them, because they believe it wouldn't be presented to them unless it had their best interest in mind. White people don't stand up for non-white people, because they feel it would be to their own personal disadvantage.

This makes the top of the food chain being run by the least able people.

As this cast system is visual, it's very easy to maintain;
the darker you are, the less you're worth.

Black people, and especially black women, have had no other option than to develop coping mechanisms to be able to live in a world where they get treated so poorly for seemingly no reason.
This has made black people, and especially black women, great.

Through the systematic bullying, black people, and especially black women, have become humble due to being put down, down to earth due to experiencing true life issues and learned how to laugh, because there's not much else to do.

So, you got the ones least able on top and the greatest on the bottom.
This is one of many systems in the game of this life.

When judgement day comes, everyone will get what they deserve. White people will learn how to be something worthy of being called human, and black people will be asked for not only forgiveness, but guidance.

GOD is sum of all, and therefor objective;
objectivity is the definition of TRUTH.

Black people. and especially black women, have a great natural understanding of truth since lies are what is used against them. Therefor black people, and especially black women, hold and keep the closest relationship with the true supreme out of all.

How black people, and especially black women, are and came to be will therefor also 'cause the greatest respect and admiration from all else.

The food chain will flip, and there will be a natural balance to all things when, finally, the ones on top are the ones who know better than the rest.

All that exist is loved equally by GOD.
However, GOD would agree that when judgement day comes,
the black woman's redemption will be the most beautiful of results.

posted on Jun, 30 2018 @ 10:41 AM
i finished it

Humanity live with subjective perception,
meaning individual values that collects as ego.

Subjective perception is the error of a de-activated pineal gland.

Depiction of the pineal gland as Eye Of Horus,
and referenced to as The Third Eye,
tell of when once active, it enabled humanity
the objective perception of GOD

This would have allowed a truthful image of reality
where all would be perceived as complete in
it's form of existence, thus creating complete
definition of perfection.
Being objective let us master logic, understanding
how to live beneficial to life's purpose of growth.
Our time of objective perception
is referred to as paradise, or Garden of Eden.

[All return to GOD
All return to GOD

and GOD was questioned how,
as you cannot return to what you never left
and the herd of your creation are born with
the truth of GOD embedded in their vision

Remove the light from their eyes
and I will deceive them

Do the herd of your creation
return even lost in the dark?]


To limit exchange of information and understanding,
systems of separation are put in place.

1. Racism, the dividing of groups

This system is visual to enable and include the most participation.
The lowest are the darkest while highest are the lightest.

The lightest are granted the most, which mean they fight the least.
It also make the highest unwilling to help the lower,
as it would risk no longer having the privilege of being on top.
The highest get spoiled with having situations solved and explained for them,
which give the highest a sense of there being no need to think for oneself.

The darkest are granted the least, which mean they work the hardest.
Being the lowest also mean that judgment from above can’t be trusted,
as it is automatically set up to gain the lowest the least.
Because of this, the lowest are forced to succeed in the effort to
find truth within them selves, meaning the kingdom of heaven.

This makes the lowest the strongest, and the highest the weakest.

2. Sexism, the dividing of men and women

MEN are visual with shallow perception of whole.
WOMEN are intuitive with deep perception of detail.
Balance between the two enables deep understanding of the general whole.

SEX in balance and love will stimulate all chakras of the body and
climax in the rise of kundallini.

This balance between the sexes is thrown off by
the system of SEXISM, that claim the stronger sex as deserving of
receiving what is obliged by the weaker sex to give.

3. Sociopathic programming, the divide of individuals

Programming is done using subliminal messages of sex, food and fear.
The effect is a subconscious trigger of the survival instinct, that will convince
the conscious mind of it being both natural and necessary to put ones needs
above others, and value time and activity based on personal sense of gain.

Effect of this programming also include the victim rejecting outside and
new information, as the effort of understanding it must be made before
it is possible to determine its value.
The victim will instead recycle old information and modify it to imitate
an understanding of the new. This will cause the bond with other people
to become superficial, and sympathy will decrease.

The victim of programming will experience a sense of hollow, stress and

The programming is very easy, effective and done through media devices.

Search of meaning is controlled by presenting truth in foreign language.
This way it is recognized as found but not understood.
This will have truth rejected as false, or accepted as impossible to grasp.

1. Religion, figurative language
The human mind will interpret an image based on personal association,
meaning ones translation of figurative language is unique.
This is the reason for disagreements regarding the context of religious text.

2. Science, mathematical language
Oppose the spectrum of figurative language is the mathematical language,
using linear presentation of detail. The truth in whole cannot be explained in
mathematical language, as the start will be long gone when the end is reached.

Authority by claiming value that dismantles opposition.

1. School
To not accept what school teach present one being unable to accept the correct answer.

The school system is the training in accepting a narrative presented by authority.
The amount of training is in proportion to the amount of influence and
opportunity granted when training is done.

2. Justice system
To not accept what the written law dictate present one being oppose justice.

The justice system is the control and suppression of free will.
Claiming to protect society from wrong and evil create the association
of one breaking the written law to also be one who is a threat to others.
As social exclusion is feared, the written law is accepted and followed.

3. Entertainment culture
To not accept the display of perfection is to present one having irrational values.

The entertainment culture exists as the public role model, and is the reason
the image of superior wealth, beauty and success is presented.

The purpose is to control the narrative of public opinion, promote superficial
aspirations and distract from reflecting over true reality.

- Abuse of humanity is enabled through the system of health care,
as it remove evidence of environmental poison.

- One unwilling or unable to play the game of deceit is removed
and put in institution until proven fit to participate.

GOD does not believe in sin, because it is subjective.
Human society use those social constructs.

Why? That is the big question.
Objective intelligence found the purpose which neutral love saw.
Logic defined the meaning (of life) to be growth.
This process is what we call evolution, and what religion
figuratively expresses as The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Dear God. Why did you create such morons?
Surely we were not created in your image.
All that exist is the image of GOD.
Deny your own intelligence to
trust another is what morons are made of.

Why do people say God, when many major ones
are apparent like Allah, Christ, Krishna, etc?
Your question must be what the singular stand for when there are plural.
GOD is sum of all.
Old stories and figurative expressions; waste no more time argue over synonyms.

posted on Jul, 5 2018 @ 02:11 PM
I suspect all previous was meant to result in what is collected in the previous post. Read that text and you will wake up.

This is the revolution, this is armageddon.

(all where i’ve previous been logged in is barred from entering the site; this is of course the OP speaking)

You’ve seen The Ring, right? Relieve your woken suffering by showing a friend. Seven days.
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